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    I had to install a file browser such as ES file explorer fro the play store to browse to the apk. Turn off verify apps and allow unknown sources in the security settings and the player will then allow you to install apks. If it doesn't show in the menu after installing, you need a sideapp loader app to be able to run the installed app.
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    Could you provide the version of the app currently installed? Did you upgrade? Can you install the previous version?
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    Hi again, Well, I solved it restoring to factory. Then, don't update youtube application from Aptoide, because the problem was when I did a full update. Now, everything goes fine. Bye
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    1960 Update went live today Hey everyone, The update that addresses a few major issues on the 1960 went live today. Please power down your unit, and then back on to be prompted with the update. Here are some notes on what has been addressed; Patch Notes; Fixed a problem where you could not log into the Google Play Store Fixed various remote issues The device now runs cooler when a HDD is installed internally Fixed a bug that stopped the unit from powering back on after using the remote to power it off. Now you can change the custom name for the device under “about” in settings. If you find any other bugs, feel free to let us know over at www.mygicasupport.com. We value your feedback and strive to support our devices as best we can.
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    We have created a video to walk you through step by step assistance,
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    I will have to try Netflix here to see if I also get the same issue If so, I think the issue might be with HDCP through HDMI. If this is the case, then this isn't something we cant fix I don't think. I can'try DSTV as I dont have an account + not sure if it works in Canada
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    For me I had to make 2 adjustments in Display settings for the HDMI to work properly. 1) I manually set the resolution 2) If I recall I had to set the setting "Color Depth Setting" to off. I guess these settings all depend on your TV and you may have to play with them. Mine is an old Samsung non-smart TV.
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    I installed Firefox and chrome using apks
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    ATV 495 keeps rebooting When I select Power Off, it shuts down and then powers back up. Same action as when Reboot selected
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    And now upgraded to 7.1 😀 Props to the Support guys involved in working to resolve this. Started off bumpy and you folks came through. QV, give it a bash. I hope it works (follow bineredondat's instructions in the comments).
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    Right, downloaded the 7.1 files again, reformatted the SD Card to FAT32, copied files to root and followed the update procedure as outlined to the letter. Status bar with oscillating multi-coloured rings appeared, ran through installation phase to Erase and screen went black. Unplugged HDMI and re-inserted without disconnecting power at any point and VOILA! We have 7.1 installed Thank you ever so kindly. Always a pleasure to eat humble pie when my views are changed by solid support.
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    After 2 attempts, successfully unbricked the unit. Thanks to the Tech Support guys on here. It is appreciated.
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    Android 6 Does Mygica have a box with Android 6?
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    It worked! My bricked 495PRO is back to Lollipop. Kudos to MyGica support. Also, thanks for including USB Burning Tool (UBT) in the download package. There's lots of versions floating around so it's great that you provided a functional copy (v2.0.6.2) along with the img file. Your instructions show a different version but I can confirm that v2.0.6.2 worked fine. As noted, no NAND pin shorting was required (whew!) so there's no need to open the box, however, I had to use the USB port other than the one indicated in the instructions. That is, I had to plug my cable into the "front" USB port closest to the SD card slot. Also, in my case, I didn't have to hold down the power button. The 495PRO was immediately recognized by UBT when the USB was plugged in. The other USB port (towards the back) did not work with UBT regardless if the power button was held (or not) when the power was applied. Perhaps there have been minor hardware tweaks during the 495PRO's life cycle? Anyway, thanks again MyGica! I appreciate the responsive customer support. QV
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    Hopefully this helps people that had a messed up upgrade. They were very kind to upgrade the software for us instead of the usual "planned obsolescence" of most android devices. I have recommended MyGica to several other friends and will continue to do so. Cheers guys 👍
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