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  3. New Firmware Playback Choppy? New Firmware Playback Choppy? I have installed the new firmware and has been choppy even on my hard drive movies. Kodi 17.1 can anyone help? Thanks Mike
  4. oke thx
  5. Wow -- thanks so much. I saw that mentioned before but for some reason I thought I did the initial setup with wifi -- but I guess I didn't and had the ethernet cable connected, so I got the "invalid password" issue. Just removed the ethernet cable this morning and was able to connect to my network no problem at all, thanks again!
  6. How can I download onto external hard drive I need advise / instructions ( for dummies)....I'm 53 and NOT tech savvy 😀. I have just bought a MyGica Quad Core Enjoy TV Box model ATV585. I want to use my 1terrabyte external hard drive to download games and movies via MyGica. Is there a way to make the ext hd the prime download option, and how do I do simple instructions, please? I noted that in Settings, the green wheeled More Setting option, Storage and Reset are separate. If I click on Storage, the ext hd is shown with options to unmount or erase, but nothing to instruct it to be used for downloads. Reset only gives the option of erasing all data on devise back to factory settings. Anyone able to help?
  7. Wifi button will not stay "on." A bunch of problems I'm running into here with the ATV1900 Pro Box Just bought the ATV1900Pro box, when I select wifi option the "on" button does not allow me to select it. When i use the ethernet connection there is no problem connecting though. I have a very strong signal for all my other wifi devices in my house, so my signal is not the problem. Went to do a reset to see if this would fix the problem but it didn't at all. In fact it reset my device to a to a Mygica ATV495 Pro what is up with that? when it is clearly a ATV1900 Pro ??? Also tried to install 2.5 hard drive in the slot under the box where this is a new feature on this box. No instuctions in the box by the way how this is done. Searched online found out I had to format the drive first, which I did before install.... installed the drive... and still the box doesn't even recognize its there... Seriously guys come on... Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. i am as well in the same situation i only purchase the Mygica 586 atv in Canada in January of 2017 so for us it is only a few months old and yes there should be a compasation for us becuase i dont this it is fare that after just a few months of usage i can update to a newer version of firmware.
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  10. 585 heading for the garbage bin First off I want to thank Justin for his hard work and doing his best to try and make the TV 585 as usable as possible. However, I am very disappointed with the product. Bear in mind I am a 20-year I.T. veteran. My box is less than a year old. There are no OS updates for it and natively Kodi 16.1 is the last supported version by KitKat 4.4. Of course there are less and less streams with Kodi 16.1 and issues with watching shows and movies. Also, some plugins won't update being on Kodi 16.1. From what I can see, the TV585 won't support Marshmallow because the TV585 only has 1GB of ram. Even if we got the firmware update and Marshmallow update, I doubt it would be usable with the limitations of hardware of the box itself. I installed the Kodi 17 fork. Needless to say, it is very slow to react just moving around in Kodi. Doing a search and getting results has a 60% success rate. Most of the time the circle goes for a few minutes and returns back to the main screen. Once you are lucky enough to find a stream (if you haven't given up from frustration) the stream is laggy, the audio is terrible, and I feel like I'm watching a movie on my Pentium 100mhz from a CD back in 1996. I did a factory reset of the box and re-installed the MyGica Media center just to be sure and ended up with the same result. I religiously clear the cache in the box and also through Indigo and Exodus. Unfortunately it sped things up for a few minutes but after streaming a show for 20mins your box slower than a turtle walking uphill. I'm not writing this to complain. It's my fault for buying the box for $119.95 at the store not knowing the details and doing research. I hope others will read this and realize that the TV585 had it's time and you have to let it go and get a new box. I purchased a new box with a quad core, 2GB of ram and Android 6.0 running on it. Needless to say Kodi 17.1 runs flawless and the quality is magnificent. I won't be buying another MyGica product because of the fact a large retailer like Showcase should not be selling outdated boxes for $119.95. My new box was only $95.00.
  11. For those having problems with sport streaming, google this Enabling InputStream Client for RTMP Streams in Kodi (17.1 Krypton and Above) or look at this link
  12. Depending on how you use it currently...... The Media Center does not currently playback or stream multi-channel audio streams, e.g. Dolby 5.1 and DTS. It does recognise it correctly but there is no audio output via passthrough to a Dolby or DTS capable receiver. Most of the movies and series vie Exodus etc. do not have multi-channel audio streams, however if you have HD mkv or mp4 video with Dolby audio, one cannot use the Media Center for playback. Also sport addons like Sportsdevil and Zem does not work very well, very limited working links .... although I think this has more to do with these addons than Media center as they have been problematic since the release of Kodi 17.1
  13. Oh yes, I can answer that too, please check your pm.
  14. Replace 5v a/c jack on 582 G'Day, I have 3 582's and the power jack on one of them has gone from being flaky (i.e. powering on and off based on just slight movements of cable) to now barely being able to power up and only if cable is held in a certain precarious position. The behaviour is the same no matter which of my power supplies I try. I have been told that this may be a common problem with this model and that it is the female jack on the board. Is there anybody who knows where or how to get a new jack and can it be soldered onto the board? Thanks, Jan
  15. Thanks. I understand. Still want to know: how does someone know if their 1800e box is old gen? And I was just specifying it's called daydream for clarity, so it wouldn't be confused with the kodi screensaver. I hope you guys can give updates on this forum for all these issues. Particularly the graphics problem. Also it's worth mentioning, the beginning of this post says the upgrade is no longer in beta and it's the official release. This will mislead people who want to upgrade. Like I've said before, if you guys can create an actual webpage that keeps updates on firmware with listed bugs, current version, etc, that may be a good idea. That way customers don't have to read through forums for hours to understand what's going on.
  16. I am sorry if was not clear on that comment, I wanted to say was, we did try out here and only came across one unit that showed the same issue, and alot of people did upgrade to OS 5.1 beta, we do check forums and views on each topic, and we did not come across alot of people having this issue with 1800E/1900AC so it is not a widespread issue with all boxes. but we are still looking into it to see if we could fix this issue. - the screensaver in android 5.0 always called Daydream, never changed. but to keep it simple I replied with the word "screensaver." - as I mentioned before we are working on the Beta software. it is not an easy task to just turn a switch on and off, it will take some time for this to be fixed, please bare with us.
  17. New Firmware Playback Choppy? I have installed the new firmware and has been choppy even on my hard drive movies. Kodi 17.1 can anyone help? Thanks Mike
  18. 1. This has been reported by three people so the problem is on a minimum of three units. Maybe more if the owners own more than one unit. Also, how do you know if your box is 'old gen?' I don't know what this is. 2. The screensaver in the android 5.1 os (called daydream), turns on when watching video content in kodi. That's why I'm reporting it. It's a problem. 3. Okay.
  19. Which internal hard drive to use for 1900ATV Pro?
  20. Thank you for your kind respond. 1. This issue is not known till we got our hand on an ATV1800 model, which this issue showed up. but since it is only one unit hard to determine. 2. The screen saver just turns it off, and then test it to see if still falling asleep, while you are in Kodi. If it is let us know asap. 3. honestly we are working on a launcher, the power button and paint brush for task killer to be built in, but still no eta on the beta update. but we are working on it. do keep us update, so we could get this beta updated and get better quick.
  21. 1900 ATV Logitec 370 Flashes picture in Skype. Camera is good on PC but not good on 1900 TV pro. Has the update for video been released?
  22. Thanks for your response. It's appreciated. I completely understand these things have to be worked on. My post you quoted is a follow up to a post I did about a month ago which goes into more detail about the problems. 1. Three people on this forum have reported this issue. Justin recognized the problem too, saying "I know what you're talking about." I get you don't see it, but it's been recognized by three people on here and Justin. 2. The problem is not knowing how to turn off the screensaver. The problem is the screensaver goes on when watching video in kodi. 3. The reboot option was available in 4.4 on 1800e in alternate launchers, so I don't understand why it wouldn't be available in 5.1? It was a shortcut option that could be added to the home screen. 4. I'll give this a shot.
  23. I am sure you will get upset on the answers, but here is the ugly truth.. OS 5.1 is still beta, needs alot of bug fixes which we are working slowly to make sure all fixes properly. 1. Graphics issue, ( i didn't see this personally if you do have maybe your box is 1800E first Gen, which we can not fix. 2. The Screen Saver you can turn off under Settings. 3. Other Launchers are not created by us, so if they add reboot that would help, but it is not our work we can not assist, Our Launcher on other hand works since we have code added. 4. stay on main screen or settings and press volume down and you will see the sound with bell icon beside it. ( take control and turn down volume ) like or hate it, its beta, there is a reason for that, we can not just fix one little thing and give another OS to upgrade to. (( No eta for next beta launch )).
  24. Hi After installing Kodi 17 (Mygica Media Centre) from the apk can I uninstall Kodi 16, and only keep Kodi 17 (Mygica Media Centre) on my ATV 582. Thanks Henry
  25. I'm new to this forum. I have a ATV 380 that is simply useless now because I can't upgrade the KODI version past 16. Can someone tell me if there are plans in place that will allow this box to be upgraded so it will rin the new version ( 17.1) of KODI...and if so, is there an approximate time frame. I just bought the box. thx
  26. Linux firmware available for ATV 495PRO? As the title suggests, is there Linux firmware available anywhere for these boxes? I'd much rather run that than Android......
  27. What's going on with these issues? A simple update is appreciated.
  28. What is the current status of MMC? I'm holding out for your version based off Kodi-17.1, as 17.0 is not very stable.
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