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  4. Update: I checked the remote control's battery (2 years old) and replaced with fresh 2xAAA ones. This had fixed the remote's control to be able to turn ON/OFF the 1900 PRO. Although with the old batteries, I was able to navigate on the menu, I conclude that the ON/OFF button requires more battery power and also this only works on IR, so line-of-sight is required between the remote control and 1900PRO. I will monitor the other issue that I experienced, when waking up/turning ON the unit manually from stand-by, the unit turns off after few seconds. But I will still turn ON/wake up the unit by its remote control and not manually.
  5. Hi , can I update to 7.1 using one of the USB ports ?
  6. 1900 PRO wierd behavior turning ON from standby So I usually leave it on stand-by (red-LED) and few weeks ago, the remote control power button would not work to wake-up or turn it ON. So I manually turn it ON on the unit itself. But after few seconds, from green LED, nothing comes up on the TV, and after few seconds, less than 10 seconds, it would automatically go on stand-by (red LED). So while it's ON I press the control button and try to navigate while TV screen still black, but it would go back to stand by for like 4 times. And the fifth time, the tv screen would now appear and everything works properly. This issue happens everytime I wake it up from stand by. Until the tv screen appears, it would keep on shutting back to standby itself.
  7. To anyone it helps if you have a wireless keyboard if you are looking at the top of the box on the left side open from the bottom that is where the usb port is and you plug in your wireless keyboard key in to or just read the quick start guide or instructions book
  8. I try the remote it is not working I have put new batteries in the remote it is still not working please help
  9. Spoke to someone in support and I was advised that since it is a brand new unit it needs to first update the installed apps and this could take up to 1 hour so I will report back.
  10. Hello I have just purchased and received a brand new ATV495max and after setting it up, when I go into Google play and find an app that I want to install, I click "install" and then all I get is the spinning circle and it eventually hangs. I tried this with many different apps and same results. Any idea what could be going on? (I called support and it goes to voicemail). thanks !
  11. Still no support? Thanks Mygica
  12. pepeyy

    Pairing the remote

    I try the mouse. I click the mouse, no response.
  13. iGrabber 64-bit version for Mac OS X 10.16 and beyond? Starting with Mac OS X 10.16 "Catalina", Apple is dropping support for 32-bit applications in Mac OS X, which means that older applications compiled for 32-bit environments will not work any more, including the latest iGrabber version (1.6) that was supplied on this forum and that works fine in Mac OS X up to 10.15. Is there any new 64-bit release of iGrabber, or any plans to release it? Thanks
  14. good day i am having the same problem with the atv329x where it freezes after the update i did as above mentioned to reset the unit I paired the remote did the factory reset and then all i get is a solid net and status light with the center light off I did the reset again same thing
  15. Earlier
  16. I have seen similar problems on other forums like Facebook as well. The update is a huge problem with the mupygica boxes. The main thing that seems to be exactly the same with everyone having these problems is the total lack of support from Mygica.....
  17. Does anyone work in Support at Mygica? Doesn't look like it.
  18. 495 pro update problem YouTube doesn't open. It says there is an update available but when I click on it, it does nothing. I downloaded the YouTube update and followed the instructions to install from USB. Worked perfectly. For 2 days. Now I'm back to YouTube not opening. Now when I try the USB update method, nothing happens. It doesn't even show me the .IMG files on my usb. I have downloaded the full update software for the box as well but it also doesn't show up on the upgrade. How do I fix this? Movies play properly from the USB through the 4K movie player. My kids ONLY use the box for YouTube.
  19. KR-303 Remote - Learning function Hi. How do I activate the Learning Function on the KR-303 Remote? I want the remote to learn my TV Remote's Power Button - say to use the red button to switch my TV's power On/Off
  20. HI no reply as yet . Any on able just to switch CEC HDMI on on the box or not. Would much appeciate a comment .
  21. 495 PRO HDR STUCK ON MARSHMALLOW SCREEN Hello, My 495 PRO HDR is stuck on the Marshmallow screen and the red light is on. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  22. Hi, please assist. I dont get the login page when I go to DSTV Now on MyGica ATV495 Max. The page that comes up when i click on the app has the following options: Update, Full Description and Flag as inappropriate When i click on Update, it just hangs with a black screen
  23. MyGica 1900PRO Unable to Switch on CEC- HDMI Any idea why Im unable to switch on CEC - HDMI on this box. Living room Tv has 1900 Pro connected via HDMI input ( pass through) on Klipsch sound bar . With CEC on should then be able to change soundbar input automatically to HDMI source to play audio and sound to tv via soundbars HDMI out ( arc ) to LG tv.
  24. I'm not tech savvy! Omg. I dont know what to do with this box!! I've had it for like a year, for about 10 months it worked decent (ish), and now...we can only use Netflix! Ugh! I don't know what I'm suppose to do, and half the crap on Google is like reading a foreign language!! Basically, none of the apps work. Kodi is stuck on a black screen, and Popcorn time just freezes, if it does work!!
  25. Seeing you got it probably from Buzztv your warranty is only 3 months I suspect. I suggest you then follow the instructions of downloading the current firmware from the download section of this forum and follow the instructions on how to load the firmware from an SD card. This basically would bring the box back to its original state as new. Something probably has gone bad with the firmware. If that doesn't work for you, submit a support ticket and send it in for repair. Good luck..
  26. Take it back where you bought it from, it has a warranty!
  27. MyGica 1900 pro frozen on home screen I just bought 1900 pro in August and green light on All the time button won’t respond, when I unplug & plug in lollipop boots up& MyGica home screen then it freezes up on MyGica home screen!? Tried repairing remote-no response to box, reset button on box isn’t doing anything either! Neighbour who has MyGica thinks board is fried in box?!ANY HELP Please-Not getting any support from buzztv or MyGica!
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