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  2. Support Please Hello please i need Help Good Morning, since Saturday I've had trouble watching netflix on my tv box My Gica 6.0 ATV495X It asks to update netflix, and when I try to update the information that the firmware version does not support netflix I can not update the tv box firmware, the current version is 6.0 and I need to upgrade to a new version PLEASEEE HELP Regards Michel Pinto e Costa
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  5. What video formats?, what audio formats are inside those videos? What file manager are you using? I recommend using X-plore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lonelycatgames.Xplore You can use the remote with it. The ATV495Max is a certified device by Google, so when you go to the Play Store and search for an app, you should see it in the search results, otherwise the app is still not available for Android TV or the developer blacklisted the device and that may be the reason why you don't see it in the search results. You should contact the developer if that's the case.
  6. SD Card Not Working I have the 495x for over a year now. However I'm getting issues. Kobi app does not play sound on some video formats? How would I fix this as I prefer the software compared to VLC. Decided to use the SD Card for the first time last night and it did not read the 16gig card with some video's on it. however the card is formatted to FAT32 and it works on my phone and laptop. I also tried to look for it the file manager and the file manager does not pic it up. Lastly the file manager does not work well with the remote and had to use a mouse? Next DSTV Now does not work on the device as the device is not a registered device with Google. How to fix this?
  7. Hi There, Thanks for this fix. Just a question: to put it in Recovery mode (point 6) , does the ATV need to be plugged in to power? From the pic in step 7 it looks like it is not plugged into power?
  8. Well, for whomever may follow this thread, the answer is yes, one can.
  9. Yes, you can sideload Netflix and watch it in SD but those instructions I provided are still not working because Geniatech still hasn't fix the issue with the image file not loading into USB Burning Tool, I'm still expecting for a reply after the email I sent, if you want you can send them another so they could see our interest in using this utility.
  10. Should I go load the original firmware can I still sideload Netflix, I dont mind it playing in SD on this device. Currently I am getting a tvq-pm-100 (5.2.5) error when I try streaming. Alternative is there a method to fix this.
  11. OK, let me try again. Can one edit the ethernet DNS settings on a 1960?
  12. Hi Justin, I asked a question about the 1960. Perhaps you could answer that, then I would have an incentive to answer your question?
  13. Hi Yesterday morning my Mygica 1920 worked 100% with Netflix, later the same day the error message shown: "You device is not compatible" I've uninstalled Netflix and reinstalled it but the same message was given. Please help - what should I do.
  14. Jip. The LAN light at the back is also permantely on and no cable is plugged in. I think the box's circuit is fried.
  15. Have you tried the box on a different TV? And did it work there or did you get the same result?
  16. Both your guys units have solid Red light when plug the box into power?
  17. The issue with Aptoide is it installs the X86 version of Netflix when ya click Install. It is installing 4.16 As Aptoide never built in way to detect X86 vs ARM, Google Play has this built in The 495 PRO uses ARM If ya click on Other Versions when looking at Netflix on the Aptoide Store and install Version # 6.26 1 This is the correct working version Google Play has always installed Mobile Versions of Netflix + Amazon Prime, actually all apps from the Google Play Store on the 495 PRO are Mobile or Tablet Versions Aptoide though has some Google Play TV apps though, like Amazon Prime. You just need to search for it.
  18. Which version of Android is your 495 running? And what 495 is it exactly? The stick on the bottom of the unit will tell you the exact model #
  19. SmartDNS through Ethernet on 1960 ? Hi, I have a 495 which allows me to turn off Wifi and run SmartDNS through ethernet, by manually changing the DNS address. I want to buy a 1960, but I do not know if it will allow me to do the same thing in its ( I am assuming newer) software version. Can anyone answer this for me? regards, Martin
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  21. Stingray Qello: Watch the world's largest collection of On-Demand full-length performances, concert films, and music documentaries: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qello.qelloGTV
  22. Update on my problem. The ATV495PRO no longer functions in 4k mode on my TV. I set it to 1080p on an older TV and tried it on the tv and it works. Not too much of a hardship given I don't really have much in the way of 4k media. One other thing that I noticed with Amazon Prime and Netflix. It seems that Google Play will now deliver mobile phone versions of the app. The Aptoide version of Netflix was not compatible with the box when I tried that. So I ended up with the 19th June version for Android boxes that I downloaded from apkmirror.com (thats for Netflix at least). Haven't looked for how to fix that yet. Maybe from now on I'm gonna being using apkmirror instead of Google Play as a solution. Other things, the FIle Manager is a huge step back in functionality and Eshare is missing.
  23. Stuck on Welcome screen Hello, i just bought a new android box and got the MyGica ATV495 max. i connected my remote and it scrolls up and down but wont let me select the language. i have a mouse plugged in as well and it does the same thing. can someone help please
  24. Tried to get this upgrade to work and figured it had bricked my device. In disgust I left it over night then today as a last resort I tried the device on another television. Damned if the thing isn't working just fine, it just hates the TV it used to be connected to now. The whole thing has just left me shaking my head. Thankfully, I can swap the 1900 I have upstairs with it. Only problem there is Netflix won't run on that now (won't connect as of a few weeks ago I think, don't really use that the box for Netflix much).
  25. Nothing on tv when plugged in through hdmi Bought a new mygica atv495max. Plugged it in on the tv hdmi. blue light on the front of box but nothing on tv. Like it is not there. Showed a andrpid tv logo for few seconds. Now nothing. What could be the problem?
  26. Steam Link lets you stream your Steam games to Android TV: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.valvesoftware.steamlink
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