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  2. ATV 1960 freezing about 10 seconds into startup I am suddenly having issues with my box or my app freezing about 10 seconds after I am at the start page. It doesn't matter where I navigate too, it freezes seconds in. If I hit the home key on the remote it will work again, but only for a few seconds, then freezes up again. Suggestion? I have unplugged, rebooted numerous times, but the issue continues. I have had it for about 4 months with no issues until now.
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  4. Thank you support team for the update to 7.1 just flashed my 1900 Pro (purchased at Bestbuy Canada a couple years back) updated without any issues desktop works I will update with Nova Launcher otherwise very happy all the apps I normally use all work so far.
  5. I'd sure like to find out from the support team how this issue will be resolved. I've owned my 1900Pro for only about a year and now its a paperweight. I've looked into the AMLogic Flash tool, countless youtube videos and finally USB Burning tool. All of which requires an actual ROM to flash it back to life. Which for the life of me cannot find anywhere. So I am not even sure the USB Burning tool would work as there doesn't seem to be a defined USB port for flashing. None of the SD card updates (or backdates for that matter) work, I've spent probably a week worth of time trying to resolve this. Is it possible to send it to get it fixed? I posted 3 weeks ago and nothing.
  6. i think i just bricked mine...do not attempt if your unit is over 1 year..my is just a green light at the front and just black screen..do not know what to do now.
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  8. I had a powerfailler when I was up grading firmware on the 495pro. I am unable to get into the boot menu to do a reset. Any advice on this will be appreciated.
  9. Did you try to install the patch. Its in the form of a firmware update
  10. MyGica Software data usage I'm using 12 MyGica Devices to use in digital signage displays. The Digital Signage is in an internal server. After the MyGica device installation, the internet data usage has been increased. I checked the data usage and it shows MyGica application is using high data consumption. Can I stop MyGica application from the device? or is there any solution to stop data usage?
  11. It's been almost a month since I emailed them and I haven't heard anything.
  12. Hi Guys, i am not Tech savy, but i am having same issue, i have had the ATV1960 which is not google certified, then i exchanged for the 495 max which is google certified but can not watch netflix, due to tvq-pm-100 (5.2.5) net flix has provided patch but cant load on mygica. I really dont need a cocky reply from admin as per previous messages to customers. Can you guys help or is it best to look at another tv box type
  13. Ronell

    My Gica 1960

    My Gica 1960 How do I upgrade my MyGica 1960 firmware
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  15. Hi, I live in Montreal, Canada I am using Android version 9 I a using pad tv HD latest, my device work with my other phone Moto g5 micro usb There is no error message, just the device is not present. A black screen with an X and no device message Thanks
  16. I have the same problem. Flash drive is inserted, but it does not record. WTF?
  17. XSplit and OBS does not recognize HD Cap X II HD Cap is connected with PS4 and PC, but it has no signal in OBS and Xsplit. The latest driver was installed. What am I supposed to do?
  18. I think you've posted to the wrong group. The 495 Max is certified. The other 495 models aren't.
  19. Dstv now not working anymore Any workaround or fix for dstv now and showmax not working due to box not being google certified. The old app is not supported anymore and one needs to update. The updated app then does not work as the box is not google certified.
  20. Where do you live? Is there any error message displaying? Which app are you using? What is the OS version of Samsung A8?
  21. U800 driver download link: https://mega.nz/#!7RcRyaAC!tTZ0u-gvq15GHaW5SbJWxibcQuneACGp4NPdZsWtt78
  22. MyGica ATV495Max Loosing Signal My MyGica ATV495 Max is connected to my TV via the HDMI cable that was included in the box. However my signal keeps dropping and my TV goes to the No Signal blue screen. What would you guys suggest would be the problem and solution?
  23. jdido87

    Android TV 9

    any idea when we can expect this?
  24. I tried a factory reset on my A TV 1200 and it worked for a while, however with suddenly dropped. Next I used my phone as a hotspot and it connected but the connection went out and an out of range message appeared on screen with the phone less than three feet away. Clearly with is unreliable or prone to interference, so I will be going with wired. I hope to use this as a mini pc with Ubuntu.
  25. According to one video, you instal Busybox, VNC viewer for Android, and use Linuxinstaler, all free play store apps. I got as far as putting in the ad card but my wi th then failed not connecting not starting, hopefully I can post back here when and if successful.
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