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  4. Running Linux On MyGica Dear MyGica Staff / MyGica Community I would like to discuss running Linux on older MyGica boxes. As it stands I have a ATV 585 currently sitting in its box doing nothing as its current software can't do what it needs too anymore. In my case, I understand I cannot get the latest Android OS, however that doesn't mean a flavour of Linux is out of the question. As such, I would like to open this thread to everyone in order to explore how we can "modify" these boxes in order to install something else other then Android so that we can make use of them again. OpenElec with Kodi is an alternative so it is possible, however that is too limited and needs to be further explored to offer more. Look forward to hearing from you all. So, where do we start everyone? Any advice moving forward?
  5. MyGica Support

    atv1200 not work

    If only the ref light is turning on, unfortunately with the 1200, this means it is bricked. Im sorry
  6. atv1200 not work hello please i need help my atv1200 is not work it make open red led and nothing more and i Press button restart with power on it is need software or what and thank you
  7. Guys I have endless minor issues with this unit. I dont think its the chip, but rather the really old Android version 5. Please be so kind as to make the 7.1 beta available for those who wish to trial it at their own risk. I feel like this unit is still great, but just needs a later O/S to bring it up to par.
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  9. MyGica Support

    Stuck on language selection

    I’m going to try to replicate the issue. Can you also try a keyboard to see if it can be navigated away from that screen?
  10. riaan le roux

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    cant believe i actually bought this product because they support, updates and service they brag about is nothing like the real thing .
  11. GeeBee

    Stuck on language selection

    There are no arrows on either side of the screen, I have adjusted aspect ratio on the tv. I can scroll up and down but unable to select/highlight any language other than the 1st one on top
  12. supafly_mx

    Help : Mygica 1800 stuck on Lollipop screen

    Hi I have tried 1Gb , 2GB and now 32GB cards. Had reformatted to fat32 file system and copied files to root
  13. MyGica Support

    Stuck on language selection

    Can you please try just pressing to the right? Once you highlight the language, you simply press right instead of having to press okay. Are you able to see the arrows arrows on the right and left sides of the screen? You may need to adjust the zoom, or your aspect ratio on your televisions remote rather than the mygica remote. Let me know how it works out
  14. MyGica Support

    Won't move past language set up

    Hi, please give a bit more detail I’m happy to try my best Is there any light on the remote when you press buttons? Are you able to move anything on that screen at all? Are you able to see the arrow na in the left and right of the screen or does it seem that part of the screen is not showing?  Have you tried the suggestions above regarding a mouse or keyboard? 
  15. GeeBee

    Stuck on language selection

    Stuck on language selection The device is stuck on language selection screen, remote does work, have tried connecting a mouse, I can only scroll up/down but won't select any language, I'm now considering taking it back to the store.
  16. GeeBee

    Won't move past language set up

    Hello, I seem to have the same problem, the device is stuck on the page where you select language, please advise what to do😡
  17. Does anybody have the 7.1 beta files available? I am pretty keen to become a beta tester (crash test dummy)
  18. MyGica Support

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    Sorry, no updates yet.
  19. Jalize

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    Almost 2 weeks after the last status update. Any update on this or can we use the 1900Pro's firmware to update.?
  20. zxl


    Sorry, I neglected one question. Is this antenna capable of receiving DVB-T or ISDB-T signal? If not, you can not use it.
  21. What are the bugs you're experiencing? If you list them all, we will try to reproduce them and fix them Please keep in mind That Android 7.1 Firmware for the 1900P + 495P MyGica Will always be BETA
  22. Please try another driver below, but you need to install it manually. Instructions: Extract the files somewhere (you need to know where they are) https://mega.nz/#!fvg2HSiS!priDXnkgDzf8wTjECIaPW3OYwMUHdBNT5bKSkFLkXMk Right click "Computer" > Manage > Device Manager > Find your device under "sound video and game controllers" > Right click > Update Driver > Manually search in your computer > Locate the folder > Install Driver > Restart your Computer
  23. kirk

    How to unroot ATV 329x

    Version 6.0. I did find a program that would check for for rooting. It said my box was not rooted.
  24. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, Is the 495max also sold in the Netherlands? A quick search on the internet, doesn't show me shops where I can buy this device. Is there an alternative which is sold in the Netherlands / western Europe? Thanks again for your reply.
  25. MyGica Support

    ATV1200 - USB Harddisc not found

    Any of our newer devices should support that drive. I would recommend the 495 max The 1200 is running android 4.4, which won’t handle the bewer kodi. Hooefully this helps.
  26. I tried to install the .sys one on device manager and this driver in every compatibility mode but still don't work.
  27. Earlier
  28. Please try this driver. https://mega.nz/#!KuhHBZgL!WpBz3zvS4V1GTnOf6AgKZDbF66Gx72oNrHsh_eRTpfY
  29. Pc does not recognize HD Cap X-II I just bought a HD Cap X2 and my pc does not recognize it. At first thought it was plug'n'play but the OBS did not recognize the capture card. Tried to install the drivers that I saw on other posts here, but the windows 10 got the error "The wizard was interrupted before "Driver Install 64bit" could be completely installed". I used the compatibily with Windows 7 but did not work. The .sys one I tried to apply on device manager but does not work because it got the "error 43". After power reset the HD Cap X2 and the PC, it does not show on USB list of Device Manager. Also tried Driver Booster, Windows Update and Driver Easy with no success. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
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