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    Mygica is crap Bought atv495x and been a nuisance from day 1, Freezes daily, movies just freeze and have to restart. Even browsing freezes. Remote function is primitive and I have to switch between mouse and remote to get decent navigation. Who releases crap like this?
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    I downgraded Skype from v8.x to v7.x and now it works. I guess the latest version of Skype was not compatible with the version of Android running on the 1800e. All is well now
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    After update (7.1.2 V1.2), Eshare / mygica share ap fails to display when trying to mirror device onto phones or tabs. notification panel disappears, also a single SU file is detected, and aps now treat device as rooted. fails on root check, but cannot remove SU file. The GPU seems to heat up a bit, and the device freezes when watching HD & 4K fiels for more than a few hours. (tried multiple players)