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  1. This will depend on the size of your antenna and location, here is a list of possibilities, just enter your location https://nocable.org/
  2. admin

    After upgrading ATV-329X to Android 7.1

    if you go into settings, there is more than one English setting
  3. admin

    After upgrading ATV-329X to Android 7.1

    hmmm, i wonder what the language settings are for his device?
  4. admin

    KR-301 Remote Not Pairing to 1960

    Hello cfazz77, I would suggest that you use the warranty option and visit, mygica.tv/help It sounds like a defect of some sort, as your symptoms seem very odd, Thanks!
  5. admin

    Dishonest Company

    The box is designed for Android 4.4, plain and simple - any offers of upgrades and beta files are due to the generosity of people at MyGica, some who have volunteered their free time to make it happen. When a chip-set is released, from a company such as Amlogic, manufacturers of Android boxes are at the whim of the chip maker and the intended operating system. Nobody in the business of making these products does it any different, and further to your point, MyGica does not develop Kodi, however they went out of their way to find a solution with the Mygica fork posted above. You may wish to look at running Linux on your 582, instructions found here: More information on external link, here: https://openelec.tv/
  6. admin

    Dishonest Company

    I don't know where you get your information, can you furnish some proof of your 2017 distribution accusation? And yes the ATV 582 is capable of 4K 30 frames per second, as it was a leading edge unit at the time based on the S802B series. The next generation S905's doubled to 60 frames per second. You can sit there all day and make straw man arguments, but they won't stick. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amlogic
  7. admin

    Dishonest Company

    Contrary to your belief, MyGica ≠ Makro, MyGica does not control any retailer's inventory, MyGica is the manufacturer and distributes product worldwide, and has no control over Makro's business whatsoever, so I do not see your logic.
  8. admin

    Dishonest Company

    Would a dishonest company create a branch of Kodi for Kitkat 4.4? Try searching for MyGica Media Center
  9. admin

    Remote pairing

    Thank You Everyone for your help
  10. admin

    Website Spamming

    Bar-B-Q at hankes...
  11. admin

    ATV1800 manual update issue

    maybe this will help
  12. admin

    ATV1800 manual update issue

    what about factory defaults?
  13. admin

    Wrong Remote in 1960 Box

    I was trying to determine which version you in fact purchased - sometimes stock bi-passes the North American distributor. mygica.com is the worldwide distributor/manufacturer this discussion is not about proving anyone wrong, if you remote is DOA it is under warranty
  14. admin

    Wrong Remote in 1960 Box

    Does your Box look like this? This is the Exclusive to Best Buy Model, also it shows the KR301 on the Best Buy site https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/mygica-atv1960-octa-core-android-7-1-tv-box-only-at-best-buy/12604113.aspx?
  15. admin

    Wrong Remote in 1960 Box

    The North American version has the KR 301 - where did you see it advertised with the KR 303?