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  2. New ATV495Max firmware to be used with USB Burning Tool Geniatech has been very kind by providing me with a new Android TV 7.1 Nougat firmware and a new Android TV 9 Pie firmware images to be able to "burn it" using the Amlogic USB burning tool software into the ATV495Max. The previous firmware images weren't working using this method but only with the "Update & Backup" app so for those with fear of bricking the device by using that method, the new Android TV firmwares can be burned safely and faster using this method: WHAT YOU NEED: a) A windows computer with a free USB port, a powered USB port is recommended. b) A male to male type A USB cable. c) If you want to burn the original firmware that came with your box (Android TV 7.1), you may download the new firmware from here: https://mega.nz/#!4agVjYzY!ZaKW09xrGjaHvveNKRH1FMhoqqz7_-PlF-GIG5pgHQM d) If you want to burn the new Android TV 9 Pie firmware, you may download the new firmware from here: https://mega.nz/#!oyx22SCD!X4OX17HoaeebKly1B-qOVVs0SnTWo6EMSnom2Xgj3bc e) Download the Amlogic USB burning tool here: https://androiddatahost.com/wp-content/uploads/Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.1.6.8.zip INSTRUCTIONS: Once you have installed the USB burning tool application in the computer you're going to use, please follow the instructions on this video to "burn" the firmware into your device, it's important to note that the reset button on the ATV495Max is located at the bottom:  Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you burn the image successfully, please share some screenshots of your new Android TV homescreen interface in this topic.
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  4. Which app are you using that is giving you this issue?
  5. If you're in North America Contact sales@mygica.tv about this Thanks
  6. HD Homerun runs over your home network, so those speeds are different then the download speeds from your internet provider. I don't know of any USB adapter that would work with the 1800E For the best speeds, i'd suggest ethernet You should look at some Powerline Adapters if you cant run an Ethernet cable directly from your router to the box. Tablo would probably be a better option for OTA Channels on the 1800E, vs the HD Homerun, as they trans code the channels to a lower compression rate, you can adjust it from 500KBPS to 5MBPS I think
  7. If these are system apps Then you cannot remove them, as system apps can only be disabled Not removed. Which are you referring to exactly though? Maybe you can list them.
  8. Have you tried re pairing the remote The instructions can be found here http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr303
  9. Would be best to email support@mygica.com + support@geniatech.com about this issue
  10. Justin


    Try changing the settings on your actual TV to turn off ECO or Power Saving Mode. There seems to be an issue with this setting on certain TVs and Android Boxes, as it is trying to adjust brightness to save power.
  11. Android 5.1 is the latest OS version for the ATV 1900AC There is no more support for this model in terms of Firmware updates. You can get majority of your apps updated via the Playstore Netflix cant be updated via the Playstore, so I would suggest using the Aptoide TV Store for this instead.
  12. This feature is not available on the 520
  13. I think the issue here is Skype recently updated all of their apps earlier this year and made some major changes Is there anything in the settings of the Skype app, to let you select a different camera?
  14. Try the Cetus Play Remote app on the Playstore + Apple App Store on your phone This one should work well, without needing the remote option on the firmware.
  15. Device Stuck After firmware failure Hi All I followed the steps of this tutorial to upgrade from 6.0 to 7.1 on mygica Atv195x ( However the remote was bluetooth and didnot connnect even the usb keyboard didnot function. I repressed the hard reset button which selected the reboot option but the device now is stuck, loading nothing just a black screen. Any help?? Best
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  17. Root Access Hello! My name is Francisco Manera. I am Co-Founder and CTO of nuvelar.com, a Digital Signage Software Company. We are looking for new media players. We are testing MyGica ATV329X . I see that it has no root access. We need that for our application. Do you provide some firmware with root access? It would be also great if you will provide support for rotation ( rotate screen)
  18. hello rudolph, i have the same problem with atv329x and logitech c270 on skype. i can use google duo for video calling perfectly. but have the same with that you have on skype. people can't see me. i am using android 6.0 firmware. please anybody can help us?
  19. Portrait mode required Looking to use my 520 for Kiosk application but can't force screen into portrait view. Tried screen rotation apps in play store with no success Any help is greatly appreciated
  20. 1- Download the firmware from here: http://file.geniatech.com/thcdownloads/geniatech/software/enjoytv-ota-9.0_20190227.img 2- Put the file in the root of any pendrive and connect it to your box 3- From the home screen open the "Update & Backup" app 4- Using your remote control move to the "select" button and press OK 5- Select the file you previously downloaded by pressing OK 6- Press the button "update" located on the left of the "select" button by pressing OK 7- Press again "update" on the little screen that appears 8- The update process should begin and it will take several minutes to complete. Please let me know if you run into any issues, if you see that the upgrade progress doesn't move, don't do anything and let me know immediately.
  21. Boot for less than 1 min at first with screen resolution error then it switch off Boot for less than 1 min at first with screen resolution error then switches it self off and after that does not boot even does not want even when you hard reset . have try every thing and nothing has success this gadget only worked for less than 6 months
  22. Updates Hi Is there an update beyond android 5? I need to update Netflix too. If not, what use does it have? Thanks
  23. Faghrie


    Blackout My mygica atv495max keeps on blackout then TV refresh screen goes blank but sound still plays then I have hit return button on remote and hit play to watch what I was watching
  24. Where do i get the OS 9 pie from for my ATV495Max?
  25. Since ATV582 running on 1GB RAM, i would not suggest you upgrade your box OS to 5.1 it will go very slow and you can brick your ATV582 and no way to fix it back. for your kodi problems, you can use our MyGica Media Center 17.1 and run on OS 4.4.2
  26. Pad tv tuner pt362 Hola, compre el Pad tv tuner PT362 y no lo acepta mi telefono. Es un Samsung Galaxy s9. Baje la aplicacion Pad tv hd y cuando conecto el tuner me aparece "No device" Alguien que me pueda ayudar con este tema. alvarobernal@hotmail.com
  27. I don't think the problem is the remote but the android version that comes originally with the device (version 7.1), I believe this issues are gone when you get to upgrade the device to Android 9 Pie which is already available to download and install.
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