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    We're testing something this week Sorry for the delay, we had other projects come up that delayed finishing this. I have given this out to anyone who PMs me though for it, so everyone is still welcome to do that.
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    I had to install a file browser such as ES file explorer fro the play store to browse to the apk. Turn off verify apps and allow unknown sources in the security settings and the player will then allow you to install apks. If it doesn't show in the menu after installing, you need a sideapp loader app to be able to run the installed app.
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    Hello, you can use Puffin TV: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudmosa.puffinTV You can even fling it to the device from the website.
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    We will certainly address the current issues. The current beta is not the final version there will be. That being said, commenting on if it will be called a beta or not will depend on the outlook for if everything can be corrected without causing further issues. To explain a bit, we are creating this on our own without help from the typical route of assistance through the chip makers. This makes it more difficult, but necessary, since otherwise there wouldn’t be a newer OS of android on them. We always appreciate feedback, even when negative, from our forum contributors. Beta testers, commenters, complaints and suggestions help us make our boxes better each time we get to design something new. We are coming out with new ways of updating our systems to allow for easier and more frequent updates for a range of different purposes on any devices that we can do them to. We hate when we have to leave hardware behind on any new updates or operating systems, but as you can see with this beta, and other updates, that we try not to leave anything behind.
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    Settings -> Sound -> Digital sounds -> select HDMI RAW Try this settings change above.. And let me know if it works
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    I am pushing for this to be done in the next week or two. Crossing my fingers that it will be done quickly.
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    The HDMI issue is the only thing still happening on latest 7.1. Lollipop didn't have the issue do you think it might be an Android driver issue? Otherwise I certainly give it a big thumbs up! It's like my 1900Pro is a brand-new box . Runs better than ever, love it, great work to the Mygica team!
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    I said that Google doesn't certify TV boxes that use the Mobile/Tablet version of Android They do however certify TV Boxes that are using the official Android TV OS https://www.android.com/tv/ Many Telcom companies are starting to get certified Android TV OS devices from Google We also have the ATV 495 MAX which is coming out soon, it is certified by Google using the Android TV OS
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    We're currently testing Android 7.1 on the 1900P and 495P It should fix this audio Issue It runs well currently. We also plan to have it dual boot libreelec and android. We're just working out a few minor issues on it Once ready we will release it on here for everyone to enjoy. Please note the 495P and 1900P will each have it's own 7.1 Firmware.
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    Version March 24 17


    This file is designed for - ATV495 Pro 1Gb RAM 8Gb Internal Storage - ATV495 Pro 2Gb RAM 8Gb Internal Storage - ATV495 Pro 2Gb RAM 16Gb Internal Storage ***Please read and follow instructions carefully*** ***YOU SHOULD BACK UP ANY INFORMATION YOU WISH TO KEEP*** About This File Change Log: 1: Added a "Power off" option to the home screen power button when held. 2. Fixed an issue with Team viewer not working. 3. Fixed an issue where the unit would not come out of standby and would show a black screen. 4. Fixed an issue where pressing "Home" did not work in certain conditions. 5. Added Google quick search service. 6. Deleted CC Chinese content service. 7. You will want to manually clear memory buildup by clicking the brush in the bottom left of the home screen if the box feels slow. 8. The addition of E-Share for PC + Android + IOS Device support for iPhone screen sharing and other compatible functions. ***THE FOLLOWING METHOD IS FOR UPGRADING THE UNIT. IF YOU WISH TO FULLY RESTORE OR RECOVER YOUR SYSTEM FROM THE ANDROID RECOVERY SCREENS, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FURTHER BELOW*** To upgrade your Android version; 1. Download the zip file and put the file "update_MyGica_ATV495_Pro_wv_5.1_20170324" onto a USB thumb drive or sd card. 2. Insert the USB or SD card into the unit and navigate to the settings area. 3. Click on "Software Updates" then "Local Update". If the file does not appear, click the "context" button 10 times. (the button with 3 lines) After clicking this file, it will finish in less than 10 minutes, usually. ***THE FOLLOWING METHOD IS FOR A FULL FACTORY RESTORE OF THE UNIT. IF YOU WISH TO SIMPLY UPGRADE YOUR CURRENT VERSION OF ANDROID, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE*** How to process the steps: 1. Download the zip file 2. Unzip 3. Format your MicroSD Card to FAT32 4. Drag and drop the file from Unzip folder to root of your MicroSD card 5. Hook it up to your ATV495 series unit 6. Connect HDMI, turn the TV on 7. Hold power button 8. Hookup the power cord while holding down the Power button 9. Hold for 15 seconds 10. You will see the recovery screen, using the remote select (( Apply update from EXT )) 11. Select "update from sdcard" if your file is on microSD card or Select " update from udisk " if your file is on USB 12. You will see the file img name select it. You will see the android guy, give it 5 minutes and you're back to the main screen. NOTE: your Box will be reset to factory settings. ----------------------------------------- We are excited to bring updates to your Mygica systems. Please follow the instructions closely and ensure that your unit matches the firmware you are installing. Please check your receipt to see that your unit is still within the 1-year warranty before doing a manual update. Mygica is not responsible for damage to the unit outside of the 1 year warranty period. ----------------------------------------
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    What I've done is to install X-plore on my TV. I am using a Google Drive (Now called "Backup and Sync from Google") on my laptop. I can download any apk that I want to try on the TV to a folder in my G-Drive. Now, If I want to install anything, watch a movie, play MP3s or whatever, I just copy them to a folder on my shared g-drive folder on my laptop, wait for the files to sync to the cloud and then I open the folder on my TV with X-plore and click the file. Easy as that. Many apps are not compatible with Android TV and they will usually start rotated (although I have previously used an app to rotate my phone screen after I dropped it in the pool and the autorotate stopped working, so I guess that might be one solution), some will only work with a mouse and some won't start at all, like Netflix, which tells me that it is not compatible. If I want to watch anything on Netflix, I just view it on my phone and cast to the TV. The quality is pretty good.
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    You can sideload it as well as the chrome browser. It does work but you need an air mouse or a regular wireless usb mouse to use it. to sideload you need to switch on allow unknown sources and turn off verify apps in the security settings. what I did is I used an app called send files to tv on both my box and cellphone. Install the app total commander on your phone. It has an installed apps tab. you can copy the apk from your phone using that.
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    I've updated my MyGica ATV495Max yesterday. Booted fine, but got stuck when Preparing the remote. The instructions on the screen says: "Press Left and Home buttons and wait for beep" The beep never came! So I was staring at the screen for a few minutes. On the original setup for MyGica, the key combination to detect the remote is OK and Back. That worked and the system started. What I've found: I used to have ES File Explorer on the device before - It is now no longer found in the Play Store. So far, I couldn't get Netflix to work. The latest apk works, but it's not optimised for the TV, so it just sucks. Showmax shows an error that I'm not connected to the internet, so I can't watch anything there. The interface is cool though.
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    1960 Update went live today Hey everyone, The update that addresses a few major issues on the 1960 went live today. Please power down your unit, and then back on to be prompted with the update. Here are some notes on what has been addressed; Patch Notes; Fixed a problem where you could not log into the Google Play Store Fixed various remote issues The device now runs cooler when a HDD is installed internally Fixed a bug that stopped the unit from powering back on after using the remote to power it off. Now you can change the custom name for the device under “about” in settings. If you find any other bugs, feel free to let us know over at www.mygicasupport.com. We value your feedback and strive to support our devices as best we can.
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    If you're worried about trying to figure out which USB Wifi would work As am not sure which ones would work myself, as I've never tried You can maybe look into some cheap power line adapters. Those will definitely work Or something like this. (I put amazon.com, sorry not sure where you're located) https://www.amazon.com/Vonets-VAP11G-300-Wireless-Multi-Functional-Amplifier/dp/B014SK2H6W
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    We have created a video to walk you through step by step assistance,
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    Right, downloaded the 7.1 files again, reformatted the SD Card to FAT32, copied files to root and followed the update procedure as outlined to the letter. Status bar with oscillating multi-coloured rings appeared, ran through installation phase to Erase and screen went black. Unplugged HDMI and re-inserted without disconnecting power at any point and VOILA! We have 7.1 installed Thank you ever so kindly. Always a pleasure to eat humble pie when my views are changed by solid support.
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    I spoke too soon. I reformatted the SD card, redownloaded the file just for safety and reupdated the firmware. I ended up with a lot of noise on screen and pulled the power to reboot it. The TV image was freaking out and is why I assumed it was bricked (blinking image). I had to unplug the HDMI cable and replug it back in. From another post I saw Justin suggested this fix that I think applies: So far it looks like it working now. Very happy!
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    Which device is this for? How far away is the 5g device? Generally, 5g doesn’t reach nearly as far as 2.4 and on these low cost mobile chipsets, the antenna doesn’t reach as far signals as say a $600 phone would, same as laptops. Any additional info you provide will will assist me in helping the best I can.
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    No worries! It is a bit of a geography specific question. LOL! I'm going to try connecting the device directly to my TV using the AV cable and hopefully that'll work . Thanks for getting back to me.
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    there is a cover that is removable for access to the USB ports
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    how big is ur sd card ? ive only had luck with using a max 2 gig. try that with only the files needed on it. hope that helps... good luck
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    Go to the google play store app and search for kodi and there will be a button to upgrade to 17.6 the latest version.
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    Plug the PC mouse into the port on the MyGica ATV495Max, you will have to remove the cover as shown here:
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    a replacement remote was shipped to me and arrived. The replacement remote is working as it should. Thank-you for all your help
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    Hello cfazz77, I would suggest that you use the warranty option and visit, mygica.tv/help It sounds like a defect of some sort, as your symptoms seem very odd, Thanks!
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    Agree 100% they are taking people for idiots by false advertising the units capabilities, supposedly offering 'support' and selling units they know will be obsolete in a matter of months. Avoid these guys Spend the extra money and get a product from a reputable company like Nvidia.
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    Just install kodi 16.1 and it will work fine. It's not the boxes fault that kodi changed the way it works with android in version 17 after the box was already released. I don't know what the problem is with netflix but I know there is a bunch of threads on here about it that might help. Maybe uninstall the default netflix and install the google play version or the aptoid version.
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    Hello All My MYGICA ATV1900 AC USB port is not working, I read the articale before and I use bamboo toothpick and wood chopstick to clean the the glue beside USB ports and now all 4 USB ports start working now I do not know why they put the glue beside USB ports and maybe they want to fail after 2 years and people cannot use it and buy the new ond Solution: Clean up all the glue beside the USB ports abd around the chips and clean up with rubbing alcohol and dry before power up slam
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    Have you tried doing a factory reset before downloading the update? When you say you reached out to Mygica support, do you mean me, or our support team? Where did you reach out to that we wouldn’t have responded to?
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    Thanks so much. Perhaps I was a bit hasty! Nevertheless, I look forward to the update. My apologies for jumping the gun.
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    Great to hear Appreciate the feedback and thanks for testing it. I think we will make 7.1 Public to everyone for the 1900 PRO and 495 PRO next week Both units will have they're own FW
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    I absolutely agree. The 1960 is a great piece of hardware. It even took my 1TB SSD no issues (as USB ☹) Google Store & all things Google worked after registering ROM. However, I returned to BB & picked up the shield at local shop. There will be a lot of open box returns without info to fix or OTA update at BB. I just think your Chefs need more sleep before cooking ROMs or the TL needs to go 😊 Will keep an eye on this 1, but scared off for now. I had to re cook 3x 1800e’s to have stable 5.1, more money than time these days.
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    I also have this issue with no fixability in sight. 7.1.2 /Gica 7.1 V1.0 fresh off the shelf at BB Canada. Do we have a proper direction, fix, etc.? Or should it just be returned with a review? Don’t want to be an ass, but suffered the 1800E bloopers for 3 yrs., will not repeat
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    @Nir@Smarg Thanks for your feedback. I will report to our R&D.
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    Testing a new update today. Will be adding Librelec support to it later this week, and then we have to set it up on our OTA Update Server Will continue to keep you guys updated
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    That is a good news, I was waiting for you to answer then I was going to give you 2nd option to replace your HDMI cable. I am happy it all worked out.
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    This is a device that is used outside of North America. I will try and contact someone that can help with this.
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    Hello AliTo, I'm sorry, but our box does not come with Live TV installed. If you are referring to the MMC program, this is a multi use media app. If you have an tuner or something that supports live tv, then this will be the place to go for this.
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    Please help me, MyGica! Why don't you respond to my messages??? >:-(
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    Looks like something is wrong with the new DSTV now app? This old version I have still works. DSTV.zip
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    Hi There, Three weeks ago I got an ATV945PRO. Shortly after I updated the firmware with "update_MyGica_ATV495_Pro_wv_5.1_20170324" and still see the weather icon problem when enabling location services. Location services has to be enabled for many applications to work. Is there anyway to solve this annoyance? Thanks.
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    Thanks Justin, that confirms my suspicions, but that is not how the 1900 PRO is marketed. Anyhow, no big deal, I don't really need it. It's just that I probably looked like an idiot talking to my remote like Scotty in Star Trek: "bring up the formula for transparent aluminum"
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    I agree fully "Bring back the nova launcher" I have never been so confused with the stock launcher, it just ads to user frustration IMHO. It makes it difficult to navigate and find settings if troubleshooting what's happening on the box. When I lost Google Play store upgrading from GMS beta firmware I almost lost it trying to find the file manager and related settings, Give people a vote, don't just take it away. Yes, we can download it but it would be 1st prize to have it installed like it always have.
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