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    Here is Manual Update File for ATV 1900AC and 1800E for Android 5.1 **This is the official release and no longer in Beta** We have been testing this all week and last weekend. Please leave comments and feedback below. This should solve lots of issues you guys have been having. To use the updater app, just download the .img file and load it onto a usb or SD card. **ALSO IF USING THE UPGRADE APP, MAKE SURE TO PRESS THE 3 LINED CONTEXT MENU BUTTON ON THE REMOTE CONTROL 10+ TIMES. THE FILE WILL APPEAR AFTER DOING THIS** To do a full manual install or to fix problematic boxes, use the zip folder. You must extract the all the Files from the Zip Folder. You can load it onto the box using Micro SD. Hold down the reset button once the SD card is installed and plug in the power cord. Continue holding down the reset button until you see the front lights flash between green and red. From this point just leave it for about 10 minutes. **THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR BOX** ***CHANGES*** 1. voice search re-enabled. (You must install Google Now from the Playstore and enable it within Android settings under Language and Input settings menu) 2. power on/off issue fixed 3. Memory Clean and Power Icons added to launcher 4. KODI 16.1 pre installed 5. You tube app updated 6. Pre-Installed Facebook and Netflix apps need to be updated after logging into the Play Store 7. Updated to latest Google Play Services now with Google Smart Lock 8. Home Screen Menu/Launcher now supports 24H and 12H Time 1900_factory_restore.rar update_Mygica_ATV1900AC_5.1_NoNetflixHD_20161121.img
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    I agree with what you're saying for the most part except the last sentence. The two 1800e boxes I bought over the past couple months had 5.1 already installed on them. And I think the older models deserve the full right to completely function on 5.1. I personally prefer 1800e over 1900ac because it has the full size sd card slot, specs are minimally different, and it's cheaper. The biggest thing I can't get is how long these things take to fix. And whenever there's a new firmware release that's better than the last it's like a huge breakthrough for mygica. Maybe I don't know enough about the technology, but I think it should really just take weeks to correct issues like this at the most, not months and months. But I agree these boxes should be fully functional to standard upon their purchase. I don't mean to be overly negative about mygica, but I do feel you guys can do things a lot better. Lots of room for improvement. Constructive criticism.
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    I am already experiencing problems with Kodi support. I have been told on Kodi forums when reporting bugs, that I must upgrade to 17. They are no longer supporting add-ons for Jarvis. Not to mention, several other apps are moving to 5.o+ versioning. Playstation Vue for example. My box isn't even a year old. One of the reasons why I decided to buy a $$$ box instead of a $ box is because it stated that it supports Andriod updates. Yet, you are stating this is not the case? This is a little ridiculous. There has got to be a way around it. You guys build out your own versions for all your other devices. Is there a reason you can't do that here?
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    Have you tried our newer version of 5.1 for the 1800? Kodi 17.3 works great for myself.
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    please return to your seller for exchange.
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    Hello, I am watching the channels in HD but they are not synchronized audio and video this already knows, after recording a tv program the playback with mx player hardware decoder option the video looks great but if the playback is mx player by Software has synchronization problem. Finally, the problem is the internal player of the padtv that can not play back audio and video. Solution: Playback needs to be external using the best mx player or vlc player. Upgrade with the option of playing live channels using external player such as mx player or vlc player.
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    Close your apps, and do not press the home button to get out of the apps, if you are streaming and you press home will still download in the background.
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    Try re-pairing the remote http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair
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    Good to hear Please note though, there is only a few minor differences on the Full Beta release. Mainly being the patch file is built in, and some screensaver issue.
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    I posted something here You are welcome to try it
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    The light for ON should be Orange. and OFF would be red. And glad you were able to figure out upgrading Netflix.
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    Honesty, upgrades for 5.1 users should be ota. They shouldn't be loading firmware updates onto sd cards and navigating through forums to find files. My computer auto updates when there's new upgrades, and my phone does everything ota. This is how successful companies operate. You guys should always be asking yourself, how can I make this as easy for the customer as possible? Another point of feedback with your ota updates in the past. They appear so fast on screen that if you're navigating through your menu and click okay with the intention of clicking something else, the ota box disappears right away without getting a chance to read it. Maybe have it pop up in the bottom or something instead, and have it haves to be clicked on with the cursor so this issue doesn't happen. Keeping firmware upgrades readily available in the upgrade app would be good too. With the downloads page, if you're really that concerned about people being confused. Create a link for the alternate firmware files. Put your main firmware file on the download page. Then put a link somewhere else: 'click here if you're already on 5.1.' I think my original suggestion will be completely fine. But I must say I'm happy to see you guys are making your customers not being confused a priority. Lastly I'll add, if you guys don't fix your standby issue, you guys will go bankrupt. Personally I am keeping my boxes on. But very fair to say 1 of every 2, or more like 4 of every 5 customers who buy your box and find that it can't shut on and off are going to return it right away as they'll think it's a piece of junk. They'll also probably never buy a mygica product again. If you guys can't figure out how to fix it, fly an expert to your office from silicon valley and have them fix it. Even if you have to pay $10,000 or whatever to do it, you'll literally save your company. I really hope to see some improvements in your firmware upgrade workflow. I really really do.
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    If it's just explained clear any person with an elementary school education will be able to understand but it's up to you guys to make it clear. I'm still confused. You said that the factory reset is only necessary if you're upgrading from 4.4. SO WHY ARE YOU MAKING PEOPLE HAVE TO FACTORY RESET IF THEY'RE ALREADY ON 5.1? Why not create a separate firmware file for people upgrading their existing 5.1 firmware so they don't have to factory reset their box? Factory resetting is very excruciating. Me being a customer telling you this, it should be very valued. I'm not saying this to blow hot air. Maybe the developers don't think it's important or just don't care because they just need the firmware to update boxes before they're put on the market. This goes back to trying to make things as easy for your customers as you can, not as easy for your developers as you can. I very highly recommend creating at least the one additional firmware file for people upgrading who are already on 5.1. The six files would be even better. Personally I can't understand how these files can be that hard to maintain. They'll all just have minor differences which will be factory reset vs no factory reset, and root vs unroot. Everything else in the firmware file will be the exact same. I get the impression your development team is very lazy, incredibly under staffed, or not knowledgeable enough in the software. There's definitely something off given how long some of these fixes take to get together, especially considering they were fine on android 4.4. My six file recommendation was vague. I left it to you guys to fill in the blanks. If you use appropriate headings and descriptions for each file in an organized graph(s) type layout, it will be incredibly easy to understand what firmware does what. Doing this will put much less stress on customers who don't want their box to factory reset after upgrading and for customers who want their software rooted. Yes, your customers, the people who keep you guys in business.
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    So the firmware upgrade from 5.1 to newer 5.1 firmware will be a patch which won't factory reset the box, correct? And does it matter that the upgrade file is a patch, will it still operate exactly the same as if it were factory reset? You guys should do six files and explain what each file is. I think that would be best and easiest for people. And if you guys label your firmware with a specific number in addition to the date which they can see in their system, it will be easier for them to keep track of what firmware file they're on (ex. android 5.1.2). Unless if this is possible somehow, but I don't see it anywhere. 1) unrooted 5.1 firmware (for upgrading from 4.4) FACTORY RESET (recommended) 2) rooted 5.1 firmware (for upgrading from 4.4) FACTORY RESET 3) unrooted 5.1 firmware (upgrade for existing 5.1 users) this will not factory reset the box (recommended) 4) rooted 5.1 firmware (upgrade for existing 5.1 users) this will not factory reset the box 5) unroot patch (users on 5.1 rooted can use this patch to switch their box to unrooted if they want) 6) root patch (users on 5.1 unrooted can use this patch to switch their box to rooted if they want)
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    Yes you need root access to use quick boot
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    No, 1800e 5.1 is running on the same firmware file as 1900ac 5.1, so all updates and issues apply to both units. And he said the same firmware file can be used on 582 and 380, but they lag upon start up. I only own 1800e boxes though.
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    Okay. My experience has been apps not working on unrooted. Sixasis Controller app and any reboot app, require the device be rooted. But if people need both then doing so makes sense. I now understand the need for a factory reset. But to just upgrade 5.1 firmware to the latest version doesn't require a factory reset as you point out. Maybe creating two more additional upgrade firmware files is the best route to go for rooted and unrooted users already on 5.1 so they don't have to factory reset? You say it will probably be a patch file. Does this matter? It will still function the exact same as if you do the factory reset right? I'll wait for the stable release to come out. And if you can do the upgrade ota for people already on 5.1 then that's even better.
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    I believe so.. I used one and I am currently doing the update as I type, but I believe it needs to be formatted a certain way. I cant recal what it needs to be, fat32 maybe? would have to do aome back tracking to verify
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    The moderator "mygicasupport" is looking into this they will respond soon
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    Good news is I have a new Beta FW + On Demand Patch. I am still waiting on 1 more update that will include the patch + fix IR Remote issue on KODI 17.3 when using return button/menu button and also rename the firmware Noticeable changes 1. Updated to KODI 17.3 2. Updated Google Play Services 3. Faster Performance 4. Fixed Mac Address changing 5. Turned off click sounds when browsing through the Home Screen + Android Settings 6. Fixed Screensaver issue when watching a video 7. Improved video playback 8. Improved standby issues as best we could. There is not much more we can do about this issue. You can install this IMG file using the UPGRADE APP that is pre installed on your box, and just use Local Update. Make sure to install 20170603.img first, and then the ondemand patch 2nd. PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR BOX PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR BOX PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR BOX The setting of HotPlug in the earlier version was not intentional I apologize for the big delay on switching it to On Demand. Antutu Benchmark tests came back at over 37.000 for this FW + Geekbench test cames back at Multicore over 1600 This is so far one of our best FWs to date for 5.1 on the 1800/1900AC The good news is, this also runs on the ATV 582/380 It lags a bit when your first boot it or reboot the box, but after a few mins it runs smoothly on the 582/380 PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR BOX PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR BOX PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR BOX You can install this IMG file using the UPGRADE APP that is pre installed on your box, and just use Local Update.Make sure to install 20170603.img first, and then the ondemand patch 2nd. update_Mygica_ATV1900AC_5.1_NoNetflixHD_ondemand_patch_20170605.img update_Mygica_ATV1900AC_5.1_NoNetflixHD_20170603.img
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    We fixed this issue with a patch file back in January. But since we only want users to have to install 1 update when they plug in a brand new box, we removed the patch file from our server and started to include it into V1.20 and then V1.30
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    I have tried several that all worked. I am actually going to be testing several later this week. One that I know works is the logitech c170. I will be testing out some hd ones as well. If you don;t get a reply from me on this thread by next week, shoot me a PM.
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    Thanks for the feedback I will have to look into this weather icon issue. This would explain why another user was having this issue, but did not explain how they were able to get the icon to appear, as they said they only received the box like this.
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    Yes this should work since the 1900 PRO uses MIMO This would not work on the 495 PRO though
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    When I play games on my 1800e on 5.1 they keep stuttering and lagging. This was never present when I was operating on 4.4. I don't understand why you can't just duplicate the core settings you had on 4.4 over to 5.1? So many things about this seem off. If you guys are worried about the hardware malfunctioning, wouldn't it be more likely to malfunction if all the stress is being put on one core instead of all of them? And what's the point of buying a more expensive box if it operates the exact same as your cheaper models? There's android boxes that sell for $60 that can perform at the same performance as this box given how the specs are limited. I really hope you guys aren't limiting the performance of the box just to provoke people to buy a newer model. That would be bad news. Or it seems like the developers created a one size fits all 5.1 firmware file, so the cheaper models run the same as the more expensive models. This way it's less work. I don't know if this is true, but I can only speculate. It doesn't make any sense that this problem would start happening on 5.1, which wasn't existent on 4.4. I'm finding there's a lack of transparency with the mygica team too. If no one on this forum can give a strong answer to what's going on with this, why not get a developer on here to explain it fully so it's clear. It honestly makes absolutely no sense that the hardware could handle using all the cores on android 4.4 but can't on 5.1. Also this shouldn't take months to figure out.
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    Hi, DOuble check if it is still paired. Happens to me often. Press volume up and page up buttons together and you will see the blue LED flash. Release (i think when it is solid) and try your remote again to see if pairing is succesful
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    We tried 8 units 10+ times each and could not get reproduce this.
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    I have a static IP assigned to the Mygica box also. The box is connected to a switch which is connected to my router. For me, the MyGica box will re-acquire the network fairly fast, but for some reason Kodi is extremely stubborn at seeing the DLNA server I have running on my computer. I have to shut down Kodi completely and and restart it before it can see the DLNA media server on the network. Not quite your issue but enough that I feel your pain.
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    Hi Slaz I have loaded this and It worked .
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    I PM it to you just now
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    Here you go https://mega.nz/#!iE90gDSC!hRM0R6s1M6qzXNjfGi-v4ZpAEXkilYE0tkynoouxzxc Please note I have not fully tested this yet. So make sure to backup everything before using. The reason is because you cannot upgrade from MMC 17.0 to this new version of 17.1 I will get this fixed on the next version. I am not sure why it was built like this. You have to uninstall MMC 17.0 first and then install this new version of 17.1
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    As far as I know mygicaMediaCenter_17_20170419.apk is the latest version according to Justin. Not sure if this is 17.0 or 17.1
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    Here you go. mygicaMediaCenter_17_20170419.apk
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    The security concern is only a concern if you use Sub Titles. If you do not use Sub Titles, then you are fine. We have the fork of Kodi 17.1, but once this was done they released 17.2 and then 17.3 a day later So we are studying 17.3 to upgrade to this version which has the security fix.
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    ATV585 - Lolipop 5.1 upgrade Hi Justin I notice this post below from yourself to another user, with regards to the update of Kit Kat to Lolipop 5.1 not being possible as yet. Is there any progress with this? " At this time this is not possible. Right now we are looking into offering a stock version of Android 5.1 for the 585. If we are capable of doing this, it will be offered in our downloads section" If you may please adivse, would really appreciate it. Thanks
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    I am currently testing a 5.1 Beta Firmware on the ATV 585 It still needs some changes though, so I am waiting on those changes.
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    What useless support from MyGica, sorry we bought the damn thing.
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    Finally I was able to fix the problem on my device caused by the "Select Home app" which popped up constantly on the home screen and did not allow me to perform any operation on the "home" screen of MyGica. And it also did not allow DTV Viewer to perform the task of scanning digital TV channels. This problem was caused after installing the "20160513" version of the firmware, dated May 2016. After contacting the technical support service in China (support@mygica.com), and telling them about my problem, they responded quickly and fixed the software bugs in less than a day. Sending me a new link with the firmware versión. The "20170424" versión. Here is the file link with the new update for anyone who has the ATV586 with the Japanese ISDB-T digital television standard and has suffered the same problems as me when installing the previous update: http://update.mygica.com/download/Software/update_Mygica_ATV586I_4.4_20170424.zip
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    I purchased two MyGica ATV586 from shoppers drug mart just before Christmas and Inhave been trying to install Kodi V.17 Krypton on it and i'm not having any luck at all. If what I'm understanding from this thread, MyGica is leaving us high and dry with a useless piece of $&@%. I have purchased 3 others MyGica android boxes and although not the greatest, they always seemed to do the job. We, your faithful patrons deserve better and a resolution to this problem right away!
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    I found the solution...just copying the files in the "part1" directory and not in the root path of the hdd....it's not make sense but it works!!
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    I have this problem too.my capture (mygica hd x cap) when there are break in vhs or the quality of signal is bad stop recording automaticaly and it boder me.please help me.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Changelog: - Added Miracast (Please note this works on all makes and models which support miracast, except Samsung right now, due to Samsung requiring an HDCP Key for miracast, which requires a hardware chip to be in the box for HDCP) - Improved DLNA support for Android, Windows and MAC OSX Devices. This can be activated within the new Media Center App - Improved Android OS is Faster and more stable performance - Removed some pre-installed apps, which are not needed - More available memory after the upgrade - Auto Detect for resolution on HDMI and RCA outputs. (Please note Component Video no longer works on this upgrade) - Improved XBMC faster and more stable performance - Fixed XBMC Add-on shortcuts disappearing - Fixed XBMC keyboard functions when using an external USB keyboard, you can now use all keyboard buttons on a keyboard remote - Fixed XBMC display 4:3 videos as 16:9 always - Fixed Gmail app not syncing Gmail contacts - Upgraded Netflix APP to better support IR remotes - Holding down the Power Button on your Remote Control will now allow you to select "STANDBY MODE" or "REBOOT" - Added second launcher (Official Android) How to process the steps: 1. Unzip the file 2. Format your MicroSD to FAT32 3. Drag and drop all the files from inside zip to root of your MicroSD card 4. hook up it to your ATV520E 5. Make sure your HDMI is connected 6. hold a pin to reset, at the bottom of the unit 7. while holding the reset, hook up the power and hold for 15seconds 8. you will see the android guy, and give it 2 minutes your box will boot back to Normal, NOTE: processing this will wipe your device
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    I installed it to try it out on my 585. I do not like it. I can't adjust the screen size and everything is way out beyond the margins. Not happy. And I don't know how to revert to Android from within the Kodi program. File manager doesn't work. It won't properly unpack the image file I downloaded from the link given here by the other user. So, I need some help.
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    What is unfortunate is people here lack the appreciation of what Justin is doing for us. They expect the fastest turn around and nothing breaks. Many of the older mygica is still being supported. That is what I appreciate. Justin..keep up the good work. I know many appreciate your contribution here. wow man.. a lil harsh.. we are all in same boat here and dont forget that this stuff is shareware..freeware.. etc.. so anything given to us openly should be thankfull not beat on.. this is not a free .. guaranteed or because justin has nothin better ta do but hook us up site. soo i think a lil appreciation for whats being offered to us at no cost is in order. there are other ways to post issues with releases that can help the mods and other to help make a better product for us all .. thanks.. jus my 2 pennies worth.
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    I installed this firmware yesterday and everything looks the same. Confirmed it installed properly in settings, showing newest version. Ether net works fine here. Only issue I have is when I take unit out of standby it won't reconnect to network. Have to either reboot device or manually disconnect and reconnect ethernet. Once connected it will work fine.