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  2. Pretty Shi*ty if you ask me. I have had the box for a year and not being able to play/watch anything on Netflix. Hmmm, big company as MyGica can't resolve the issue? with the oldest streaming app that has been on the market forever-NETFLIX. Not everybody has the ability to navigate through mygica/xbmc/kodi menus. Neither my 7 year old or my Mom can use it for Netflix. Gotta feeling that my 1800 will be a last mygica product. This item should have not been released if it wasn't fully functional, nor it should have been advertised as having Netflix built in, because its 80% built in. Rest doesn't work. I cant control it with buttons nor the mouse.
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  4. I Have tried various versions of the ATV582 firmware after the attempt to load the advised fix for the WIFI disconnecting issue and the device will not respond to any firmware. The result is always the same with the progress bar going for a few seconds then stopping. Can this devise be fixed at all?
  5. Hi, Yip they worked on 5.0 The apps are on the Google Play Store, they are called DStv Now & SuperSport. DSTV is a subscriber Satellite TV broadcaster in South Africa.
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  7. 6 different tvs? What a joke. The issue isn't the tv. It's the boot process related to the USB dongle for the remote. Still waiting on the 1800 fix please.
  8. Works like charm.. Thanks Justin
  9. Suggestions for possible banned words... "Leafs" "Toronto Sports Network". Just sayin'.
  10. Did you try kodi or an app like vlc to see if it will recognize?
  11. I agree with you frosty911 I have the same problem
  12. This is for the 1800e Okay sounds great! I will wait. Thank you!
  13. Which unit is this on? If it is the 1800e, there is a small issue where in order to turn off the box, you would have to unplug and plug back in to get the screen to show again. This is not on all users systems, but it is well known. We will have a fix to this very soon and we already have the fix for our newer model 1900pro. For now, I would say to stay on what you have, unless this becomes a real pain in the butt.
  14. The card is a full size sd, not a mini. But it does not appear to be a card issue. the 1900 recognized movie formats .mkv, .mp4 from a flashdrive I plugged into the 1900 pro. The Canon format is .mov, the 1900 pro appears not to recognize that file type. Can a firmware update address that issue? I will now have to buy another storage device for my vacation if it cannot recognize the .mov file type.
  15. Sorry for delay, 1. unfortunately, unless the hdd comes preformatted, it must be formatted in some way before being used. This would have to be done on a computer, tower, mac, or something. 2. The easiest way to probably do this is to just take the mini sd card from the camera, and put it right into the box into the sd slot.
  16. Ksmitty, I completely agree. We chose a busy time of year to make the forum switch. I plan on going through and optimising the new format as soon as I can. Until then, I will try to make sure important posts are made more accessible.
  17. Dear Members, Just a quick note here. We are aware of spammers actually creating accounts and manually posting spam. We are taking measures while trying to balance the needs of our members. Currently we subscribe to a spammers database and will also be creating a "banned words list" to help circumvent abuse. Thanks!
  18. Glad updates are coming. However I've never been able to get any OTA updates for my 1800e with Android 4.4 . Is there anything special that needs to be done to get them? The Android box is always left on to ensure I would not miss them. thanks
  19. Hay Justin, I'm unable to get the *.img file to show up using the center 3 lines button approach. Just wanted to confirm that the file does work via that method? No one has really posted that they installed it using that method and it worked. I don't mind waiting for the OTA update but I just wanted to ask. Could be just me. Was just curious. Thanks
  20. No need to be worried. Sometimes the android system switches to wifi as default. Newer versions of android do not have this issue. If this keeps happening let us know.
  21. Yes that link was removed as it was Android 5.0 We later come out with 5.1 afterwards.
  22. Thanks for sharing this
  23. We will start the OTA fix for 1900PRO/495PRO with this issue starting early next week. I hope to get the 1800E/1900AC Android 5.1 fix for this early next week as well, but I am not 100% sure due to Chinese New Years starting on Tuesday.
  24. Ok Our Wiki Page will help you reset the box
  25. I am not sure as to which fixes your referring to that fried boxes. I do not release something to be used unless it has been used by myself and tested. If your referring to users killing their Dual Cores, well that's out of our control, when upgrading the OS on the Dual Cores if you miss one step then yes it will brick your box. AMLogic fixed this in the chipsets that followed Dual Core which are used in the 1800/582/585/1900AC, which now 9/10 times can simply be fixed with a bootcard, for the units that can't be fixed we then replace them under warranty. As for the issue that we just fixed, we just released these 2 new models over the last 3 months. We actually had to buy about 6 different TV's till we were able to reproduce the problem ourselves, this does not happen for Everyone. For example, my Sony LED TV that I use in my own home, I could not reproduce this problem on it, no matter what I did. You mention its a brand new box, how could it have flaws. Have you read about the Samsung Note 7 as of late??? Once more and more units were being sold, we then found that it was a widespread problem, and worked hard to fix it as fast as we could. We actually needed AMLogic to help us fix this. As I have said before, I apologize for the delay on this. If this still does not satisfy you. Then I am open to suggestions on how to improve in the future. I will admit that in the past, yes I missed dates for software releases. Which is why I no longer give exact dates anymore. Thanks Justin
  26. This will not factory reset, it just changes a parameter setting within the firmware which was the cause of the whole blackout issue. So therefore you do not need to re-install anything afterwards. Simple loading instructions are as follows 1. Download the File 2. Move this file onto a USB Drive or SD Card 3. Plug the USB Drive or SD card into your powered on MyGica box 4. Go to the applications list and find the app UPGRADE, OPEN THIS APP 5. Select Local Update and select the source of this file, External Storage Card or USB. (Whichever one has the file you want to install on it) 6. The file will then appear, highlight it and PRESS OK on the remote, follow the steps to install it. (IF IT DOESN'T APPEAR IN THE LIST OF FILES AT FIRST. PRESS THE 3 LINED MENU BUTTON 10 + TIMES ON THE REMOTE. IT WILL APPEAR AFTER THIS) For now users can install it manually. We will be sending out an OTA update for this starting next week.
  27. Thank you for your work Justin.I'ts great this Support. No other company offers this collaboration. It was worth the wait. Regards from Catalonia (Spain) and sorry for my English .
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