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  3. MyGica won"t start back up. High everyone, just new to this so please bare with me. Moved from a house to a condo, so I disconnected my MyGica 1960 and packed it or transport. It was a few weeks before I could set it back up in the new place so I connected it to my TV, powered on the box but just got a blank screen, no setup screen nothing. I tried the reset button at the back of unit, held it in for a minute or two as directed but still nothing. It is showing a green light on the box and it's connected to my TV but it's not recognizing any signal rom the box. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. PT681 Enternal Power Needed Anyone out there with the PT681 ATSC TV receiver figure out to power this battery consuming beast apart from using up the short lived android phone battery? When I run this TV receiver on my fully charged Samsung J3 phone, I get about 30 minutes running time at best before the phone battery gets exhausted and shuts down. I'm hoping someone had success with a USB Micro splitter cable ( maybe OTG capable ) with external power source? Help me, please advise.
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  6. Network connections Hello, I have the ATV 582 and am trying to set it up in a windows 7 pro x64 network, all passwords are off for sharing, and the mygica cannot see the SMB. Also, I would like to know what the latest firmware is for this device. I see pages that state it is 4.4, and other say it goes up to and beyond oreo. Please help.
  7. Hi , was there any success with downgrading ? Im struggling with this too
  8. I'm from South Africa, I have the same problem and I did use the link that you gave in this threat, when I go to the software update and then local update is there no file visible, but when i go into recovery mode the file is visible any advice on how to upgrade
  9. I am having the same problem and have tried all recommendations of batteries and pairing. I can turn box off with remote but otherwise I just get rapid blinking red lights arhhh also I see there’s no way to phone and talk to anyone I’m in Canada. I did try the 1866 number posted on here but not in service
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  11. Just set up my ATV495MAX and am astounded that Netflix and Amazon Prime aren't in the device's Google Play Store. They simply aren't available to download. No response from tech support... How can they sell a TV box that won't stream the two most popular services?!
  12. I think its an issue with dstv app Amapiano
  13. Kodi is a well known and open-source media gushing programming that gives such a significant number of diversion things, for example, motion pictures, TV Shows, sports, and so forth when we consider Kodi, Kodi fabricates is consistently goes ahead our psyche. There are such a large number of kodi manufactures are accessible however some of them are not working appropriately. Be that as it may, we have the rundown of best working kodi works in the accompanying site; https://www.firestickjailbreak.net/best-kodi-builds/
  14. buffering Why are the shows buffering when the Netflix on my tv is playing normally. We have found that shows on live tv are freezing. How do you unfreeze? Why is this happening? I have updated my internet from 6 to 25
  15. koena


    Hello Justin the proposed action does not solve the problem. I clear data in Upgrade app but still when I start the Manual Update Now the device says Did not find the new version Regards
  16. I sent the same question to support, still waiting for a reply... exact same message when trying to load filmon...
  17. joels

    Google Play Store

    Have you tried clearing data on the showmax app itself? Can you install any other apps from the play store? Did you clear the cache/data for: Google play services Google services framework You might have to Uninstall updates too for Google play services and the Google play store. It resets the apps back to factory defaults. Unfortunately its a trial and error thing .. Otherwise you could always factory reset the box.
  18. Im registered with Syntech as a reseller for their items but they didn't want to help me by taking it directly.
  19. That's great. Yes, Syntech looked up my guarantee on the system. Makro does do till slip reprints btw. They look it up against your Makro card. Syntech are the agents for Mygica in SA.
  20. Hi Joels. So my Mygica was bought from Makro and the slip lost. Syntech was able to tell me it still has warranty intil 21 Jan. They wanted me to send the device in via Makro as they said reflashing is only for advanced users. Luckily the same morning Mygica sent me the orinal ROM for Version 7.1 and I was able to reflash it. It is back up and running.
  21. Google Play Store Good day, Kindly assist in regards to my google play store. It keeps saying download pending whenever I want to update my Showmax. I have done the whole clear cache and data on the google play store app to see if that might work however it does not work at all. There also does not show that there is an update off the firmware of the box as yet. The box was bought from Incredible Connection last year November. Please provide me with some advise on how to fix this problem and also if possible once this is fixed, which apps can be installed which is similar to My Family Cinema but compatible with this Android Box. Thank you!
  22. Hello - I have the same issue. The sound is definitely getting through to my computer - as I can open third party sound recording software and hear the sound then - but it is not getting through to the iGrabber software. Did anyone find out how to sole this issue? R
  23. Rus


    Mr Good day I have a telefunken smart tv with eshare/sever app imbedded as default communication. Im having some issues with the app. Would this be the forum for me to discuss my issues please. If not can you advise the appropriate forum. Thanks in advance
  24. RYCBAR

    2 stage WiFi

    2 stage WiFi This is an odd situation but I am in an RV and at a new park where I am staying, they require a two stage logon to use WiFi. My 1960 sees the transmission but fails to ask for the logon info and password during the second stage so it says that it is connected but truly it is not! As I am connected via Windows two stage, maybe it was not designed for Android to see... Thanks in advance for reading this and hopefully I am not simply fishing!
  25. not certified!!!! I updated my ATV1800E from 4.4 to 5.11 and my play store kept failing to sign in to google account. I also noticed under "Play Protect certification" it says Device is not certified!!!!!!!
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