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  2. Recovery Mode Trouble

    Good Day Almost a week has passed with no reply. I must admit I did expect better support for this product. Funniest thing of all is that they specify on the second page on the product's booklet not to return the device to the store and rather contact support. We have sent an email to their support as well and we did get a reply and that was to return the product to the store. Anyways I was able to revive the ATV495x from a bricked state and it is up and running now. Thanks to everyone taking the time to read my initial post.
  3. Yesterday

    Hi If you go to the Mygica.co.za website. Select the download option at the top you will find that they have their own Dstv Now app that you can download which does work.
  5. Last week

    Hi there I have the exact same story/problem as Nathan. I just want to know but how do I download the older version, is there something specific that I have to type in, in order to get the older version?
  7. The Nouse button top right-hand corner turns the arrow on/off. When nyou want to navigate the screen turn it on. Otherwise put it off when you want to move quickly eg. between app icons on the screen Hope this helps.
  8. DStv and MyGica are separate, but DStv must be ibstalled on another portal (or whatever they call it)
  9. DSTV Now App

    Everyone with problems on DSTV Now app, Brendan posted on another post that if you download the DSTV Now apk vs 1.42.6, and take off auto update in google play settings, it will now work. Mine does๐Ÿ˜Š thanks Brendan
  10. DSTV Now App

    Everyone with problems on DSTV Now app, Brendan posted on another post that if you download the DSTV Now apk vs 1.42.6, and take off auto update in google play settings, it will now work. Mine does๐Ÿ˜Š thanks Brendan
  11. Android Certification

    Thank you Brendan. My 585 now working. Let see for how long.๐Ÿ˜Š
  12. DSTV Now App

    Still no reply or answer from MyGica on the DSTV now app issue.
  13. Mygica ATV495PRO

    Mygica ATV495PRO I contacted mygica support & they told me to do a factory reset. I did this but now it seems to be stalled on Install TV Service 1/9 I don't know what else to do. Tracy Crosswell zzbabe60@gmail.com
  14. videocam and mic for atv495

    videocam and mic for atv495 Just bought the 495 and now trying to load a Samsung compatible video cam/mic that was working on our Samsung tv In Skype Mygica asks if the app can use the usb device but it does not seem to link as there is no sound or video. I am receiving Is it a compatibility issue or do I need to activate it in settings somewhere
  15. Android Certification

    Okay Guys here is the solution,,,, 1.Download the DSTV Now App version 1.42.6,,, as an apk and install via apk installer. 2. Go to google play settings and disable the auto updates. 3. Enjoy streaming... I have tested this for about 60 minutes now and all is in order. Please leave a reply if you guys still struggle, I am more than happy to assist. I know how frustrating this can be.
  16. Android Certification

    Android Certification Does anyone know how to get the certification for this device, the last time I turned on the device, google play said that the device is not android certified. This causes the DSTV Now app not to stream live broadcasts, as well as some google play apps to not respond. Rooting the device will be my last option and modifying the "ro." files on the device. Also,,, this is not because of the latest DSTV app update. This is a licensing issue caused by google play.
  17. UnROOT ATV582

    ok, this is what is currently happening: 1. Disable all automatic updates in the upgrade section's tick box 2. Uninstall DSTV now 3. Restart 4. Run the patch 5. Restart 6. Install downloaded DSTS apk v1.42.6 7. Go to Google Play > My apps > Installed > select DSTV > Top right is 3 lines, click it > Unselect the Allow Auto Updates box 8. **Do not add a DSTV now shortcut to home screen** 9. Open DSTV now, Log-in , do your thing This is the last one that appears to be successful... Not sure how long it will last, but hope it helps the next person reading this
  18. Device Uncertified - Google Play

    Thought it was DSTV Now? - Is showmax affected also?
  19. Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy.

    There use to be a setting in the 6.0 version for sound for HDMI but now when using Miracast and Windows10 my sound is very very very low. Spent two hours last night trying every possible combination. Any one know the exact settings to get the sound working properly?
  20. 1960 release date

    1960 release date I have searched the forums and it appears that this query is not new but still remains unanswered. My 1800e finally died and I would like to purchase a new MyGica that hopefully has a newer OS than 5.1 but also has the future built into it and that model appears to be the 1960. It also appears that this model is not yet available in CANADA so my question is, when will it become available (if ever)? I have noticed that one can be purchased online but I would truly prefer a brick and mortar location. Any advice or direction is appreciated.
  21. Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy.

    the one posted in the download section update_MyGica_ATV495HDR_wv_7.1_20171221_V1.0 Change Log: - Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2
  22. This issue has been solved. PT681 does support Android 7 now. Should any questions, please let us know.
  23. MyGica terrarium tv not working Hi there, I am having issues with using terrarium tv application on my 1960 MyGica . Once the app is loaded it opens and then just goes back to main screen. I have installed the latest apk for terrarium ver1.9.8 , and then uninstalled the application then re-installed but the problem still persists.
  24. Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy.

    What new version did you download and install?
  25. Ministra 5.4

    They're not the same company They're 2 separate companies. You will need to contact Buzztv for support on this Am closing this thread.
  26. Device Uncertified - Google Play

    So far this message is only affecting Showmax, as they choose to have their app only work on Google Certified Devices.
  27. Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy.

    ok, upgraded my 495 pro with latest version and choppiness is gone, but not my volume is way too low. checked all settings but nothing, can't get the volume to be louder anymore when using miracast. in original software there was a setting in sound section that i changed to hdmi, but couldn't find it in new version.
  28. Help!!! Un-brick Mygica ATV 1800e box Hey Folks, I am seeking assistant on how to unbrick a mygica ATV 1800e box. I was trying to factory rest set my box and all I see was a blank screen and red light on the box. No matter how I try to reset it. I still see the red light. I am asking for your help please.......
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