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    We're testing something this week Sorry for the delay, we had other projects come up that delayed finishing this. I have given this out to anyone who PMs me though for it, so everyone is still welcome to do that.
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    I am pushing for this to be done in the next week or two. Crossing my fingers that it will be done quickly.
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    The latest release is great.. If you have not goten it yet I suggest you do. Can't wait to see what the final one will be like. The last two betas have been good like having a new box very fast and stable for the most part no major issue to report.. Great job guys keep up the good work
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    thanks for looking into it - these kinds of things always make me nervous - firmware flash to wrong box! i thought I should add that after i updated to nougat, the box took 1 over the air update (auto or self download)- and it is the later update that shows the 329X firmware label
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    Best working solution found. Remove batteries from remote and put it back. Press any button and the remote will get connected automatically. No need for USB mouse or whatever - this process will create automatic connection between the remote and your mygica device
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    Hi there, while we try to assist any give opinions about things as much as we can , we don’t have any secret info about what goes on with Kodi behind closed doors. We also refrain from discussing third party add ons especially when it is relating to accusations surrounding them selling your personal info. I’m sorry.
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    Hello cfazz77, I would suggest that you use the warranty option and visit, mygica.tv/help It sounds like a defect of some sort, as your symptoms seem very odd, Thanks!
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    Dishonest Company I bought a Mygica atv582 in March 2017 from Makro at around R1500. This box was initially released in 2014 running KitKat 4.4. Standard. After a Afew months kodi no longer offered support for android 4.4 and in order to update to kodi 17 you would have to update the box to android 5.1? Ok so I do that and it essentially rendered the box useless as everything freezes and box boots randomly. Going back to KitKat 4.4 was not an option as most of the apks and kodi addons I like would no longer work on the box. Here is my issue: Why is mygica still selling a box in March 2017 that they know in Afew months will essentially be obselete because of the soon to be unsupported S802 chipset that came out in 2013 and you selling it in 2017? which is a like selling someone a 5 year gym contract and closing the place a Afew months later while offering them no alternative or thier money back. Also this box is not 4K as you folks proudly advertise all over the box and in your specs it's only 1080p so forget streaming anything 4K if your have an expensive 4K tv. Dishonest people that i that I will never buy a product from again.
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    Agree 100% they are taking people for idiots by false advertising the units capabilities, supposedly offering 'support' and selling units they know will be obsolete in a matter of months. Avoid these guys Spend the extra money and get a product from a reputable company like Nvidia.
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    I tend to agree. The ATV 495/1900 PRO shipped with broken DTS audio passthrough functionality and we've been told that a fix is coming "soon" since early 2017!!! In retrospect, I wish I wasn't so trusting and I should have returned the product when I had a chance. To be honest, I'd rather buy no-name product with non-existent support than deal with a company that keeps stringing along their customers with promises they can't/won't deliver. This practice is not just dishonest; it's deceptive.
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    You folks can attempt to pass the buck all you like to makro but you yourselves were supplying this unit up until 2017. Also interestingly neither of you addressed my point about this unit not actually being 4K as advertised? Guess that says all we need to know about your credibility.
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    Oh your mean the fork that can't even load PVR IPTV simple client and a channel list? And numerous other addons? Don't give a dog a bone he's payed for then tell him you doing him a favor. I stand by my view: Mygica = Dishonest Company
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    Thank You Everyone for your help
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    Bar-B-Q at hankes...
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    Tons of places will look at it and they can be found by simply doing a search online. If you search this website for reset 1800e (or do an online search) and if you have some patients and courage you can learn to do it yourself. You can try to find the software you are using (http://www.mygica.com/support/) download it, and then search these forums for the how to!
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    Just install kodi 16.1 and it will work fine. It's not the boxes fault that kodi changed the way it works with android in version 17 after the box was already released. I don't know what the problem is with netflix but I know there is a bunch of threads on here about it that might help. Maybe uninstall the default netflix and install the google play version or the aptoid version.
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    Hello All My MYGICA ATV1900 AC USB port is not working, I read the articale before and I use bamboo toothpick and wood chopstick to clean the the glue beside USB ports and now all 4 USB ports start working now I do not know why they put the glue beside USB ports and maybe they want to fail after 2 years and people cannot use it and buy the new ond Solution: Clean up all the glue beside the USB ports abd around the chips and clean up with rubbing alcohol and dry before power up slam
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    I also uninstalled the netflix app and download and install the apk at this link from the netflix site. It seems to be less buggy. https://help.netflix.com/en/node/12983
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    Would a dishonest company create a branch of Kodi for Kitkat 4.4? Try searching for MyGica Media Center