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  2. Plex choppy playback The video playback on plex app is stutters /choppy on my ATV 495x. android MyGica_ATV495X_WV_6.0_20171114_V2.0 frimware installed. plex worked fine in the 7.1 update
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi. I'm using a Mate 10 pro. I also tried a Samsung tab p585. Neither worked. I'm beginning to think its the router itself. One thing I did notice is your update app always gives an error when I attempted to do a ota update.
  5. The MAC printed on the box is the Ethernet MAC If you're using Wifi, then it has a completely different MAC address Ethernet + Wifi + Bluetooth all have their own MAC addresses.
  6. If you're using the KR303 on the 1800E, it was never added for support to the firmware of the 1800e as it came out a few years after the 1800e was released. This would explain why it doesn't work for you.
  7. We have had the 1960 Android 7.1 Firmware available to download on our Forums for awhile now Can be found below We only sold the 1960s in Canada/USA with Android 7.1 If you want to update the 1960 with Android 6, which were bought in South Africa, I would suggest contacting the Distributor directly for this then.
  8. It's displaying sideways because it sounds like the app you side loaded was for a Phone/Tablet. Cravetv claims to have an Android TV app coming soon, but no set date. Have you tried casting Crave TV from your phone or tablet to the 495 MAX??
  9. Live Streaming not Working Good Day I bought a MyGica ATV1960 in South Africa, it has Android 6.0.1 on it, still trying to update it though. The problem I am experiencing is that no live streaming seems to be working on it like the Twitch app and live streaming in YouTube. On the Twitch app when I log in the app just closes and on Youtube I just get an error, normal YouTube videos still work. Is anyone else experiencing this on this player or is it just mine?
  10. Good Day Bought my ATV1960 in South Africa and mine also does not want to update. Can you please also send me the latest firmware @Milan - Syntech?
  11. Are there any settings at all that address input formats, hdmi types, or anything relating to hd stuff?
  12. Where did you download the app from? Google play? The only suggestion would be trying to install different versions, maybe try the ones from apptoid.
  13. Hi there, try plugging in a mouse from a computer. This allows control of the unit and will also allow you to install apps like cetusplay, which is an app for ios and android to control you device from your phone
  14. I got it to sideload Cravetv. It displays sideways on my T.V. how can I fix it?
  15. Last week
  16. Thanks for the update. KR303 is higher model compared to KR301. We had to downsize what a bad design. @Justin Can you pls confirm if its still the case.
  17. I couldn’t get the KR303 to work so I returned it and got the KR301 and it works like a charm no need to program it...
  18. Thanks Justin, Initially the OS7.1 used the MAC address as printed on the box but then suddenly from 2 weeks ago it uses a 00:90:4C:16:70:01. I used a android program to check the MAC. The program still read the original MAC correctly, but the OS7.1 is reported it wrongly. I accept there will not be any updates. maybe I will reinstall the OS7.1
  19. Hi Justin I have the same stbemu Pro but tried the KR303 remote and when I try to map the colored buttons they appear as "unknown" in the key mapping section of the app. Is there any fix for it?
  20. Hi i have the same remote and its showing as Unknown. Were you able to fix it?
  21. So powerline adapters using Ethernet did not work? Sorry that was the post I was referring to. If wifi will not turn on, then it sounds like a hardware issue with the box itself.
  22. Its just a miss print on their part The 495 MAX uses Android TV OS I'll get them to try and change it.
  23. Hi Justin Tried all, with no resolve.. unit will not switch wifi on.
  24. I personally use a Huawei Mate 9 for my phone. And was able to cast from the apps you mentioned above to the 495 MAX that is in our store front on display without issues. Am using the latest Chromecast update from the Play Store as well. Am located in Canada, so not sure if that makes a difference here when using Chromecast. Only Netflix did not work, as it won't work through Chromecast on the 495 MAX as were not Netflix authorized. And the Pin you mentioned on real chromecast 2 is just so you can setup wifi through the Google Home app on your chromecast 2, since original chromecast 2 has no user interface when plugged into your TV.
  25. Justin


    I think it would be better if you contacted DSTV Now about this As it sounds like an issue with their app/service.
  26. Justin


    These files and instructions should fix the issue you're having Please note that holding down the power button is the reset button
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    See above problem
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