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    ATV 1960 and BB

    ATV 1960 and BB I have had a standing order for MYGICA’s latest and here it is nearly two months since the release of the highly anticipated 1960 and to date, I have not seen one being made available anywhere but Best Buy. Is there an issue with supply for this item or is this simply a “You scratch our back” scenario?
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  4. Nikq

    MyGica ATV1960

    MyGica ATV1960 Just purchased. Arrived today. Started it up and when I try to log in to Google it says the product is unlicenced? I don't see any support here on your website which makes me a bit nervous. Why would it come pre-loaded with the device if I can't use it?
  5. Please make sure the batteries have enough power.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Melmar

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    Hi Justin, I also have a 1900 PRO. Can you please PM me the details to test out 7.1 as well?? Thanks in advance!
  8. CesPach

    Cant scroll in netflix app

    Xiaomi Mi TV box. Its got a different "version/model" of Netflix installed on it, which is my point, sorry for not making it clear. It's not installed via google play. Either way, for anyone with a Mygica that has Netflix, instal CetusPlay on your phone (or anything else like it) and on the device. You can then use your phone as a mouse pad and it works to scroll the episodes.
  9. 0rion

    Cant scroll in netflix app

    Like which ones? If it is an official "Android TV" box, the OS is designed by Google for TVs, and Netflix will have a nice remote control compatible UI. If it is an Android "TV Box", it is running the same version of Android as your phone, and Netflix will be set up for touch support.
  10. CesPach

    Cant scroll in netflix app

    Why is the app working fine in other Android TV box sets?
  11. riaan le roux

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    hi is there anyone from MyGica that can respond its been almost a week and i dont even get a response when i email support locally
  12. MyGica Support

    Webcam support for Skyping on ATV329X

    Thats very strange that this is happening. I will create a report and check into this on that model.
  13. blackbery123

    Unstable wifi connection on wi tv2

    Thanks you PUBG MOBILE LITE v0.5.0 (8127)
  14. blackbery123

    Black screen

    Please help how to resolve this issue. Shadow Fight 3 v1.12.5 (Mod)
  15. Is the atv329x remote also an airmouse {the same as the atv495pro) version?
  16. dwventer

    Webcam support for Skyping on ATV329X

    OK, I bought the Logitech C310 and plugged it into my 329X box. When I start a Skype call the light on the webcam goes on and a picture of me appears on the screen for about 3 seconds and then the light goes out and the picture changes to green. When I start the camera app (one of the default installed apps) I do not see anything and then when I select video I get a notification that something went wrong message. Now the strange thing is that I have just replaced my 329X box due to a remote malfunction. The Skype worked fine on my previous faulty box, although the camera app gave the same result. Is there any way to update the USB OTG drivers of my android box or any settings that I can tweak to get the webcam to work?
  17. dwventer

    My Kr 41 remote works intermittently

    OK, received my new 329X and the remote works perfectly. Must have been bad hardware on my previous one. The only problem now is that my Webcam that worked fine on the previous one is crashing constantly on my new one!
  18. 2xmomma

    Unable to press the next button

    Um... not working for me either. HELP!!!!
  19. 2xmomma

    Initial Set up

    Initial Set up HELP! Got us an android box... all connected up, remote ok, TV picks it up as HDMI1... but HOW IN THE WORLD DO I CLICK "NEXT"?????
  20. I have the same problem . Seems like the USB ports have stopped working ! Can not even try a re set to reload firmware because can not use the remote to toggle through options when in rest set mode .
  21. Last week
  22. Rhonwyn-Lee

    DSTV Now App

    Hi guys, search older versions on aptoide apk. And download version 1.4 all versions above 2.0 kicks out uncertified devices.
  23. MyGica 1800 & password I can't get my wifi to work because I can't remember my password, does anyone know how to change my password or how to fix this problem??? Thanks
  24. riaan le roux

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2 The ATV 495 pro model was the latest when i bought it, other than the ATV 1960 i tried using the pro hdr firmware but to no avail, system says package is for "stvs9" and not "stvm9" The ATV495x was the cheaper model and i decided to buy the pro model that was recommended and more expensive ! now the cheaper models already run ver 6.0 and higher, even 7.1.2 but still no update for the pro model runnnig on the very old 5.1 ????? pls when will the new upgrade be available to 7.1.2 or even 6.0 ?? i have read many forums of people requesting the latest firmware for this model to 7.1.2 and many people as was i told by the sellers that the product can be updated to 6.0 like the ATV495x or higher but to no avail this seems to have been all over just a sales gimmick pls advice
  25. Eonakus

    495x not reading SD Card

    No, I am copying the apks onto the sd card so I can install from there. the reason why I BOUGHT a card is because I do not have one. So, unless this can be fixed I have a sd card thatis pretty much useless.
  26. Hi Tricky, Thanks for your post. So, I did what you have said and the signal is strong for both on/off button and also other buttons. So, it is definitely something else.
  27. weaselvw

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    So Justin when can we see an updated firmware for the 1900pro been waiting for it for awhile would be nice to get a better idea
  28. QVortex

    Status of Android update?

    Status of Android update? A discussion in the 1900PRO group indicates that an Android update (to 7.1) is imminent. Is there any ETA for the 495PRO?
  29. Roxy

    Netflix app not working

    Yes, if you look at the mygica.co.za/faq it states that Netflix will not work and will show an error screen every time to try to play something (which it does). I downloaded the zip file that this website says works, BUT it won’t download. I have the 495Pro.
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