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    6 different tvs? What a joke. The issue isn't the tv. It's the boot process related to the USB dongle for the remote. Still waiting on the 1800 fix please.
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    The 1200 with 1 gig of RAM and 4 gig of onboard memory will never support Kodi 17 or Android 5.1
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    Gr33n: Seriously, I think you are wasting too much time over an obsolete box and being tremendously unfair to the people here. In my opinion , that box and virtually any box with only 1GB of RAM is barely usable regardless of thousands of happy MyGica ATV 582 users who just don't know any better. The difference you will find with a faster processor in a box with 2 or 3GB of RAM is amazing. The freedom to be more casual adding programs, to not struggle with lag and not having to constantly free up RAM is a blessing.
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    Yes Samsung replaced the units due to a hardware issue. As I mentioned before, this was not a hardware issue. So why would we replace anything? If it were a hardware problem, then we would replace every single unit in the market. It seems there is nothing I can say that will change your mind though about our company, so I will leave it at that.
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    Like I said Jason no fix, and I did hear about the galaxy note and you know what samsung did about this they collected back all the phones something you and your company won't do. Trust me I won't be going back to 4.4 because I already moved on with this box, I feel sorry for all the new clients that are buying your boxes because it will be money well wasted.
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    And they don't send it as an ota update. Poor decision for the customers that don't know how to do manual updates. Again. Thanks for the great support. Btw I can do the manual updates. Reason I am bitter is because I recommended this box 1800 to a new user and they already returned one and think I did them wrong. 👏 Good job mygica
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    It also seems the moderators can't explain the problem right. The IR remote works. It doesn't work properly when you have the USB dongle plugged in. Fixing the 1900 before the 1800 shows how much they care. And then going on vacation. Seems it's like it's really at the top of the priority list.
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    wow great customer service. Thanks I will be sure to recommend your product. I have bought many of these boxes. All generations. Thanks for the support. Keep of the good work. Lol
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    Hi, I supply and configure Android TV boxes in Cyprus, I currently use the Mygica 585 units which my clients and I are very pleased with. KODI is of major importance to us and we would love to be able to try out the new Krypton Version 17 when it is ready, however I notice that it will not be available on the Android unless we can have version 5. Are you going to release and update for the 585 boxes?
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    Ya I just made the switch to KODI 17 on my box at home, not too happy so far. Spent an hour trying to go through everything, decided to go back to Confluence Skin Were still going to try and bring a newer version of Android to our older devices, but cannot promise anything
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    It works perfectly with the default Confluence skin in Kodi at 1080p 60HZ, but only at 1080p 24HZ with a 3rd party customization skin like Xonfluence. The moment the Xonfluence skin is installed and Kodi restarted the home screen is zoomed in that you can only see the upper left hand quarter of the screen. The only way to exit Kodi is to unplug the power since there is no way to reach the soft Exit icon. This only happens with the MyGiga ATV586 box, I have 4 other different brands of S805 Android boxes with similar hardware configurations and they all work in 720p 60HZ and 1080p 60HZ You can try the Xonfluence skin here from the Helly repository and it will automatic detect the version of Kodi you are using and selected the correct version of the skin: https://github.com/Helly1206/skin.xonfluence This is a major draw back since we cannot custom program Kodi with 3rd party skins
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    You are trying the 5.0 on your 582? If so, then yes this is basically an Alpha build. We used what Amlogic gave to us from their own SDK, as you can see is posted on their own website from Jan 2015. And you cannot do much with it since it is very bad and Amlogic will never update it.
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    I copied the files to a USB and that worked. Not sure why the sd card didn't though, same files on both.
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    Currently have no timeline I can give on this Will update everyone once I know more.
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    We are not creating anything that will be super fancy. It was just put aside for other projects, we just started it again a few weeks ago.
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    Hope to have the standby issue fixed this week. Will keep you guys updated.
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    Mr. Gr33n, we are in talks with ( AM Logic ) to see if they could help us with building an OS 5.1. Meanwhile, you have to understand: Chipset, RAM, and Internal Storage (all with Speed in mind) - could cause the sluggishness in the OS upgrades. This is the same for PC -- we can tweak the OS to a certain point, but if we tweak it too much, it will be no good. In my mind, ATV582 could not get an update to OS 5.1. Then again, If the ( AM Logic ) does bring out a Lolipop update, you will see it here asap. As it goes for our Stock OS, and how you feel about it, then I am personally sorry that it doesn't meet your expectations, despite the positive feedback of thousands of happy MyGica ATV 582 Users in Canada and USA. With that said, we do appreciate your feedback and strive every day to improve on newer models and newer concepts to bring to market.
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    Yes Mygica we need the update now...
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    Yes I have tried that "beta" version ... Which IMO is more of an pre-alpha build since it's basically unusable on my device. The beta is not optimised for the 582 and seems like it doesn't use all of the cpu/GPU cores. massive lag, random crashes, etc... Please look into optimizing the image for the 582 and address the hardware issues. I have half way reversed your "MyGica" version of the OS and it looks like you're just rebranding the software with your logos and not putting in much work on the internals of the OS itself. One example of poor optimization is the stock "Mbox" boot logos that remain in the .IMG for no reason at all, just taking up space. I'm still quite disappointed in the way your company has decided to handle this.
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    Furthermore, I found AMLogic website with 5.0 release info for the s802 soc. It's up to MyGica to implement this. http://openlinux.amlogic.com/Android/Mbox/5.0_ReleaseInfo
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    Since there is so much demand for it, we would just release it as a Beta only.
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    Not really the case here Android 5.1 is very stable. I use 6.0 on 2 phones and do not like it at all, lots of compatibility issues with apps, and both phones reboot about once a day randomly. I also have very big GPS issues with Android 6.0. They are 2 different phones as well, so seems to be an Android problem
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    You can install this manually Just move this onto a USB drive, and then install it on your box using the app "APP INSTALLER" kodi-16.1-Jarvis-armeabi-v7a.apk
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    Latest Kodi 16.1 build I've been running 5.1 since it released, works great for me. I was running the latest Play Store version of 16.1 without issues, but I saw Kodi 17 released so I updated through the Play Store. After a few minutes of testing, seems Dolby Digital passthrough doesn't function properly. Reading Kodi forums, seems they're changing to official API support for this release and seems we might be left out of luck. Unless MyGica support knows for sure this is supposed to work, I recommend you backup your API for Kodi 16 in case you decide to try the new release. If support has ideas for Kodi 17, I'm willing to try stuff, but the issue was the audio would flip back and forth between Dolby and stereo every second or so.
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    As I recall the root patch froze during the installation. I pulled the power connector on the back and inserted it again after about 10 seconds or so. The unit powered up to the home screen, I checked to see if the unit was rooted and it was. FBN
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    I own a 582, and I am a showmax subscriber.. I ran the unroot patch on my device and showmax works fine. When I inquired with showmax, I was told that their agreements with the content providers does not allow them to stream content to users with rooted devices.
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    I would take a stock android update to 5.1 as is just to get Kodi 17 to work. Just make it a manual download for people who want the option, even if it never comes as an OTA update.
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    Rooted just allows a user to have full control of their device This feature is for more advanced users, as the average user does not have any use for needing root access to their device. The issue is both Showmax's problem and our problem As showmax is telling users it should work, when they should really be saying it will be fixed soon. As I have said in other posts over the last week, we will provide a solution to un-root the models that originally came rooted, so you can start using Showmax properly. This will take a few weeks though.
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    There is one option I have to bring 5.1 onto 585, which is just use the Amlogic 5.1 SDK they have available and release it the way it is We would just need to make our ethernet and wifi drivers work. This would be stock Android only though, so it might be buggy. I will have to discuss with the team and see if this is possible first.
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    Thank you for your clear and prompt reply. You have answered my query in full!
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    Ok I will update as soon as I hear back I am kind of lost here though, how would you load Jelly Bean onto your 585?? We have never had Android 4.2 available for the 585, only 4.4 Or did you mean you had to load an older version of Showmax app?
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    If this happens, unplug the box and plug it back in It will finish installing
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    Followed your helpful instructions and applied the update files to my 1800e and everything works great. Now at lollipop 5.1 with Krypton 17.0 and no issues. Thanks for your hard work and commitment.
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    Any movie played with Kodi 16.1 has popping sounds. The ATV-495 was purchased a couple of days ago to replace my ATV-582. The ATV-582 has Kodi 16.1 and has no popping with the same movies. How do I stop the popping, does the ATV-495 Pro have settings to prevent this. The movies are on my PC and are connected via Ethernet connection. I have Kodi set to stereo, pass turned on in the system settings. I have the digital audio set to PCM. through on, DTS and AC3 is
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    I have locked this topic As it has gone off topic. We are always here to help. However this thread went off topic.
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    While using DTV Player 1.Press the 3 Lined menu button on the remote 2. Go to the menu option on the far left "Program Edit" 3. Select "Program Edit", 0000 is the password 4. In here you can delete channels by using the Red button on the remote, or if you hold the OK button on the remote on the highlighted channel, it will give you options.
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    Lighten up people. It's not as if the boxes are not working. Having to unplug and plug it back in after stand by is not earth shattering. Calm down, be patient and the fix will come. I have had 2 1800E's for over 2 years now and Justin and the folks have always come through.
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    I am using it as we speak, it is running flawless.
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    Good to hear.
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    We fixed this issue on 1900 PRO and 495 PRO After speaking to my team over the weekend, we cannot fix it on the 1800E/1900AC till after Chinese New Years, since their office closes after tomorrow for 2 weeks. I think once the fix is ready, we will send it OTA. If not, then I will get a how to video explaining how to do it.
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    Not the 1900pro that's a new box that just came out, the 1900 is the same as ours. I don't know why Justin posted the file here. Mygica support member posted on here that they got the fix for the 1900pro and the patch file for the 1800e will follow a few days later, I don't know what few means them it has been four days already.
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    this is the 1800e....just above a few posts there is a *.img file to download... after downloading the file I was unable to install it because the box would not recognize the file.
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    I agree with you frosty911 I have the same problem
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    Ksmitty, I completely agree. We chose a busy time of year to make the forum switch. I plan on going through and optimising the new format as soon as I can. Until then, I will try to make sure important posts are made more accessible.
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    Hay Justin, I'm unable to get the *.img file to show up using the center 3 lines button approach. Just wanted to confirm that the file does work via that method? No one has really posted that they installed it using that method and it worked. I don't mind waiting for the OTA update but I just wanted to ask. Could be just me. Was just curious. Thanks
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    I would normally put this in the Downloads section, but felt the need to post it here as well I got this from our guys this morning We have been trying this here all day with 100% success so far. You can install this using an SD card or USB drive through the Upgrade app. Fixes the power back on issue everyone has been having We will send out an OTA update for this ASAP --------------------------------------------- I take offence to you saying we do not care about our customers. Our customers is our #1 Priority, as you can see from me almost having 6000 posts on my own. Leaving you guys in the dark about all of this and not keeping everyone updated would have been bad customer service, but that did not happen here. Informing our sellers to give out replacement units was not necessary for this, as this was a software issue and not a hardware issue. So the problem would just keep happening 1 unit after another until the software fix I attached to this post was released. I apologize for the delay in getting this fix, but this was our engineers #1 priority as not only was MyGica devices affected but other OEM boxes as well. I never gave an exact date, as I did not have one to give, I could only give updates whenever I received them.
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    Hi. Is there any plan to make firmware available for MyGica 585 to support higher OS than Kitkat? For Kodi 17 and higher there is a requirement for Lolipop or higher. This will then not work on Kitkat that is installed on my MyGica that I bought new in December 2016?
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    Wouldn't come here for answers as this box is complete garbage and the thing is they know it. You will get nothing but excuses here.
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    This means whatever you are trying to watch is no longer being hosted on the server it is trying to access.