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    I had to install a file browser such as ES file explorer fro the play store to browse to the apk. Turn off verify apps and allow unknown sources in the security settings and the player will then allow you to install apks. If it doesn't show in the menu after installing, you need a sideapp loader app to be able to run the installed app.
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    I installed Firefox and chrome using apks
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    ATV 495 keeps rebooting When I select Power Off, it shuts down and then powers back up. Same action as when Reboot selected
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    Right, downloaded the 7.1 files again, reformatted the SD Card to FAT32, copied files to root and followed the update procedure as outlined to the letter. Status bar with oscillating multi-coloured rings appeared, ran through installation phase to Erase and screen went black. Unplugged HDMI and re-inserted without disconnecting power at any point and VOILA! We have 7.1 installed Thank you ever so kindly. Always a pleasure to eat humble pie when my views are changed by solid support.
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    Android 6 Does Mygica have a box with Android 6?
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    This is for the ATV 495 PRO standard model This is not for the PRO HDR
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    I spoke too soon. I reformatted the SD card, redownloaded the file just for safety and reupdated the firmware. I ended up with a lot of noise on screen and pulled the power to reboot it. The TV image was freaking out and is why I assumed it was bricked (blinking image). I had to unplug the HDMI cable and replug it back in. From another post I saw Justin suggested this fix that I think applies: So far it looks like it working now. Very happy!
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    Yes these files should do the job
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    certainly is the device needs a passcode to be entered, this could cause an issue with pairing older devices. Ive seen where it just connects to some devices that usually require a passcode, but some manufacturers thought they needed to have extra security at the expense of it not working on certain devices. Not everything is going to be compatible. That being said, I would keep messing around with it. It should be able to connect with a little elbow grease.
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    If you check under Downloads I am sure you can process your firmware upgrade via MicroSD for ATV1960 to OS 7.1.2, to upgrade from OS 6.0 to OS 7.1.2 a manual upgrade via MicroSD is required there is no other way possible.
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    Hello, you can use Puffin TV: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudmosa.puffinTV You can even fling it to the device from the website.
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    Can it not be that the speaker device is bluetooth 2.0 and the mygica only communicates with bluetooth 4.1 We bought a jvc soundbar bluetooth 2.0 which also didn't communicate with the mygica but it connects to our cellphones just fine. However the booklet for this JBL says 4.1 so it cant be the version, its a JBL extreme 2 We have 2 of these mygicas and both of them do not communicate with the jbl or jvc. Our cellphones connects to the same jbl and jvc just fine. Are there any limitations with regards to bluetooth versions?
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