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    You guys can try it if you like. We have tested it here and it works well. It will install as a separate APP from KODI 16.1 This will work on our ATV 1800/582/380/585/586 running Android 4.4 @TeamKodi - If you read this and see there is no source code available, I apologize for this. It will be available within 1-2 weeks, once we finish a newer version based on KODI 17.1 You can email me directly if you have any questions mygicaMediaCenter20170310.apk ------------------------------------------------------- TAGS: MyGica Media Center 17, Media Center, MMC 17, MMC,
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here is the Beta Firmware to upgrade your ATV 1900AC/1800 series/582/380 to Android 5.1 You can install this using an SD Card or USB drive and the upgrade app listed in the settings area. This does not require manually pressing the reset button. Just extract the IMG file from the zip folder and move it to a USB drive or SD Card that is formatted to FAT32. **PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR DEVICE** Change Logs: 1. Updated to KODI 17.3 2. Updated Google Play Services 3. Faster Performance 4. Fixed Mac Address changing 5. Turned off click sounds when browsing through the Home Screen + Android Settings 6. Fixed Screensaver issue when watching a video 7. Improved video playback 8. Improved standby issues as best we could. There is not much more we can do about this issue
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    The chipset company has assured us and our engineers that they are close to finishing a patch for this that we can apply to our models. I really wish I had a clearer answer as to when other than what I am told, which is "soon". I cannot stress enough that this is a subject that is not going away for us and the longer it takes us to fix, only hurts us more. We share your frustration and will always come to a solution that has our loyal customers well-being at heart.
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    1800e worst purchase ever. tried to upgrade to lollipop. followed instruction posted by moderator to a tee. box will not turn on after turning off. have to unplug and plug back in. not alone with this issue. no ETA for fix, just vague promises by moderator. worst purchase ever.
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    Hi. Is there any plan to make firmware available for MyGica 585 to support higher OS than Kitkat? For Kodi 17 and higher there is a requirement for Lolipop or higher. This will then not work on Kitkat that is installed on my MyGica that I bought new in December 2016?
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    6 different tvs? What a joke. The issue isn't the tv. It's the boot process related to the USB dongle for the remote. Still waiting on the 1800 fix please.
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    I would normally put this in the Downloads section, but felt the need to post it here as well I got this from our guys this morning We have been trying this here all day with 100% success so far. You can install this using an SD card or USB drive through the Upgrade app. Fixes the power back on issue everyone has been having We will send out an OTA update for this ASAP --------------------------------------------- I take offence to you saying we do not care about our customers. Our customers is our #1 Priority, as you can see from me almost having 6000 posts on my own. Leaving you guys in the dark about all of this and not keeping everyone updated would have been bad customer service, but that did not happen here. Informing our sellers to give out replacement units was not necessary for this, as this was a software issue and not a hardware issue. So the problem would just keep happening 1 unit after another until the software fix I attached to this post was released. I apologize for the delay in getting this fix, but this was our engineers #1 priority as not only was MyGica devices affected but other OEM boxes as well. I never gave an exact date, as I did not have one to give, I could only give updates whenever I received them.
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    This is the NEWEST Firmware update Files for the ATV 1800/582/380 Version DATED: March 23, 2016 1. Extract all Files from the zip folder and put it onto the Root of your SD Card 2. Can be updated using the Upgrade app or Recovery Mode. Updating through recovery mode will allow you to use a SD card or USB Drive. 3. This update will NOT factory reset your box. So it is suggested that you backup your apps and data and do a factory reset to have a fresh install FIRMWARE CHANGE LOG: Changes: Change log; 1. Updated kodi to 16.0 2. solved Wifi disconnect issue 3. CVBS default output change to 480i (NTSC)
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    Hi Guys, The update that Justin mentioned earlier was something we hoped the engineers had sorted this issue on. The update obviously didnt have this. We have spent an incredible amount of time trying to solve this before realizing that this is an issue with the chipset. Once we finally figured out what was causing the problem (longer than we had hoped to take) we involved AM Logic to work on this. This is an apparent issue on this chipset line. I assure you we have not turned out backs on this issue. We know 100% that turning away in favor of new units will not give us any success. We aren't some huge company like Apple that can afford to just turn a bind eye to ongoing problems. These types of issues going unsolved do not disappear for us. There's not one single person in this company who feels differently than what I am saying. This is important! While Justin has been taking on more roles here, others have stepped in to assist him on the development of our current AOSP lineup of boxes. I just want to mention some ways that we have supported our loyal customers in hopes that it means something and shows we are not trying to do a money grab from the people who have helped us grow. ATV1200- This box was discontinued in 2013. We were addressing and releasing updates for software limitations of current firmware until Feb-2015 Android 4.4 - Within only several months after we discontinued our 1800e Model, KODI made their newest software reliant on having android 5 or higher. The chipset manufacturer did not provide the tools or the SDK to companies to create a higher android on those versions of chips. We set out and developed our own 5.1 for the 1800e, 1900ac, 380, 582 and a couple others. While it wasn't our fault and we had no way of anticipating this happening, we knew we could not go back and suggest to people who bought one of those products, that they must buy another. MMC- For the massive number of people who either didn't have the know-how to upgrade to this 5.1, and for the much larger crowd of people running android 4.4 on other brand boxes, we created a fork of KODI 17 called MyGica Media Center. This was a fairly large expense to us knowing that the majority of people using it would not be customers of ours. MMC works on android 4.4. While we ask every day from the engineers about an update on this, it is unfortunately up to the collaboration of our engineers, developers and AM Logic's engineers. We are waiting with baited breath just like everyone else. I can personally say that I am probably anticipating this update more than anyone else.
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    Take a read of this article: http://androidpcreview.com/netflix-hd-android-tv-box/3784/ It gives some background on why you don't get Netflix HD, nor 4K on your MyGica box, but do get it on your Amazon Fire stick (and specific other devices). The same applies to most Android TV boxes, not just MyGica (and manufacturers that are bigger).
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    Here is Manual Update File for ATV 1900AC and 1800E for Android 5.1 **This is the official release and no longer in Beta** We have been testing this all week and last weekend. Please leave comments and feedback below. This should solve lots of issues you guys have been having. To use the updater app, just download the .img file and load it onto a usb or SD card. **ALSO IF USING THE UPGRADE APP, MAKE SURE TO PRESS THE 3 LINED CONTEXT MENU BUTTON ON THE REMOTE CONTROL 10+ TIMES. THE FILE WILL APPEAR AFTER DOING THIS** To do a full manual install or to fix problematic boxes, use the zip folder. You must extract the all the Files from the Zip Folder. You can load it onto the box using Micro SD. Hold down the reset button once the SD card is installed and plug in the power cord. Continue holding down the reset button until you see the front lights flash between green and red. From this point just leave it for about 10 minutes. **THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR BOX** ***CHANGES*** 1. voice search re-enabled. (You must install Google Now from the Playstore and enable it within Android settings under Language and Input settings menu) 2. power on/off issue fixed 3. Memory Clean and Power Icons added to launcher 4. KODI 16.1 pre installed 5. You tube app updated 6. Pre-Installed Facebook and Netflix apps need to be updated after logging into the Play Store 7. Updated to latest Google Play Services now with Google Smart Lock 8. Home Screen Menu/Launcher now supports 24H and 12H Time 1900_factory_restore.rar update_Mygica_ATV1900AC_5.1_NoNetflixHD_20161121.img
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    ATV 1900AC/1800/582/380 Android 5.1 Beta Firmware - 028/06/17 Here is the Beta Firmware to upgrade your ATV 1900AC/1800 series/582/380 to Android 5.1 You can install this using an SD Card or USB drive and the upgrade app listed in the settings area. This does not require manually pressing the reset button. Just extract the IMG file from the zip folder and move it to a USB drive or SD Card that is formatted to FAT32. **PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR DEVICE** Change Logs: 1. Updated to KODI 17.3 2. Updated Google Play Services 3. Faster Performance 4. Fixed Mac Address changing 5. Turned off click sounds when browsing through the Home Screen + Android Settings 6. Fixed Screensaver issue when watching a video 7. Improved video playback 8. Improved standby issues as best we could. There is not much more we can do about this issue https://youtu.be/8YuDgDRGM9c update_MYGICA_S812_S802_Device_5.1_20170612.zip
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    I agree with what you're saying for the most part except the last sentence. The two 1800e boxes I bought over the past couple months had 5.1 already installed on them. And I think the older models deserve the full right to completely function on 5.1. I personally prefer 1800e over 1900ac because it has the full size sd card slot, specs are minimally different, and it's cheaper. The biggest thing I can't get is how long these things take to fix. And whenever there's a new firmware release that's better than the last it's like a huge breakthrough for mygica. Maybe I don't know enough about the technology, but I think it should really just take weeks to correct issues like this at the most, not months and months. But I agree these boxes should be fully functional to standard upon their purchase. I don't mean to be overly negative about mygica, but I do feel you guys can do things a lot better. Lots of room for improvement. Constructive criticism.
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    I am currently testing a Android 5.1 version on the 586 But the tuner is disabled on this version Trying to see if we can get the tuner to work, but I am not sure right now. Will keep you updated.
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    Team MyGica has done a terrific job on this fork. I would like to think of this as a break through for the MyGica brand name similar in scope to a cure for polio, keep up the good work ! MyGicaMediaCenter-20170413.apk can be download here: https://mega.nz/?_escaped_fragment_=XcIlnCTJ!OkX546MAorRooA5ipB3_F23TjYMC4tfkGFWVNLCesA8#!XcIlnCTJ!OkX546MAorRooA5ipB3_F23TjYMC4tfkGFWVNLCesA8
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    Yes if I cannot get it into the Playstore, I will dedicate a download page to it here. I can also submit it to our MyGica store for download.
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    Ok. So, after two posts we finally find out that you can't get 17.1 on your mygica model whatever 4.4 Andriod. Is that the only problem you have, or are there others?
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    585 kodi 17 fork downloaded the kodi17 fork onto my 585 box, but glad i left 16.1 there. live video on this fork, such as that on prosport addon is flawless on 16.1, but lags badly on the new fork of 17! the video is flawless on 16.1. tried many things to remedy this with no success. notice that under video settings, the video setting for the fork are mediacodec (surface) and mediacodec as opposed to DXVA2 for the authentic kodi 17.1. all this leads me to believe that the problem of the stuttering when accessing live video on prosport and others is because of an issue associated with the fork. does anyone have any insight into this or how to rectify the problem. is there a good method of actually changing the firmware on this (585) box? it's been less than a year since i purchased this box, and it already seems obsolete in that i can't upgrade to the newest version on kodi 17.1! also, i'm at a loss as to why mygica or any other retailer of android boxes would keep using the alibili that these boxes are not meant to support 3rd party addons, as it's painfully obvious that without being able to access content from these addons, sales of these boxes would probably drop by 90%. i'm just hoping that the the new fork of 17.1 which i read in a post on here, will perform better that this(17.0) fork. all this being said, i am really rueing the fact that i purchased this box, as mygica has not provided an effective method of upgrading the firmware.
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    We will have 17.1 available soon. So you should be good with this next version for at least 12-18 months, since this is usually how long new Official Kodi versions are out until they go to Kodi 18 for example. I cannot comment on 18 right now, as we do not know enough information about it at this time.
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    Ive had my 1800 for 2 years and have enjoyed it immensly. I learned that the on/off issue is resolved by not turning it off. ☺ Ive also learned it works best with a more basic version of Kodi compared to some of the big builds out there. Its not perfect but it is pretty good. Would I buy it now? Probably not. There's bigger/better/faster boxes out there now running more recent Android versions. You have to do your homework. Google and you tube are your friends in that regard. Considering it's paid for itself many times over in the 2 years Ive had it and that there was an update to lollipop to keep it going into Kodi 17, Im not complaining. The update process was a PITA tho. Took me several tries and a bunch of reboots but it finally took. Good luck. If you keep trying, 5.1 will probably load.
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    The update is as follows. At first we thought it was wide spread on 1900AC and 1800E, but now after spending a lot of time on this, it is mainly only the 1800E. The issue we are having is the 1800E uses a different chipset then the 1900AC and also a different PCBA Layout, including the power layout. This is basically what is causing the issue, we had something similar on the 1900 PRO and 495 PRO, but were able to fix it. However, the 1800E chipset is very similar to the one in the 1900AC that is why 5.1 works, but just has a standby issue. We are trying to figure out how to fix the power issue without affecting the 1900AC at the same time. I realize this is obviously a problem, as electronics should turn on/off without issue, and I am not ignoring it at all and I have never been silent on the issue either. So that is the current update for now. P.S. - I know this is not normally what people do with electronics, but you can just leave the box on 24/7, and do the occasional reboot. Personally I haven't turned off my box in about 6 months, I just do reboots from time to time. This will temporarily solve the standby issue for now.
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    Did they fix the standby issue?
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    Justin, Please read carefully and provide us with a thorough answer. Not just a one sentence to evade our questions. I'm sure it is not intentional, however we need answers. What we are are ALL trying to tell you is that we are very concerned with the MyGica ATV586 and its restrictions pertaining to the latest Kodi updates. You indicated in previous post from spkenny2 that "That is a message from a Third Party website, not Kodi themselves". HOWEVER, we all believe this is the case regardless if the message was sent third party. Justin, Please provide us with documentation supporting your claims. We are all very concerned with the workaround allowing Kodi 17 + working on kitkat. Justin, you also previously mentioned " "1 is a very big resource hog. And we are finding that 1GB of Ram is only leaving about 100mb of ram available even with Zero apps running. So this makes the box very slow to use. 2. It takes about 3-5 months to make the ATSC Tuner work on a newer version of Android. We will have a solution though to use KODI 17 on Android 4.4 instead, this is much easier to do." This may be easier to do, however, I just purchased the unit in December and we are not able to update the Android OS already. This is going to cause serious issues in the near future. I strongly suggest you take a ATV586 box home with you, try it and see the issues we are all having. The thing locks up on us due to resources maxed out already, At times, running KODI, the movie sound will play, however no video and the only way to get it working again is a reboot. The ability to to continually upgrade Kodi & the OS is critical for the new HTTPS protocol used for the now majority of streaming. What good is an update workaround when we can't utilize the latest HTTPS Protocol for Streaming. Several points on your website are indicated to your clients that don't seem to be as promised and FALSE. This can all be seen on your website and packaging http://mygica.com/Enjoy-TV/ATV586.html 1. OTA UPDATES states: MyGica Andoid TV Platforms / Solution benefit from MyGica’s worldwide secure online update service, to always provide the latest, safest and greatest Firmware and Application that are available. 2. Kodi, formally known as XMBC, is a media player platform that allows users to play and view most videos, music, such as podcasts from the Internet, home network and all common digital media files from local and network storage media. The ATV586 comes pre-installed customized and optimized Kodi, with hardware decoding up to 4K2K Ultra HD support. 3. MY SMART CHOICE? I don't think it is at all! I have had nothing except problems and I believe it is up to your company to 1. truly give us what we purchased, not work around with on-going glitchy problems, 2. provide us with a MyGica that provides what was promised or 3. our money back hassle free.
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    Considering that upgrading to Kodi Krypton 17.1 is soon to be a necessity (1), I'd say the Mygica team (AMLogic at large) has a responsibility to its customers to produce a stable 5.0 (or higher) image for it's products. 1) https://www.tvaddons.ag/upgrade-kodi-krypton/
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    Here is 16.1 that I have, it came directly from Kodi.tv's website It should work, as I have used it on a lot of boxes without issues. kodi-16.1-Jarvis-armeabi-v7a.apk
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    Too late. Your company's lack of support had led me to throw out MyGica and move on to a competitor who offers real OTA updates.
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    I am already experiencing problems with Kodi support. I have been told on Kodi forums when reporting bugs, that I must upgrade to 17. They are no longer supporting add-ons for Jarvis. Not to mention, several other apps are moving to 5.o+ versioning. Playstation Vue for example. My box isn't even a year old. One of the reasons why I decided to buy a $$$ box instead of a $ box is because it stated that it supports Andriod updates. Yet, you are stating this is not the case? This is a little ridiculous. There has got to be a way around it. You guys build out your own versions for all your other devices. Is there a reason you can't do that here?
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    Hi Gholfstok (you sound like you also from South Africa like me) Chances that the average sales guy would know that this device does not have adequate manufacturer support is rather slim. This is 100% a MyGica issue that they need to address or live with the "word of mouth" negative responses that we as the suckers that bought it has to say about it. So far ... I convinced 3 people to rather by Amazon Firesticks instead of this device. Purely due to the fact that I work in IT department in a pretty large company and most users think IT guys know stuff. I cannot promote something that I clearly feel has not got the support that a device of this price should have had.
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    Petition to replace the 1900AC due to failure to provide addequate support. Product quits applications, fails to utilize cores, freezes, black screen I have read many discussions on the 1900AC and the many issues it has had through the few builds and lack of support. Because of several of the issues being so close to what I am experiencing I begrudgingly have descided to put my voice in the mix amoungst the many. I mistakenly purchased the 1900AC in aug 2016, had a lot of troubles with it integrating with my 4k vizio tv and pioneer 4k Atmos home theatre reciever and gave up on it. Bought a firetv 4k unit and its working far better for those devices. I have tried.... in frustration to wait. And wait... then updating to the Nov update. Only to be plagued with stuttering, rebooting, no passhrough, no netflix in HD, inabilitybto support 4k content properly, standby failing to work consecutively, kodi not using all cores etc... And most recently my streaming apps kick out when streaming. I am here to submit that the device is incapable of ever living up to the advertised abilities prescribed by Mygica. As the location that sold me the device will no longer refund me for the device because of the time that I have owned it I am petitioning to the manufacturer to replace the unit. please register and tag this post if you would agree that the support is subpar. I have seen mygica blame amlogic on failure to supply update code to the device. It is a poor carpenter that blames its tools. Maybe the specs in the device should have dialed back and such lavish claims should not have been placed upon a so poorly setup and supported device. If the next firmware, which again we have all been waiting on baited breath to see cannot fix the majority of the issues I would again suggest the manufacturer replace the units. I compare this expensive device to my inexpensive fire tv and mi-box and there is just no comparison. They are superior in every way. Sincerely, JBird
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    We have a patch file, but after some testing from others on here that still did not work So we are still trying
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    The 1200 with 1 gig of RAM and 4 gig of onboard memory will never support Kodi 17 or Android 5.1
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    Gr33n: Seriously, I think you are wasting too much time over an obsolete box and being tremendously unfair to the people here. In my opinion , that box and virtually any box with only 1GB of RAM is barely usable regardless of thousands of happy MyGica ATV 582 users who just don't know any better. The difference you will find with a faster processor in a box with 2 or 3GB of RAM is amazing. The freedom to be more casual adding programs, to not struggle with lag and not having to constantly free up RAM is a blessing.
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    Yes Samsung replaced the units due to a hardware issue. As I mentioned before, this was not a hardware issue. So why would we replace anything? If it were a hardware problem, then we would replace every single unit in the market. It seems there is nothing I can say that will change your mind though about our company, so I will leave it at that.
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    Like I said Jason no fix, and I did hear about the galaxy note and you know what samsung did about this they collected back all the phones something you and your company won't do. Trust me I won't be going back to 4.4 because I already moved on with this box, I feel sorry for all the new clients that are buying your boxes because it will be money well wasted.
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    We fixed this issue on 1900 PRO and 495 PRO After speaking to my team over the weekend, we cannot fix it on the 1800E/1900AC till after Chinese New Years, since their office closes after tomorrow for 2 weeks. I think once the fix is ready, we will send it OTA. If not, then I will get a how to video explaining how to do it.
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    Here is our Unofficial OPENELEC KODI 15.2 Version for the MyGica ATV 582 and ATV 380 **PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR BOX AND ALSO DELETE ANDROID** **OPENELEC WILL NOW BECOME THE OPERATING SYSTEM AFTER YOU INSTALL THIS** OPENELEC is a Standalone Version of KODI which is basically KODI LINUX with KODI now becoming your entire operating system rather then Android. Feedback can be left here: How to Video: e4sqhYoWgH4 **PLEASE NOTE ATV 582s RESET BUTTON IS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE UNIT AND ATV 380'S RESET BUTTON IS THE POWER BUTTON** s802_s812 openelec.zip
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    We found the issue and are going to try and include support for it on our next Firmware update.
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    This is a location setting within Android that just needs to be turned off
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    Cant access 'Local Update 'MyGica 582' Trying to install a fix for unrooting so I can view 'Showmax' stuff. When I follow the instructions of going to Úpgrade' app then 'Local Update' etc all it does when it gets to 'Local Update' is show the 'Back' button. Its not reading anything from the usb port. Why is this and how can it be fixed.
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    I believe so.. I used one and I am currently doing the update as I type, but I believe it needs to be formatted a certain way. I cant recal what it needs to be, fat32 maybe? would have to do aome back tracking to verify
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    This will only work on an SD Card, not a USB stick I responded to your other post on a different thread about this as well. The How to Video explains how to do this from beginning to end.
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    Hi Justin - I again tried to upgrade to Kodi 17.0 using Google Play (on a 1900AC) and still had occasional video choppiness and stutter. I then tried the latest nightly Kodi 17.1 APK build and had the same issue. It may be that the material I'm viewing is changing frame rates during playback (ie. ~30fps down to ~24fps and back for certain CGI'ed scenes, as it's older 4:3 tv shows) - might that be the cause? Kodi 16.1 plays everything I can throw at it without issue, and I did not need to change any playback settings within the software, just install and go.
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    don't feel like spending $200 when the 585 is only a year old. I am having problems with intermittent sound cut off but understand that may also be a faulty box.
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    Hi, I supply and configure Android TV boxes in Cyprus, I currently use the Mygica 585 units which my clients and I are very pleased with. KODI is of major importance to us and we would love to be able to try out the new Krypton Version 17 when it is ready, however I notice that it will not be available on the Android unless we can have version 5. Are you going to release and update for the 585 boxes?
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    We have tested the 5.1 update on a lot of 1800e units without issues. Are you guys factory resetting the units after installing 5.1? That might help
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    I would take a stock android update to 5.1 as is just to get Kodi 17 to work. Just make it a manual download for people who want the option, even if it never comes as an OTA update.
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    There is one option I have to bring 5.1 onto 585, which is just use the Amlogic 5.1 SDK they have available and release it the way it is We would just need to make our ethernet and wifi drivers work. This would be stock Android only though, so it might be buggy. I will have to discuss with the team and see if this is possible first.
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    my advice? sell it and buy another one like minix, wetek or nvidia shield TV.