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  2. MyGica 1960 reboot goes to setup everytime Hi every time I switch my 1960 off then on again later it goes streight to the choose a language initial boot up screen then it reverts to a Vietnamese or Japanese dialect on screen I have to manually go in and redo the setings everytime also I switched on the aito magic HDR feature and it switched the screen into toggle on and off constantly I had to unplug go to a older he led tv and redo settings to 1080x 60 hrz what is wrong this unit is brand new
  3. Yesterday
  4. Capture video interrupt Hi, I bought the new one Mygica X-Cap II, but i have this problem : the recording stops when the video signal is missing or the file is over 2GB. Is it possible to record continuously? Thanks !
  5. Porkazil01

    Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy.

    Miracast is just terrible app with my 495 Pro....finally sound click on for 1 day and now gone again.... something is wrong for sure within app.
  6. Sorry for the inconvenience, is your problem solved? You can use it on other computers, which indicates A681 works. What is the version of the TV software you installed before?
  7. Last week

    1960 release date

    Thanks for the information...
  9. Crazy Serb

    Can't connect to wireless 5GHz

    Well, another update came out so that might have solved something... but in addition before it did come out I solved it by lowering the signal strength on the 2.4 GHz network and upping the signal on 5 GHz one, so that the box would pick up on that better... and that worked.
  10. MyGica Support

    495 Pro HDR air remote issues, disconnected

    Hi Porkazil, I notice this happens at our showroom too, but not at any other location that I use this remote. I believe it is related to a saturated 2.4 ghz environment. Do you live in a building that has an abundance of wireless connections and devices? As all of our remotes use a similar frequency, changing it to another one will not likely fix this. If you really like using the mygica box, and none of the remotes are stable in that place, then please consider using a mouse and keyboard combo like the logitech k400. Any other dongle based control system will work as well including the harmony remote.
  11. CKEsterhuyse

    Can't connect to wireless 5GHz

    Hi there. I had the same issue. The solution is to set your router 5ghz channel to a lower one eg. 56 or so. By default 5ghz routers normally use channel 100 and it seems that mygica devices cant connect to those higher frequency. I set mine to channel 56 and problem solved. Hope it helps
  12. Porkazil01

    Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy.

    tried the laptop to tv, click on pc app shows mygica, click to connect then stops. doesn't work. geeezzzz, insane apps.
  13. Porkazil01

    Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy.

    yes, check Droid Settings changed to HDMI but the volume is very very low. thanks, will try the other method you mentioned.
  14. I have try import the file to USB_Burning_v2.0.8 and it not happening. Look at the attachment I show you what pot up.
  15. Justin

    repurpose atv 582

    I don't think so As this is an old solution Have you tried reaching out to the developers?
  16. MyGica Support

    No Audio

    Hi Bluebeep, Can you please try right clicking on the speaker in the bottom right hand corner and clicking on "playback devices". From here, select the device you wish to use and "set default" button on the bottom. It should work now. Generally, the audio will go to the default video device, especially if it is using HDMI. You need to manually override this in the playback devices settings.
  17. Justin

    My atv582 not picking up any wi-fi

    Did the Wifi ever work before? If so, have you tried doing a Factory reset to see if it works after this?
  18. Which device are you using CAPIT US165 or US195A? Also where did you get the software from?
  19. Justin

    1960 release date

    It will be available at Best Buy in June or July And will come with Android 7,1
  20. Justin

    Mygica ATV1960 blank

    I would take it back to this store for warranty.
  21. Justin

    Mygica ATV1960 blank

    It will be available at Best Buy in June or July
  22. Justin

    How to install Apps on ATV510X

    We no longer have this available, as this device is over 6 years old and we no longer support it.
  23. Justin

    Unroot ATV600

    Sorry but we do not have an unroot patch file for the ATV 600
  24. Justin

    How two close apps

    On the Home Screen there should be a Paint Brush Icon in the bottom right side of the screen. If you press this, it will close all of your background apps
  25. Justin

    Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy.

    Have you tried using the MyGica Share/E-Share Windows app? If you open up the MyGica Share/E-Share app, you will find out how to install the Windows EXE file This will allow you to share the screen + sound. Also, have you looked at the sound settings under the DROID SETTINGS app on Android 7.1, this is where you can adjust sound, either by the Sound Setting Section or by going into More Settings, and sound inside there.
  26. MyGica Support

    Recovery Mode Trouble

    Hello Gert, I am very sorry that this didn't get seen. While the forum is never quite as consistent for immediate help on non-functioning units, I am definitely curious on who you emailed and then told you to return the product. Please send me a PM with any history of sending this to the support email. You should not have gotten this response unless we were not able to get anything to function or show on the screen and you had just purchased this unit. I would like to look further into this so that I can improve our abilities. Again, I am sorry that nobody responded to this post. While we are all busy lately and have missed some posts, this is not an excuse. We are constantly trying to be better to our community.
  27. Justin

    videocam and mic for atv495

    You're trying to use a Samsung Camera/Mic that works for your TV on the MyGica box? The Camera needs to be compatible with Android in order to work with Skype.
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