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  2. We have cleantalk installed...
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  4. Hormone therapy? Really?
  5. Did you realize this is the same version of iGrabber I already installed? I included that info in the original post. I followed your link reinstalled using the link you provided. The symptoms from my original post persist and iGrabber is not detected. What is the Mac key for?
  6. HELP! ATV-380 looks bricked So last night I when to update my ATV-380 and after it rebooted all that happens is it powers on but the screen is black no android boot logo nothing at all . PLEASE HELP.
  7. The 4th post in this thread has the information on how to install the patch. There is one less step now, as the provided (and updated) patch is already in .img format so there is no need to unzip. --> Copy the .img file onto a USB or SD Card and load it onto your box using the Upgrade APP DV
  8. So i found the mac adress for the wifi under "advanced wifi" tab but how do i connect using it
  9. hi ok so i have downloaded the patch do i instal it or does it install in its own ?
  10. Should I reinstall the app?
  11. Hi I clicked on the link and it downloaded... Do I need to do any this else? As DSTV now is still not working?
  12. ATV1800E Power Adapter Voltage Question Hi.. I have a atv1800e and have a PowerLine Universal AC Power Adapter to replaced the one it came with. On the back if the tv box it says Input DC5V-2A and the PowerLine Universal AC Power Adapter settings on the have 12v, 9v, 7.5v, 6v, 4.5v and 3v. What setting would work or will this adapter blow my box? Thank you
  13. How do you revert back to older firmware?
  14. Mygica box with PROBOX firmware I purchased this box second hand from a friend, it doesn't have the original firmware of mygica box. How can I load the firmware for my box it is a 1800e. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to install newer firmware.
  15. Very sad response to keep consumers coming back. Best seller according to who? Continual software problems. Hire people that know what there doing then to correct the problems.
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  17. MyGica ATV1900AC several problems simultaneously I bought the device but I have several issues. I try all possible solutions that this forum give us but nothing works for me. Here the most relevant problems: Problem #1 The remote not working. Problem #2 MyGica ATV1900AC crashes when playing streaming video. Problem #3 MyGica ATV1900AC crashes when playing videos from USB o SD card. Problem#4 Netflix not working I don't know what to do, my MyGica ATV1900AC does not serve any purpose. Regards
  18. And they don't send it as an ota update. Poor decision for the customers that don't know how to do manual updates. Again. Thanks for the great support. Btw I can do the manual updates. Reason I am bitter is because I recommended this box 1800 to a new user and they already returned one and think I did them wrong. 👏 Good job mygica
  19. It also seems the moderators can't explain the problem right. The IR remote works. It doesn't work properly when you have the USB dongle plugged in. Fixing the 1900 before the 1800 shows how much they care. And then going on vacation. Seems it's like it's really at the top of the priority list.
  20. The new firmware is worse than the previous one. The videos are full of errors. Before I could record well up to 50 min, now I can not record anything well. I can not play the videos on my computer. I send you the properties of a video.
  21. wow great customer service. Thanks I will be sure to recommend your product. I have bought many of these boxes. All generations. Thanks for the support. Keep of the good work. Lol
  22. How do i install and map my keys on Android btw?
  23. Thanks for the reply. I have inserted the dongle into the ATV582, but i get no response from the keyboard, that's why i'm wondering if there's something else i have to do to get it working. I have read that this specific keyboard is compatible with MyGica, so it should work.
  24. if you have the dongle for your keyboard hook it up to your ATV582 and that should do the trick and make it work, if your keyboard which I can't find much info on dongle or Bluetooth, but you can use one if your keyboard is both, and use it. remember these keyboards K400 and K400 Plus are really designed for Windows since it has a CD as I could find and says install and map your keys, which you can process on Android.
  25. How do i use a wireless keyboard? I have a MyGica ATV582 and would like to use my wireless Logitech K400 Plus keyboard instead of the remote control. But how do i get the keyboard working with MyGica? Is there some setting i have to change or something i have to download from Google Play to make it work?
  26. hahaha, after 3 years of being the best seller, and one or two people complain in 2017, about turning off using IR remote. MyGica is going to recall? it is not a hardware issue rather software. MyGica is already on top of fixing the software and you will see it very soon.
  27. There should be a recall on these boxes
  28. Where is the update. It's the end of the week
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