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    Version March 24 17


    This file is designed for - ATV495 Pro 1Gb RAM 8Gb Internal Storage - ATV495 Pro 2Gb RAM 8Gb Internal Storage - ATV495 Pro 2Gb RAM 16Gb Internal Storage ***Please read and follow instructions carefully*** ***YOU SHOULD BACK UP ANY INFORMATION YOU WISH TO KEEP*** About This File Change Log: 1: Added a "Power off" option to the home screen power button when held. 2. Fixed an issue with Team viewer not working. 3. Fixed an issue where the unit would not come out of standby and would show a black screen. 4. Fixed an issue where pressing "Home" did not work in certain conditions. 5. Added Google quick search service. 6. Deleted CC Chinese content service. 7. You will want to manually clear memory buildup by clicking the brush in the bottom left of the home screen if the box feels slow. 8. The addition of E-Share for PC + Android + IOS Device support for iPhone screen sharing and other compatible functions. ***THE FOLLOWING METHOD IS FOR UPGRADING THE UNIT. IF YOU WISH TO FULLY RESTORE OR RECOVER YOUR SYSTEM FROM THE ANDROID RECOVERY SCREENS, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FURTHER BELOW*** To upgrade your Android version; 1. Download the zip file and put the file "update_MyGica_ATV495_Pro_wv_5.1_20170324" onto a USB thumb drive or sd card. 2. Insert the USB or SD card into the unit and navigate to the settings area. 3. Click on "Software Updates" then "Local Update". If the file does not appear, click the "context" button 10 times. (the button with 3 lines) After clicking this file, it will finish in less than 10 minutes, usually. ***THE FOLLOWING METHOD IS FOR A FULL FACTORY RESTORE OF THE UNIT. IF YOU WISH TO SIMPLY UPGRADE YOUR CURRENT VERSION OF ANDROID, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE*** How to process the steps: 1. Download the zip file 2. Unzip 3. Format your MicroSD Card to FAT32 4. Drag and drop the file from Unzip folder to root of your MicroSD card 5. Hook it up to your ATV495 series unit 6. Connect HDMI, turn the TV on 7. Hold power button 8. Hookup the power cord while holding down the Power button 9. Hold for 15 seconds 10. You will see the recovery screen, using the remote select (( Apply update from EXT )) 11. Select "update from sdcard" if your file is on microSD card or Select " update from udisk " if your file is on USB 12. You will see the file img name select it. You will see the android guy, give it 5 minutes and you're back to the main screen. NOTE: your Box will be reset to factory settings. ----------------------------------------- We are excited to bring updates to your Mygica systems. Please follow the instructions closely and ensure that your unit matches the firmware you are installing. Please check your receipt to see that your unit is still within the 1-year warranty before doing a manual update. Mygica is not responsible for damage to the unit outside of the 1 year warranty period. ----------------------------------------
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    It's not fair, some of us bought this device just for the dstv now app and this is not supported anymore? It's bullshit. Mygica better bring out a software update or something that can certify the device! Or you would need to start swoppng old devices for the new certified devices or you will see people bringing the Mygica name down. You need to do something, can't just be like oh well! I promise if we need to buy new devices it will not be mygica at all. I await your response Mygica.
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    The chipset company has assured us and our engineers that they are close to finishing a patch for this that we can apply to our models. I really wish I had a clearer answer as to when other than what I am told, which is "soon". I cannot stress enough that this is a subject that is not going away for us and the longer it takes us to fix, only hurts us more. We share your frustration and will always come to a solution that has our loyal customers well-being at heart.
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    The issue is with Amlogic, and we're working with them to try and resolve it They sent us something, but it did not work I have been following this every week for awhile now, but no resolution yet. I will continue to push to try and get this resolved. Will continue to keep everyone updated We're now actually trying to port Android 7.1 onto the 1900 PRO/495 PRO As it is just taking too long to fix this issue on Android 5.1 Which should fix this audio issue I will keep everyone updated on this
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    We're actually now trying to port Android 7.1 to the 1900 PRO/495 PRO So this should solve the Audio issue Will keep you posted on this
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    That's right, you can only use WiFi OR Ethernet You can enable optical out in >settings >more settings >sounds >digital sounds, >Auto Detection OFF and select SPDIF
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    Deleted kodi 17.6 tryes version from kodi website instead of google version same issue went back to version 17.4 no sound problems at all fyi
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    Hi Guys, The update that Justin mentioned earlier was something we hoped the engineers had sorted this issue on. The update obviously didnt have this. We have spent an incredible amount of time trying to solve this before realizing that this is an issue with the chipset. Once we finally figured out what was causing the problem (longer than we had hoped to take) we involved AM Logic to work on this. This is an apparent issue on this chipset line. I assure you we have not turned out backs on this issue. We know 100% that turning away in favor of new units will not give us any success. We aren't some huge company like Apple that can afford to just turn a bind eye to ongoing problems. These types of issues going unsolved do not disappear for us. There's not one single person in this company who feels differently than what I am saying. This is important! While Justin has been taking on more roles here, others have stepped in to assist him on the development of our current AOSP lineup of boxes. I just want to mention some ways that we have supported our loyal customers in hopes that it means something and shows we are not trying to do a money grab from the people who have helped us grow. ATV1200- This box was discontinued in 2013. We were addressing and releasing updates for software limitations of current firmware until Feb-2015 Android 4.4 - Within only several months after we discontinued our 1800e Model, KODI made their newest software reliant on having android 5 or higher. The chipset manufacturer did not provide the tools or the SDK to companies to create a higher android on those versions of chips. We set out and developed our own 5.1 for the 1800e, 1900ac, 380, 582 and a couple others. While it wasn't our fault and we had no way of anticipating this happening, we knew we could not go back and suggest to people who bought one of those products, that they must buy another. MMC- For the massive number of people who either didn't have the know-how to upgrade to this 5.1, and for the much larger crowd of people running android 4.4 on other brand boxes, we created a fork of KODI 17 called MyGica Media Center. This was a fairly large expense to us knowing that the majority of people using it would not be customers of ours. MMC works on android 4.4. While we ask every day from the engineers about an update on this, it is unfortunately up to the collaboration of our engineers, developers and AM Logic's engineers. We are waiting with baited breath just like everyone else. I can personally say that I am probably anticipating this update more than anyone else.
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    mygica ATV329x setup I am failing to go to next page upon setting up for first time. Please assist!!!
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    Our current method of tackling this is to try and bring Android 7 onto this system. We are working out some kinks and assuming we get a non-glitchy outcome, we should have some news in the coming weeks.
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    Happy to know your problem is solved. Any further questions, please let us know.
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    Version 2.0


    Change Log: 1. The Status Bar has been removed. If you download something from your browser, check the "file manager" in the download section. 2. Added Google's Voice Search ability which allows you to use a microphone remote or webcam to use your voice in a variety of ways. 3. Updated various pre-installed APK's to their latest versions. 4. Fixed an issue where the box couldn't see certain 5GHZ WiFi connections. 5. Improved USB ATSC Tuner functionality and stability. 6. Fixed an instability issue with the search functions of the YouTube Android TV app. How to process the steps: 1. Download the zip file 2. Unzip 3. Format your MicroSD Card to FAT32 4. Drag and drop files from Unzip folder to root of your MicroSD card 5. Hook it up to your ATV495X 6. Connect HDMI, turn TV on 7. Hold power button 8. Hookup power while holding down power 9. Hold for 15 seconds 10. Select (( Apply update from EXT )) 11. Update from sdcard if you have files on sd card or Udisk if you have it inside of USB. you will see the android guy, give it 5 minutes and you're back to the main screen. ----------------------------------------- We are excited to bring updates to your Mygica systems. Please follow the instructions closely and ensure that your unit matches the firmware you are installing. Please check your receipt to see that your unit is still within the 1-year warranty before doing a manual update. Mygica is not responsible for damage to the unit outside of the 1 year warranty period. ----------------------------------------
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    It will be available at Best Buy in June or July And will come with Android 7,1
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    I can confirm my ATV585 no longer works either. Looks like DSTV Now is blocked. Oh well, looking on the brighter side of life I now get to set my MyGica on fire and watch it burn.
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    I wouldn't say the cable that comes with it is required, just one with equal or thicker gauge wire then the one that comes with. The one I was using was thinner gauge before I realized that was the problem.
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    Got to jump in on this. My remote wasn't turning the 1900 pro on but would function normally when on. Because I had programmed my Harmony remote to turn on the unit, I figured the remote to be the problem, in a way it was. I had changed batteries and it still wouldn't turn on the unit However I decided to google how to test the infrared function on a remote to see if it was working or not, I came up with this https://www.techhive.com/article/2090126/use-your-smartphone-to-check-your-remote-control-batteries.html There was a flicker of light showing in the camera when the orange button was pressed..... hmmmm.... was it just not strong enough to turn the unit on? fresh batteries installed again, obviously the fresh batteries I had put in previously were not fresh so to speak. The remote is once again turning on the unit. Google to the rescue once again.
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    Try installing it from the MyGica store It should be on there
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    Please help me, MyGica! Why don't you respond to my messages??? >:-(
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    Try "forgetting" your network, turn off WiFi and then enable Ethernet Then turn off Ethernet, enable WiFi and re-enter the WiFi password
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    Other than a perceived "need for speed", what is missing from 5.1 you are looking for? Android 5.1 is chip specific for the underlying processor S905 and the S905X uses Android 6.0 here is a good reference, https://www.cnx-software.com/2016/07/31/amlogic-s905-vs-s905x-benchmarks-comparison/ and Quoting, "Please note that currently most S905 TV boxes run Android 5.1, while Amlogic S905X devices are already running Android 6.0, so the latter may benefit from some small performance boosts due to more recent firmware. But in any case, that represents a side-by-side comparison of what you can expect from devices sold on July/August 2016, although some Amlogic S905 devices are now getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware updates. The main takeaway is that you should expect slightly lower performance from Amlogic S905X compared to S905, so the new processor is only interesting if you need 4K VP9 hardware decoding (not usable for YouTube 4K, except in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Box), and/or High Dynamic Range support, or if the price is cheaper compared to an equivalent S905 TV box." If anything the ATV 495 Pro has double the memory @ 16 GB eMMC of the ATV 495Pro HDR Hope this helps
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    Here is the simple guide the solve the issue with vsahre app https://www.techealthexperts.com/http-vshare-eu-pair-error-fixing-guide
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    If you want to use the optical, please make the change in the android settings, instead of KODI.
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    The current 1960 that seems to be making its way around online, is being sold from an overseas MyGica and we have not approved it here. We feel it needs to be a bit better for our consumers. We have made a bunch of changes to the one being released by us this month.