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    @Nir@Smarg Thanks for your feedback. I will report to our R&D.
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    We sent to about 5 users privately so far with good results. Fixes the audio issue + many other good features and it runs very good We can PM you as well if you like?
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    is the USB receiver plugged in? does the remote turn on and off the device an no other features work? If yes then the remote needs to be paired please visit here: http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr301
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    @Jalize and @erndog I Private Message both of you Android 7.1 Beta files to try. Please note this is still in Beta However it has gone through about 4 weeks of changes to get to this You will have to re-install all of your own personal apps It also uses a different Home Screen.
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    I will be getting a newer update tomorrow Will try it out here on our side and see if it can be shared to others on the forum privately
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    I said that Google doesn't certify TV boxes that use the Mobile/Tablet version of Android They do however certify TV Boxes that are using the official Android TV OS https://www.android.com/tv/ Many Telcom companies are starting to get certified Android TV OS devices from Google We also have the ATV 495 MAX which is coming out soon, it is certified by Google using the Android TV OS
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    Do not have an exact ETA right now, as we're still testing But hopefully soon
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    I personally use Beats by Dre headphones on my 1900PRO at home You just need to make sure the headphones are in pairing mode before you start searching for new devices on your 1900 PRO
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    Testing a new update today. Will be adding Librelec support to it later this week, and then we have to set it up on our OTA Update Server Will continue to keep you guys updated
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    This is a device that is used outside of North America. I will try and contact someone that can help with this.
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    Hello AliTo, I'm sorry, but our box does not come with Live TV installed. If you are referring to the MMC program, this is a multi use media app. If you have an tuner or something that supports live tv, then this will be the place to go for this.
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    Voice Search (Microphone) How do I get voice search working? Google always says it didn't catch anything. Does the remote with the 1900 PRO even have a microphone (I can't see one)? Thanks
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    Ok I see the confusion We support this feature, but only if the user has a remote that has a Mic.
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    Thanks Justin, that confirms my suspicions, but that is not how the 1900 PRO is marketed. Anyhow, no big deal, I don't really need it. It's just that I probably looked like an idiot talking to my remote like Scotty in Star Trek: "bring up the formula for transparent aluminum"
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    there is no issue in keeping on the box, that's what I am doing since a year but when I on the tv, I have to replug the box's power in order to watch everytime.
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    Hi all..... was there a fix to this issue? I’m having the same issue with a pair of JBL BT headphones
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    Any news on how you guys are making out with an update it's been a month... Also would like to add other than the sound issue this box works great.. It loads apps quickly and has no issues steaming provided the link is good.. I have found a temp solution to the problem I downloaded Titanium Build apk of kodi from supreme builds and is working great no sound issues as of yet.. I just did not still the builds did my own setup
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    I checked my Kodi and it was already off.
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    Sorry for the late response If you open up the app "Mbox Settings" You will see an option to turn on the Status Bar.
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    Our KR 54 Remote has a Mic button, but not light up buttons. We have a new remote coming out in a few months that will have both of these features, will be called the KR 303