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    KR303/KR301/KR41 Air these will work like charm with your ATV329X.
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    Our current method of tackling this is to try and bring Android 7 onto this system. We are working out some kinks and assuming we get a non-glitchy outcome, we should have some news in the coming weeks.
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    That is a good news, I was waiting for you to answer then I was going to give you 2nd option to replace your HDMI cable. I am happy it all worked out.
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    What is the configuration of your Samsung Serie 5&6? You selected the option PCM Audio in the Samsung Serie 5, which option did you select on Samsung Serie 6? Is the settings of Samsung Serie 5 same as the settings of Samsung Serie 6?
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    Happy to know your problem is solved. Any further questions, please let us know.
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    Ok tried it, still flickers. Replaced the HDMI cable, now Ok . Tried again your suggestion, message to turn off gone. Thanks to all who posted.
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    Also Justin will the updated version os be done in 64bit instead of 32bit so we and install 64bit apps on it.. Since currently cannot install 64bit apps but it's a 64bit chip set
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    It will be available at Best Buy in June or July And will come with Android 7,1
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    The remote control turns the unit off and on by infrared technology and does not need to be paired - the keyboard functions through the USB antenna and needs to be paired for this function, does that help clarify things? RMA is an acronym for Return Merchandise Authorization This way we can track the process of your warranty and keep you informed of the process. Thank You
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    Please help me, MyGica! Why don't you respond to my messages??? >:-(
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    Looks like something is wrong with the new DSTV now app? This old version I have still works. DSTV.zip
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    Hi. Can any one tell me how to configure a VPN on MyGica ATV 1900AC Quad Core Smart Tv Box for KODI? I'm using Ivacy VPN, and it doesn't have a repository/plugin yet.
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    Hi There, Three weeks ago I got an ATV945PRO. Shortly after I updated the firmware with "update_MyGica_ATV495_Pro_wv_5.1_20170324" and still see the weather icon problem when enabling location services. Location services has to be enabled for many applications to work. Is there anyway to solve this annoyance? Thanks.
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    This is very frustrating that it has not either been sorted out or removed from the firmware.
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    yes, check Droid Settings changed to HDMI but the volume is very very low. thanks, will try the other method you mentioned.
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    Netflix scrolling issues Despite reading through all the threads, I still cant figure out how to fix my scrolling issues with Netflix. I cannot scroll down the main menu, or through episode lists. Generally the standard mygica remote is terrible. I tried using a wireless mouse - cant get that to work either. The keyboard is fine, but not the mouse. Please help. I have a Mygica 495 Pro
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    A quote from Justin in another thread recently; The issue is with Amlogic, and we're working with them to try and resolve it They sent us something, but it did not work I have been following this every week for awhile now, but no resolution yet. I will continue to push to try and get this resolved. Will continue to keep everyone updated
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    YOU BE POLITE and fix the trash you sold us. I am not chasing you around for this BULLSHHHHiT and have already been into BestBuy who sold your garbage and they are NOT impressed either.
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    As stated above.... The remote operates the device without issue other than the powering on and off? Operation requires battery power and the device has only been in use for a couple months. So how can the batteries be the issue for supplying power to the /On/Off button but not every other button on the remote that is functioning? Are you referring to the dongle? If so....please explain to me how my device works all other buttons for every single feature other than power on/off if that 'part plugged into USB port'/dongle is NOT paired? I will await your explanation before I reply or inquire further so we may establish some clarity here for all the other users who will/may experience this issue as well. Thanks. ICE
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    I found that when the unit is off, it will not turn on by using the left orange power button. Press the mouse button, then press the power button, it works for me, to turn the unit on.
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    Switching between open apps. How do you switch between open apps with the MyGica ATV 1900 pro?
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    PLEASE, can you respond!!!! TERRIBLE tech support!!! You guys are F$#KING useless!
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    Kodi? No. Android? Yes. Look under the Google Play Store and you will see an app from the VPN provider that you're looking for. Install it from there and it will cover your entire box. I use the equivalent VPN in Private Internet Access.