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    I can confirm my ATV585 no longer works either. Looks like DSTV Now is blocked. Oh well, looking on the brighter side of life I now get to set my MyGica on fire and watch it burn.
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    I wouldn't say the cable that comes with it is required, just one with equal or thicker gauge wire then the one that comes with. The one I was using was thinner gauge before I realized that was the problem.
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    Kodi isn't the cause of this audio problem, neither is the method in which the box is connected to a tv or receiver (hdmi or optical). It's a problem with the chipset. Playing a file with AC3 through kodi17 causes the chipset to not switch back to PCM afterward; is one problem but this one is something that happens in the chipset when the unit is booted up because the audio is garbled for everything right off the bat from bootup. Restarting the box is the only fix and sometimes doesn't work for the garbled problem because it's random and intermittent, in that case restarting multiple times has been the only fix...I've found.
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    Hello Michael, You can watch Coronation Street on the CBC web site here: (search Google in the built in Internet Browser, "watch coronation street for free") https://watch.cbc.ca/coronation-street/all/ebc258f5-ee40-4cca-b66b-ba6bd55b7235?cmp=OTT_SEM_Coronation I don't think the other program is available without a subscription of some sort, Thanks!
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    It's not fair, some of us bought this device just for the dstv now app and this is not supported anymore? It's bullshit. Mygica better bring out a software update or something that can certify the device! Or you would need to start swoppng old devices for the new certified devices or you will see people bringing the Mygica name down. You need to do something, can't just be like oh well! I promise if we need to buy new devices it will not be mygica at all. I await your response Mygica.
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    If I remember correctly the weather icon comes from location services being active. Turn it off and the icon goes away. I get the download arrow sometimes also, still haven't figured out how to get rid of it other than reboot.
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    The AOSP version of Android is what's used on all Mobile/Tablet devices that run Android And we didn't use Android TV certified version before because it was never offered by Google until about 3 months ago, as they changed their rules for certifying certain device manufacturers like ours for Android TV They only recently started offering it earlier this year. Up until now, only companies like ASUS + Nvidia + Xiaomi we're able to manufacturer certified Android TV devices.
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    Hi Justin Thank you for the reply. Might I ask as to why the manufacturers of TV Boxes such as MyGica do not use the version of Android that supports certification as opposed to AOSP.