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    The chipset company has assured us and our engineers that they are close to finishing a patch for this that we can apply to our models. I really wish I had a clearer answer as to when other than what I am told, which is "soon". I cannot stress enough that this is a subject that is not going away for us and the longer it takes us to fix, only hurts us more. We share your frustration and will always come to a solution that has our loyal customers well-being at heart.
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    Hi Guys, The update that Justin mentioned earlier was something we hoped the engineers had sorted this issue on. The update obviously didnt have this. We have spent an incredible amount of time trying to solve this before realizing that this is an issue with the chipset. Once we finally figured out what was causing the problem (longer than we had hoped to take) we involved AM Logic to work on this. This is an apparent issue on this chipset line. I assure you we have not turned out backs on this issue. We know 100% that turning away in favor of new units will not give us any success. We aren't some huge company like Apple that can afford to just turn a bind eye to ongoing problems. These types of issues going unsolved do not disappear for us. There's not one single person in this company who feels differently than what I am saying. This is important! While Justin has been taking on more roles here, others have stepped in to assist him on the development of our current AOSP lineup of boxes. I just want to mention some ways that we have supported our loyal customers in hopes that it means something and shows we are not trying to do a money grab from the people who have helped us grow. ATV1200- This box was discontinued in 2013. We were addressing and releasing updates for software limitations of current firmware until Feb-2015 Android 4.4 - Within only several months after we discontinued our 1800e Model, KODI made their newest software reliant on having android 5 or higher. The chipset manufacturer did not provide the tools or the SDK to companies to create a higher android on those versions of chips. We set out and developed our own 5.1 for the 1800e, 1900ac, 380, 582 and a couple others. While it wasn't our fault and we had no way of anticipating this happening, we knew we could not go back and suggest to people who bought one of those products, that they must buy another. MMC- For the massive number of people who either didn't have the know-how to upgrade to this 5.1, and for the much larger crowd of people running android 4.4 on other brand boxes, we created a fork of KODI 17 called MyGica Media Center. This was a fairly large expense to us knowing that the majority of people using it would not be customers of ours. MMC works on android 4.4. While we ask every day from the engineers about an update on this, it is unfortunately up to the collaboration of our engineers, developers and AM Logic's engineers. We are waiting with baited breath just like everyone else. I can personally say that I am probably anticipating this update more than anyone else.
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    This is actually a known issue that we are in development with AM logic to resolve with our chipset. We will be releasing an update to address this soon.
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    If you want to use the optical, please make the change in the android settings, instead of KODI.
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    Did you try the version that Simsoft posted a link to a few posts up ↑ ?
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    Make sure you have Ethernet off when using wi-fi
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    Hi Comisaru, please contact Geniatech via Amazon to ask for the status of this order. The North American version of ATV 1960 is coming later this month to Canada. Thank you
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    FWIW, the latest SPMC (Kodi fork) now seems to handle all my 5.1 and 2.0 videos fine (no more audio stutter, no need for rebooting).
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    That is, without a doubt, the MOST stupid, inane thing i've read on a forum to date. Thanks for your help. Not. FYI, I worked it out myself and installed it and downloaded certain software, but still found the mygica to fall substanially short of what i was told it could do. It is very limiting. For that reason, I returned it for a full refund.
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    Atv 585 I have an older kodi box atv585 and Exodus has stopped streaming. I have updated kodi but that made matters worse. I googled the best kodi builds and have tried to add some but nothing working. I'm no expert at this but wondering if the 585 is unable to handle these newer builds.
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    I went through the steps again and it seems to have corrected the problem I was encountering. I will say that I appreciate this type of forum to resolve any technical issues - thanks
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    Update: the remote is much more stable but still jams occasionally. Will exchange the device for another. Hoping the problem is isolated to this device
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    Success! I finally found the file when I selected the other USB port. Everything rolled out as detailed. I now have 17.3. Thanks to all.
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    If you downloaded from the following link, then it would be a .ZIP file and the compressed .IMG file would be inside it. Your iMac may have decompressed the .ZIP automatically. If you still have a problem after trying to re-install, then it would be helpful to show the exact name and size (in bytes) of the .IMG and any other files that you copied to the root folder of the USB FAT32 flash drive.
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    My concern is that with Kodi Krypton there has been a few significant bugs. Currently I only run it on my Win 10 desktop pc that is reasonably powerful. Depending on what I stream, it still seems to be a bit laggy and unresponsive at times. I found SPMC to be very stable on Android Kit Kat, however the version available to Kit Kat does not support the Python and SSL upgrades required by Krypton or was extended into some of the KODI forks. Currently I run FTMC on my ATV-582 .... one just has to accept that kicks out every now and then without an error or log. From feedback I've seen on other forums it appears that SPMC is favoured iro Android boxes rather than Kodi. I guess the best would be to try both once I've upgraded, I'll just have to check whether one can run them on the same box and there is no conflict ito shared folders and/or files.
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    As a South African living in SA I fail to understand why anybody would want to install the Dstv Now App on a streaming device. In order to use it one has to be a Dstv subscriber that by default implies one must have a Dstv decoder and account therefore there is or should be no need to stream to anything else than a tablet or phone that it was intended for .... unless one is using another subscribers account details to stream...... One can only stream in areas where there is internet available whilst one can view Dstv anywhere in Africa as it is satellite based. In my humble opinion Justin and co should not even worry about the Dstv Now App, resolve it with the shop/outlet where the device was bought if they lead you to believe that the app will work on any device.
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    Try out the "Restricted Profile" feature in Android under Settings -> Security. You can Google for "android restricted profile" for more information. I don't believe Roku has the controls either.
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    It is just webmail, so it should work in Chrome (browser). If it doesn't work, then contact RR. According to the link you provided: You can get in touch with our tech support if you have issues related to your RR com TWC account. We promise to fix the issues in the shortest possible time.
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    On my box, the Plex Media Player client defaults to fullscreen mode (at 1080p), with no Android status bar. I have "Mobile" as the Application layout.
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    If you are using the KR41 included remote, then I recommend you buy a "real" flying airmouse (e.g., MyGica KR301, Rii i24) that has swiping to scroll and moves the cursor like a mouse ... it makes a huge difference in the usability of the box and all the apps. The OGYouTube website actually says that you can watch up to 1440p (not quite 4K) and download in 2160p (4K). If you click on a video while playing, you will see 3 dots in the top right corner where you can change the quality/resolution. For me, I am quite happy with only 1080p.
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    Looks like something is wrong with the new DSTV now app? This old version I have still works. DSTV.zip
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    Dear Admin Your boxes are being advertised and sold in South Africa as a box that will play DSTV Now. Many people have only had these boxes for a few weeks. Either the boxes need to be fixed or refunds need to be issued.
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    Hi everyone Here is the link to the 1.40.1 version that still works on my 1.3 unrooted box. Hope they fix the issue soon. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-8jiRr0O_eKMDlGQlI0ZEF3UFk/view?usp=drivesdk
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    I should have read this forum before buying as the only reason was the EPG for my mother in law...with that not working I have a weak tuning device that can play movies but I could have used a spare computer to do that....and the audio lag with video is always happening, this due to underpowered box I assume?
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    I was told by tech support to post this topic here. Why they couldn't answer this on the phone is frustrating. I have purchased a MyGica atv1900 pro. I wanted to use it as a storage device on vacation and later for streaming applications. 1) I have installed a WD black 1TB HD. The 1900 pro does not detect the device. I have no way to format this HD other than through the 1900 pro as I do not own a laptop. Tech support stated that I had to get a laptop and format the HD in order for it to be recognized by the 1900 pro. Any suggestions on this to not use a laptop to format? 2) I have a canon G12. The 1900 pro recognizes the camera and is able to download images through the Gallery app. It does not detect or download video from the camera in Gallery or the file manager. How can I download video from my camera to the device? 3) There is no online manual for this product on your website. I am on vacation in 5 days, I would like to use your product for what you said it could do. If not, it is an expensive paperweight with regard to storage. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    This will not factory reset, it just changes a parameter setting within the firmware which was the cause of the whole blackout issue. So therefore you do not need to re-install anything afterwards. Simple loading instructions are as follows 1. Download the File 2. Move this file onto a USB Drive or SD Card 3. Plug the USB Drive or SD card into your powered on MyGica box 4. Go to the applications list and find the app UPGRADE, OPEN THIS APP 5. Select Local Update and select the source of this file, External Storage Card or USB. (Whichever one has the file you want to install on it) 6. The file will then appear, highlight it and PRESS OK on the remote, follow the steps to install it. (IF IT DOESN'T APPEAR IN THE LIST OF FILES AT FIRST. PRESS THE 3 LINED MENU BUTTON 10 + TIMES ON THE REMOTE. IT WILL APPEAR AFTER THIS) For now users can install it manually. We will be sending out an OTA update for this starting next week.
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    Ok then that is because the one that came with the unit is the Android TV Version and cannot be found on the Tablet/Mobile version of the Google Play Store The new version you installed which you said does not work with the remote, is made for touch screens. I have attached the latest APK of the You Tube Android TV Version to this post. You can install it manually from a USB drive or SD Card, just use the pre installed app on the box called "APP INSTALLER" to install it from a USB or SD card. com.google.android.youtube.tv_1.3.11-10311100_minAPI17(armeabi)(nodpi).apk
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    Version 1.0.0


    What was fixed: Changelog; 1. Updated kodi to 16.0 2. solved Wifi disconnect issue 3. CVBS default output change to 480i (NTSC) How to process the steps: 1. Download the file 2. Unzip 3. Format your SD Card to FAT32 4. Drag and drop files from Unzip folder to root of your SD card 5. Hook it up to your ATV1800E 6. Connect HDMI, turn TV on 7. Hold pin where Reset is 8. Hookup power while holding down Reset, via pin 9. Hold for 15 seconds you will see the android guy, give it 5 minutes and your back to the main screen. NOTE: your Box will be reset to factory,
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    I haven't been able to get an OTA update since purchasing the 1800e. Extremely disappointing. Manual updates are not for the squeamish either - right now the MyGica models are not consumer friendly. Like, at all. All that said, I have 2 major audio issues. First, the static mentioned by the OP. Snap crackle pop, especially if audio becomes saturated. It's unbearable. Second, this firmware has a problem with AC3 audio. The reason for this I believe is that a proper Dolby license is not present. Just a bare, license-less implementation of AC3 processing, which is junk. Since 1/3 of my library is AC3, so it's a major problem. All that said... I cannot find this so-called Dec15 update anywhere. Any help locating it would be appreciated.