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  2. Bigbrat


    Atv585 My mygica atv585 does not recognize my router.it shows the router name but will not connect..any suggestions on what i should do
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  4. bindaredondat

    ATV1960 7.1 ( 20180625 )

    Version 1.1


    Here is a factory file for ATV1960, Change Log: - Google Play store Error fixed. - Some bug fixes. NOTE: Processing this Firmware upgrade will wipe all your Data How to process the steps: 1. Download the zip file 2. Unzip 3. Format your MicroSD Card to FAT32 4. Drag and drop files from Unzip folder to root of your MicroSD card 5. Hook it up to your ATV1960 6. Connect HDMI, turn the TV on 7. For Reset a. ATV1960 Hold the Reset button at the back. 8. Hookup power while holding down Reset, via pin 9. Hold for 15 seconds you will see the android guy, give it 5 minutes and you're back to the main screen. please provide any feedback you may have, in the discussion area.
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  6. delacosta78

    MyGica T230 and T230C issues in Colombia

    I've been doing research about the frequencies that work with DVB-T2 in my country and I found out this is definitely a problem with the USB tuner, I made tests with different apps on windows like VLC or Total TV Player and they get some channels working while on Android TV with the FTA Tuner Loader I got some channels working that didn't work on Windows, here is a summary: On Windows: Channel Frequency Number of sub-channels Sub-channels working on Windows Sub-channels working on Android TV 14 473000 Khz 5 0 1 15 479000 Khz 6 1 6 16 485000 Khz 6 6 0 17 491000 Khz 3 3 0 I hope someone at MyGica take look at this and do something to fix this inconvenience with this the T230 and T230C tuners.
  7. Justin When can we expect an update on the 7.1 Beta F/W ? Its now almost 7 months after the last Beta. kind Regards Jalize
  8. QVortex

    LibreELEC or CoreELEC?

    If anyone is interested, I was able to get CoreELEC 8.99.2 running from a USB stick. I'm guessing that an SD card should work just as well, if not better, but I'm temporarily without one. Here's the steps: - Download the generic S905 image (e.g. CoreELEC-S905.arm-8.99.2-S905.img.gz) from https://coreelec.org - Download/install Win32DiskImager from https://sourceforge.net - Download/install 7-Zip from https://www.7-zip.org - Use 7-Zip to open the gz file (~138MB) and extract the img file (e.g. CoreELEC-S905.arm-8.99.2-S905.img) to your desktop - Use Win32DiskImager to open the img file (~549MB) and write the image to an empty USB stick - On the USB stick: - In the root folder, rename the file aml_autoscript to factory_update_param.ubt - Copy gxbb_p200_2G_100M_RealtekWiFi.dtb from the device_trees folder to the root folder. - In the root folder, delete dtb.img, then rename gxbb_p200_2G_100M_RealtekWiFi.dtb to dtb.img - Unplug the 495PRO. Make sure the remote dongle is in the rear USB port and insert the USB stick into the front USB port - Plug in the 495PRO. You should see the Lollipop screen for a few seconds followed by the CoreELEC screen. It does a bit of configuration the 1st time so be patient for a few minutes. Once it starts, you'll be prompted through some setup, then you should be good to go. For some reason, you're not prompted for a time zone, so you'll need to go to Settings/Interface/Regional and enter it manually so the time display is correct. Note: the default remote control settings seem a bit clunky with the MyGica remote, but I use a Harmony remote (in Windows Media Center PC mode) and it's working well except for power-on. The best part is that, unlike MyGica's broken firmware, the passthough audio is finally!!! working properly once activated via Settings/System/Audio.
  9. MyGica Support

    Additional storage

    Yes it is. Hopefully I’ll get it up here quickly.
  10. user37

    Additional storage

    Is that the beta version mentioned in some other thread? Where can I get that?
  11. delacosta78

    MyGica T230 and T230C issues in Colombia

    Hello, I wasn't able to reply to you about my experience until today and unfortunately this doesn't work, I still can't get all the channels, I honestly don't know if it's the device or if they changed something here about the signal transmission inside my country, what's even more strange is, the channels I can't get on my computer appear on my Android TV device, but other channels that appear on Android doesn't appear on my computer; speaking of Android, Geniatech created a FTA tuner loader app for Android TV where we can use this device to scan and watch Live TV using the Live Channels application, heres's the link in case you are interested: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geniatech.tiftuner
  12. jenniferleduc

    Wifi will not turn on. 1900 Pro

    I have. No response yet to the details I sent RMA 793946
  13. bindaredondat

    Wifi will not turn on. 1900 Pro

    Then please create an RMA request ticket. http://help.mygica.tv click on Green button
  14. jenniferleduc

    Wifi will not turn on. 1900 Pro

    Hi, Im not having issues with ETHERNET I am having issues with WIFI NOT TURNING ON. I try to turn it on and it remains in OFF position. This is occurring on all 3 boxes Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. bindaredondat

    Wifi will not turn on. 1900 Pro

    Hi, Have you tried to turn on Ethernet via Droid settings which is inside of Apps, Once you go to Apps // Droid Settings // Click down one time then go up and click on Ethernet and make sure you turn it on. see if that helps. do update us.
  16. jenniferleduc

    Wifi will not turn on. 1900 Pro

    Hello Justin or Admin. I have 3 MYGICA 1910 boxes and have the same issue on all 3 as mentioned above. WIFI WILL NOT TURN ON. STAYS ON OFF MODE. I have tried: - factory reset - “forget network” is not an option as the wifi needs to be turned on to have this option and it won’t turn on turned on Ethernet , connected via ethernet. Then turn off Ethernet, then try to turn on wifi, wifi will not turn on I purchased all 3 at CANADA COMPUTERS. It’s been just over 12 months now so no warranty. I do have my receipts. Can MYGICA repair these free? I spent over $100x3 and can’t connect any of them unless I have Ethernet. This isn’t possible as I have them spread across the rooms in my house. I would be understanding if it was just one box but all 3 are telling me it’s a software update that’s required or poor quality faulty wifi hardware that’s failing. Please help. LOYAL MYGICA CUSTOMER
  17. MyGica Support

    Get Rid Of A Project

    I’ll admit that I’m not very familiar with this software, but I’ve used a few that are similar. Are you able to click the green “edit” button at the top? If not, it seems you will have to start a new project to accomplish this. Im 99% sure that it can be edited though. Keep me updated. I want to see this work properly for you, and it helps me learn for helping others. If I misunderstood what you said, just let me know.
  18. I am not sure if it is mounted but I am getting somewhere, not there yet but I'm a little bit ahead of where I was when I started this post. I attaching a screenshot to try to make this as clear as possible but what I did was I tried starting a new project (again) and this time I was able to figure out how to make the program understand that I was done with the other one (STN) and wanted to burn a new DVD with a different title - I partially accomplished that. I was able to burn the DVD but titling is not correct. The one that I could not get rid of was called Star Trek: Nemesis (I will abbreviate, STN); the one I have been trying to burn, and just did burn is called Cyborg (CY); take a look at the screenshot, CY is at the bottom but how do I change the text at the top to CY? (currently reads "STN"). When I play this disc this is what I see, the screenshot I am attaching. I want to change that text, at the top and at the bottom, with each new DVD I burn, of course - in this case CY should be the text at the top and at the bottom (as opposed to STN at the top and CY at the bottom). How do I edit this? (at the top, I obviously edited the text at the bottom). Thanks
  19. MyGica Support

    ATV 495X very slow

    The 495x admittedly has only 1gb of Ram, so it will be slower than some other devices. Mid you’ve noticed a significant change in speed with the yograde, you may want to consider going back to the original firmware.
  20. MyGica Support


    Ate you using the native android settings to use a vpn? If so, try and see if the company you are using for a vpn has an app. It makes it easier to tell if you are transmitting. Mobdro may be blocking vpn traffic, or at least the dns your vpn is using.
  21. MyGica Support

    Get Rid Of A Project

    Is this file “mounted” to a disc in the system? Sometimes when an img is mounted through windows, it needs to be unmounted in order to stop using it.
  22. Of course I can, I restarted the program many times, restarting the machine also has not effect. When I try to delete this file from the right pane "delete" is greyed out, and when I try to delete it a different way (I forget exactly how) I get a message along the lines, cannot delete *name of the file* because it is being used by the EDIT or BURN part of this program...okay, how do I tell EDIT or BURN, I now longer need your services for this file (project, or whatever) and release it so I an use BURN for a different one?
  23. Spartikus

    No Audio

    I am using this software that came with it and it works, I was trying to use more advanced software to do all the editing and do not know why I have no audio with it (maybe I will get back to that someday but for now I am using the honestech VHS TO DVD, version 4.0, software that came with it).
  24. admin

    Netflix Intermittent Issues

    I don't sell anything - I shared a link with you - you may use that version of Netflix on the ATV 495Max - MyGica, Google(Android) and Netflix are separate entities. The issue is Netflix and distribution of "versions" of their software. If you are unhappy with your purchase please see the company that sold it to you.
  25. Derekv

    Netflix Intermittent Issues

    WoW - Asking the customers to sort out the suppliers problems so the supplier can provide what they promise when the sold the product? You sell this as a Google certified Netflix working device. Or is that false advertising?
  26. No errors during install, but device still does not show up in capture in showbiz. Note that I have a Hava device (which is a network capture device), and this device DOES show in capture, but that is the only device in the pull-down list. I have had this device and the iGrabber both working before (co-existing just fine on this same system), including on an earlier version of windows 10. I put back in an old disk I had back in 2017, and it worked there (both Hava and iGrabber show up, and the iGrabber can indeed see the video). Back on my current disk. Note that device manager shows the device is working (I forgot to mention above that this was the case before too).
  27. Thanks for your information. We are fixing it. We will keep you informed.
  28. Please uninstall the previous driver and install this one below: https://mega.nz/#!mzBgXQDI!w9ZG2wiVrA0q7bYlDOKNNqMSlXdqUHLamqGxH3P7Z2w
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