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  2. builds for mygica media centre I am looking for a build that I can use with MMC but I am wondering if there any limitations, in terms of what builds are appropriate, when using MMC? Can anyone recommend builds that have worked with MMC. Thanks.
  3. ATV 495 X problems with Showmax and DSTV apps

    Hi Ronn, after trying just about everything we can think of and everything we could find online I bought another similar device but different brand. As we can’t return the MyGica we thought why not, and moved it to our bedroom to give it a try. It works perfectly (go figure). It’s a lot closer to our router in the bedroom so only thing I can think of is that perhaps the Showmax and DSTV apps require a stronger connection than the other apps. Not ideal if you haven’t got another device to use but I would try it in another location and see if it changes anything. Good luck!
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  5. Setting up ATV 329x on Harmony

    Did you install this app on your 329x https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.logitech.harmonyhub&hl=en
  6. remote not working

    Hello Anton, here is the proper instructions, assuming you have a KR 41 remote control HOW TO PAIR KR41 In order to pair your Remote follow these steps 1. Unhook your USB dongle from MyGica Box 2. Hold down Vol + And Page + 3. Hook up the Dongle to your MyGica Box 4. Keep holding the buttons till the Flashing blue on your remote Stops That is all now you have successfully paired your KR41
  7. remote is blinking

    The batteries are likely going dead
  8. remote is blinking

    I have a similar situation whereby the unit wont power up. I just slip the battery cover off, and just turn the batteries with my thumb, put the cover on and it works...... till next time.
  9. remote not working

    Hi there. I tried to pair as was advised by pressing FFW and REW but the blue light didn’t start flashing. The remote control unit doesn’t work as should. Please assist.
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  11. No EPG

    No EPG I own an ATV586 connected to an over-the-air TV in Canada. I can see live TV without any problem, but I don't have any EPG and cannot record anything. Please help!!
  12. Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    Appreciate the effort of the MyGica team, but I've decided to not worry about this anymore. Will look at alternatives, even if it's more expensive.
  13. Mygica 17.1

    Mygica 17.1 youtube e netflix não quer trabalhar com wifi, já atualizei ambos. na tela "conectar-se à rede" e já está conectado.
  14. even after i restore using the factory reset firmware i still cannot install DSTV now. anyone else having this problem. where is the 4.2 firmware?
  15. Setting up ATV 329x on Harmony I'm having issues trying to get MyGica ATV 329x set up on my Harmony Ultimate One remote. Would anyone have any helpful hints i.e. device type to use or anything else for that matter? I've been trying to "teach" it commands and I seem to be getting nowhere Thanks
  16. Android TV firmware

    Android TV firmware Dear Moderators and Support Admins Can we expect a working Android TV firmware upgrade for the ATV1800 etc in future? I like the leanback interface and would like to use it. Thanks
  17. Mygica 17.1

    Mygica 17.1 youtube e netflix não querem trabalhar com wifi, já atualizei ambos. aparece na tela "conectar-se à rede" e já está conectado. mygica 17.1
  18. As aplicações do youtube e do netflix não querem se conectar sem wifi, mas o wifi leva sem celular, caderno. mygica 17.1

  19. 1960 vs 1900?

    Ok, I take it then that this is an unreleased product, which would explain why I couldn't find it anywhere else than the official site. Any word on release date? Thank you.
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  21. Switching between open apps.

    If you hit back on the remote to get out of apps, that closes them so they won't show up in the drop down. If you want them to stay open in the background and be visible in the dropdown you have to exit them with the home button.
  22. Switching between open apps.

    Did you figure out how to pull down from the top to find the apps? It si kind of like a mobile phone, but make sure you enable the mouse, then use the OK button just like clicking and holding a computer mouse
  23. 1960 vs 1900?

    It all has to do with chipset and a wee bit more memory in the ATV 1960. Because of the chipset, for the North American model MyGica is not sure if it will be Android 6 or 7 at this moment...the ATV 1960 also has an Octocore Processor
  24. Apps

    Apps Hi I have a problem with my atv495x i use Netflix and it works fine. Then i install showmax and for some reason i cant play anything on showmax gives me a message (Oops... The license was not acquired:Indicates that an error occurred and the reason is not known) Please help Thanks
  25. Hi I have the same problem with my atv495x showmax opens but when i want to play something is says Oops... The license was not acquired:Indicates that an error occurred and the reason is not known.. Please help Thanks
  26. Switching between open apps.

    PLEASE, can you respond!!!! TERRIBLE tech support!!! You guys are F$#KING useless!
  27. 1960 vs 1900?

    1960 vs 1900? On the MyGiga.com official site they reference the ATV1960 but none of the stores, either local or online (I'm in Canada) have that model. They all reference the 1900. What is the difference between the two models and why can't I seem to locate the 1960? I can't even find any article or review that compares the two models.
  28. subtitles or closed caption keep popping up When I play torrent file the subtitles or closed caption keeps turning on and off. I want them off. How do I get rid of them? I looked through Settings but found nothing.
  29. PT 681 no device found Tried both padtv and padtv hd, both do not recognize thr tuner. Any suggestion?
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