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  2. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    ive found something : so if i read this right, its Mygicas fault...to build crap firmware to work on lollipop and kodi 17
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  5. Couple of issues

    It may be an issue with Android 5.1, as I exchanged it for a different brand that has Android 6 and everything is fine
  6. Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    Hi Justin: If it helps, here's a bit more info. BTW, I'm using a 495Pro (Build MyGicaS905V1.30), Kodi 17.3 and an Onkyo Receiver. When the 495Pro has a fresh restart, my Onkyo's front display shows "PL II Movie" (Pro Logic II) and I can hear system sounds as I navigate around the main MyGica menu. When I start Kodi for the first time, the Onkyo switches to "All Ch St" (All Channel Stereo). I can hear the Kodi menu sounds and the MyGica system sounds continue working as well. At this point, I can successfully play (and hear) any 2.0 or 5.1 video. As long as I stick to 2.0 videos, the Onkyo keeps showing "All Ch St" and all menu/system sounds keep working. As soon as I play a 5.1 video, the Onkyo switches to "Dolby D". The 5.1 movie sounds great but all menu/system sounds stop working. I can continue playing 5.1 videos perfectly but 2.0 videos are now silent and the Onkyo remains at "Dolby D". Like Bucks_Fizz mentions, the only way to play a 2.0 video (with sound) after playing a 5.1 video requires the 495Pro to be restarted.
  7. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    i cant edit so here post: audio settings on both the same, number of channels : 2.0 enable passtrough : checked dolby digital (ac3) capable receiver : checked enable dolby digital (ac3) transcoding: checked dts capable reciever (checked but i dont have that option in new version!) and when i check the dolby things on in the new version i see reciever getting 5.1 but losses it again and move blocked android is setting = hdmi
  8. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    hoi, i just registered to ask something i had android version 4.4.2 ( v002m801_20151119) and kodi version 15.2 ALLworking good sound is going to my av system in 5.1 now i installed the new version (lollipop and kodi 17.3) and the beta (because of mac problem) BUT i dont have 5.1 anymore (same movie same settings) how can that be???? grtz kristof
  9. How to load older firmware

    How to load older firmware How does one load older firmware? I installed the latest beta for my 1800e (update_MYGICA_S812_S802_Device_5.1_20170612) and KODI is stuttering like crazy, wifi not turning back on after turning it off (I read that there is an OTA to fix it but it did not get downloaded nor can I find it manually...). I would like to go back to my older FW (the only problem that I encountered was the stupid black screen issue). However, I am not able to load the older FW... I put the older FW onto my thumb drive and do the update, but it does nothing. There must be a check somewhere that prevents you from loading older FW??
  10. New 495X issue

    Hi Justin A quick update...I did a manual update search last night and there was a fix/update available, which I installed. Showmax is working now!!! Thanks for your assistance and effort..greatly appreciated!
  11. mygica ATV329x setup

    Hi Justin I am having the same problem, everything is pluged in. What do I do ?!!
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  13. Updated Media Center Fork - 17.1

    look for an aptoide store called xcalibur-app-store i am sharing it there
  14. upgrading from Kodi 14.2

    upgrading from Kodi 14.2 where and how do I upgrade to a newer version of Kodi and android for this atv 586 model I can't add Covenant etc thanks
  15. kodi upgrade from 14.2 how do you upgrade kodi from 14.2 version to allow new add ons etc?
  16. Installing Operation System and Apps I have lost the operation system and applications on myGiga device. how do i go about reinstalling it?
  17. Hi Justin, This is is my problem too. I have figured out how to use the mouse but how do I go back to using the navigation arrows? (How do I toggle between the two?)
  18. Instructions for MyGica 495 Pro Remote Hello, I have this lovely little remote but it has confounded us. It is paired. We can figure out how to activate the mouse arrow. But how do we deactivate it?
  19. Netflix not supported - Error 5.2 I have installed Netflix on my ATV 329x from Google Play. Worked OK for about 2 days, then I started getting message boxes at the beginning of a streaming saying: "There is a problem with playing this video (5.2)". I went to the Netflix website, did every troubleshooting steps they suggest (twice). Nothing worked. I opened a chat with a representative, and she finally said that MyGica devices are not supported by Netflix. She then prompted me with a link to a list of all the supported devices and, sure enough, MyGica was not one of them. Do you think MyGica could work something out with Netflix ? After all, it's only the most popular movie and TV app on the Web. I'm really thinking about returning my unit.
  20. 1900 PRO JAN 30 2017

    Hey Justin Just wondering when the next firmware is going to be released. Tired of having to restart my box to get sound back every time I want to use another app after watching a video with AC3 on kodi.
  21. HD cap device is good all in all.However, I like blu-ray player much more.
  22. Little to no sound

    Little to no sound So I'm having major issues with sound on my android box. I was watching a tv show and it froze, stopped working and exited back to Kodi. From there my sound stopped working. Looked in every setting (in Kodi and box menu) and made sure all sliders were maxed out. That's when I noticed the clicking sounds weren't working either, even though the check box is checked. After pulling hair for hours did a factory reset. Nothing. After double checking everything again (cords, volume sliders) still nothing. I did manage to get minimal sound from the in video settings but can't adjust it from my stereo amp. Weird thing is this also happened to my dads gica box but his is a different version and his would work on/off at random it seems hekp plz...
  23. Can't get 5.1 surround working

    Hi, There is a long thread about 5.1 and Kodi under discussions. Also, in case it is not Kodi, i found that if you set the digital sound output (under settings) to HDMI instead of Auto, the default movie player seems to play surround. But at times it causes stuttering. We have been waiting for almost 6 months for an answer - Welcome to our world
  24. Model 495 Pro - no connection!

    Hi Justin, Thank you for the link for the return form. I was unable to get a ticket for the return of my ATV 495 Pro. I receive a message " Missing or invalid data, check the error and try again". I tried a couple of times to get a ticket without success. Could you please help with this issue? thank you in advance, Regards, Peter
  25. 'Weather' icon in MyGica Launcher 2.2.8 ??

    Hi Justin, Two things that worked for me: 1-Disabling location services: Removed the icon from the launcher but prevented some apps that require geo-location/geo-fencing to run (not a final solution in my case...) 2-Backup all apps, wipe out the box and upgrade to the latest version: For some reason the glitch appeared when rooting and installing software in my box. After a clean install the glitch was gone. I reinstalled most of the apps but did not root the device again.
  26. Can't get 5.1 surround working

    Can't get 5.1 surround working So I have 2 boxes, an 1800e (if I'm not mistaken) and a brand new ATV 495 Pro that I've just setup. Everything works except when I try to set the channels to 5.1, then I get no sound, or it simply fails to produce anything other than 2.0ch audio. I haven't been able to get this to work on either box, but as I've just purchased a 60" 4K TV I'd like to have surround working. Does anyone know how to get this working as it's been a problem for well over a year now. My 495 is connected via HDMI to my receiver, which then goes to the TV. My PS4, Satelitte and bluray player all produce 5.1 channel sound just fine hooked up in the same configuration. I've tried connecting the box directly to the TV and using TOSLink which also fails to produce 5.1 audio. wth is going on.
  27. ATV 1900AC endless reboot/freeze

    Jmasta, this is slightly different than this topics subject. If you suspect that this is a hardware issue, lets get it in for repair work.
  28. ATV585 lollipop root

    ATV585 lollipop root Hi there All, does anyone know of a way to root the new lollipop beta? once it is rooted we change the device ID but we would then need to unroot again for certain apps. would be great if this was possible. thanks
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