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    MyGica ATV495x Hi I purchased a MyGica android box today, but have two problems: 1. The AV cable supplied has female plugs instead of male plugs, therefore I can't connect it to my Samsung TV as my TV has female plugs. 2. The AV cable is extremely short, which means the MyGica hangs down the back of the TV which isn't optimal. Then there is the problem of the distance between the modem and the TV. The modem is in the study, the TV is in the sitting room. There is a distance of +-11m between the 2. This means I either have to unplug the modem and set it up in the sitting room each time I want to use the MyGica, or I have to purchase another WiFi modem. Neither is a good solution. Please advise ASAP as I would like to use the MyGica and not have to return it to the store. Thanks