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    We will certainly address the current issues. The current beta is not the final version there will be. That being said, commenting on if it will be called a beta or not will depend on the outlook for if everything can be corrected without causing further issues. To explain a bit, we are creating this on our own without help from the typical route of assistance through the chip makers. This makes it more difficult, but necessary, since otherwise there wouldn’t be a newer OS of android on them. We always appreciate feedback, even when negative, from our forum contributors. Beta testers, commenters, complaints and suggestions help us make our boxes better each time we get to design something new. We are coming out with new ways of updating our systems to allow for easier and more frequent updates for a range of different purposes on any devices that we can do them to. We hate when we have to leave hardware behind on any new updates or operating systems, but as you can see with this beta, and other updates, that we try not to leave anything behind.
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    Settings -> Sound -> Digital sounds -> select HDMI RAW Try this settings change above.. And let me know if it works
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    how big is ur sd card ? ive only had luck with using a max 2 gig. try that with only the files needed on it. hope that helps... good luck
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    Go to the google play store app and search for kodi and there will be a button to upgrade to 17.6 the latest version.
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    Plug the PC mouse into the port on the MyGica ATV495Max, you will have to remove the cover as shown here:
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    I was attempting to install from USB, looks like you need to use sdcard only. update is now installing.
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    a replacement remote was shipped to me and arrived. The replacement remote is working as it should. Thank-you for all your help
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    Also from Israel , also had this problem (dvb-t2 channels did not work). The files from http://mygicasupport.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4105 Worked fine for me. Do note , while browsing this topic did not require me to sign up and login to this forum , downloading the file from the above link without sign in did not work. So if you to need to download this file , sign in first.
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    Hi there, unfortunately the only way to remove them is to delete the app that is in its place and then reinstall without adding an app to that spot. This doesn’t likely do quite what you want as it leaves a “➕” in its place rather than a blank area. There are other launchers you can play around with in the google play store, but some of these may cause some loss in typical functions. Most launchers do not have a ram clearing button in the corner like ours, but you can still clear the cache and free up ram space by holding down the 3 lines button for several seconds until you see a rocketship
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    I agree fully "Bring back the nova launcher" I have never been so confused with the stock launcher, it just ads to user frustration IMHO. It makes it difficult to navigate and find settings if troubleshooting what's happening on the box. When I lost Google Play store upgrading from GMS beta firmware I almost lost it trying to find the file manager and related settings, Give people a vote, don't just take it away. Yes, we can download it but it would be 1st prize to have it installed like it always have.