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    That' the problem, neither both options are working, Geniatech/MyGica must address this issues ASAP.
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    The 495x does not come rooted, that is what Super User is. It is root access So that is why this will not work Also am surprised that XIBO even works with Super User, as we have a few customers who use XIBO for their signage players and Super User/Root Access was not allowed to get certified.
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    I can no longer run an older version of the Dstv Now app on my 495MAX as Dstv have finally forced the update. After the update the app wants the user to login on the device and insert a code. There is no browser option for this device so it appears to be a dead end. This will be my last Mygica device if this issue cannot be resolved as the device was bought for the sole purpose of viewing Dstv Now.
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