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  4. Freezing in kodi and stuttering playback everywhere

    running Windows XP yet you could absolutely give it a shot. mini militia pro pack into obtaining this game on their Windows powered Laptops.
  5. NHL Gamecenter

    Download Google Play Store from trusted websites like the one which playstoreapp utilizing in their tool. A lot of the gadgets includes pre-installed google play store.
  6. sound cuts in and out with kodi

    and stream any type of video. Unlike Youtube that frequently Download Mobdro Premium APK you have the ability to appreciate it from below.This application is readily available
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  8. non Mygica box downloads

    Thanks Justin and James but I'm looking to upgrade the android itself. Want a newer and higher level so I can run the newer versions of things like Kodi 17. My other boxes are all KitKat's. I upgraded my 1800 from this site from KitKat to Lollipop. Wondering if I can do that on the other boxes. Like I previously posted that there is a MyGica download that can make other boxes think they are a MyGica. Question was, is that a fake or does MyGica make it?
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  10. Quick book NO ROOT ACCESS

    how do you root it?
  11. Android 5.1 update?

    hi justin is there a reason after upgrading to lollipop box gets stock on my gica screen and stay there will not get further i had to revert back to kitkat any advice note :i am an advance user i have done this to other boxes hunders of times thanks
  12. Netflix not supported?

    Thanks I did, that didn't work either. Can anyone else watch Netflix on their 495 Pro?
  13. Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    Still no updates: What really irks me is i like to watch music videos on the box. Some videos are 5.1 while others are 2.0. So as a result, i cannot play in party mode because the moment it plays a 5.1 video, all the rest (2.0) have no audio. I am in the market for a new box... And won't be recommending the Mygica to anyone going forward. 7 months - no resolution!!
  14. What's using all my memory?

    What's using all my memory? My 1900 Pro has 2GB of RAM. However, when I look at the system info (while in Kodi) it shows Total memory: 1779MB Free memory: 770MB The Free Memory seems quite low to me. I'm also getting lots off buffering and lagging while watching a movie through Elysium or Bennu. Thoughts? It's getting really annoying and I'm beginning to regret getting this box.
  15. Slow and buffering

    I'm having the same issue. Wasn't happening last week but sure is now.
  16. Last week
  17. Youtube Search

    To update on this I grabbed logs of this issue on a box at office this week I sent off Hopefully we can fix this Seems Android changed something in their recent YouTube TV update
  18. UnROOT ATV582

    About 5-8 mins If its stuck, then it froze for you
  19. device broken?

    Sorry, I have not been on forum for 3 weeks. Please submit this as a Warranty ticket by going to http://mygica.tv/help Thanks
  20. ATV1800 freeze/crash during video stream playback..

    If you can make a short video of this, and Private Message it to me That would be helpful
  21. Slow and buffering

    Slow and buffering I have a 1900 pro and I've downloaded a speed test onto the apps when I test it it runs at 200 mbps but when bingo into a kodi app covenant and want to watch a movie or series it buffer badly what could the reason be is there a setting or somthinhmf I need to change in running it via hdmi into a 4k tv atv60 hz
  22. CEMC: XBMC/Kodi good alternative Hi everyone. I just want to share with you my very good experience with CEMC (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.xbmc.cemc). This APP is a fork from recent Kodi releases and I decided to use it because I can't get Kodi 17.x version installed on my device because my ATV1220T has android 4.2.2 and kodi 17.x needs android 4.4.x. Apart from that, official Kodi build didn't have a good hardware performance, but with CEMC I can watch H264/1080p videos with only 35%-50% of CPU usage. I suppose it is optimized for amlogic chips. Another advantage of CEMC against old versions of XMBC/Kodi is to use updated add-ons. I've seen that some people have installed on other mygica devices, but it works great too on ATV1200 & ATV1220 devices. Share your experience!! Best regards.
  23. Lollipop upgrade

    Lollipop upgrade Since i upgraded to lollipop, the playback has been jittery. Not too bad but annoying. It is not just in kodi. It happens in everything i play, even the banner text is jumpy or scroll the pointer. It is not a smoth action. Sound is good but video a problem. I am wondering what if anything i can do. I have an ATV600.
  24. From other tests done... seem like the device has automatically reset to the old firmware because now, i've try to update the new firmware again but, as soon as i start to record it stop and then restart itself. Then, i've started it again to recorded another few of videos (always from CVBS port) and the video again was completely our of sync with the audio. The first time it has worked good (1secod out of sync for the entire recording)... from then, it doesn't work as expected. In few words, this device seem to not work properly for this purpose -_-" .Mat
  25. Box reaches high temperatures

    Sorry but I don't see how to edit my post so I'm adding info here. I just saw on another thread that 68C is normal. Maybe I'm not running overly hot after all. That's pretty hot but if it's normal that's life. Still wonder about the rare split second blanking. I think that's unrelated to heat still though.
  26. Yes, the syncronization problem seem almost resolved. I say almost because remain a little gap of about 1 second (or probably less) in the entire video. I've been able to record about 1h (56 minutes) of video in my first attempt after the update when suddendly the device stop and restart itself. I've noticed that sometimes the RES light (set as 720p) flicker becoming blue and then red again. When this happen also the Hd seem to stop working. The device seem also having problems with fixed blue screen (title screens) recorded for some seconds on the tape. When one of those title screen come the device seem to stop recording after some seconds and, if the blue screen remain for some other seconds the deivice stop recording. Seem like it is considering those title screens as a bad signal. So, to me, the device is not perfectly stable. .Mat
  27. How to unbrick ATV 495X without HDMI TV

    No, I have no any device with HDMI input.
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