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  1. thank you for helping wcs2229
  2. New box problems with start up

    Hello Grule, Did you successfully solve this issue? Thank You
  3. DSTV Now App

    Dear CKEsterhuyse You may or not know, we do not provide third party applications, we do however en-devour to make them work with our systems, it you have not received an immediate response, it is likely that the engineers have noticed your post and do not have a solution.. I would suggest that you look at android versions for you particular system and read the change log etc. or visit your local retailer. Thank You
  4. 495 Youtube Streaming

    first, what error does it show? there are many versions of youtube player available
  5. Root access

    Hello Root, So you are suggesting a post purchase app to clear up space? Thank You
  6. Mr

  7. Component out?

    Yes, currently the ATV 495 models and ATV 329X come with one of these adapters that plug into the unit, you will need to provide the cable from this adapter to the TV
  8. At 195

    check out this thread...if nothing else try using your computer mouse for setup...
  9. At 195

    Did you pair the remote control? If the remote control is still flashing it is not yet paired through Bluetooth
  10. Welcome DELL MyGica is happy to announce that DELL will be retailing some of our gear, Please visit: hhttp://accessories.dell.com/sna/category.aspx?k=mygica&_nks=true&c=ca&l=en&s=dhs&p=1&x=0&y=0 to check it out
  11. Getting Started Remote Sticky

    Hello sgwagar, is it working now?
  12. They are well built - I fumbled with some OTA receivers and this one is pretty strong, for an OTA tuner of any quality, plus you get the android box.
  13. Getting Started Remote Sticky

    make sure the ATV 195X is plugged in and showing on your TV, you should see a Bluetooth icon at the top, then click any button on the remote, the led will start flashing and stop once paired
  14. Getting Started Remote Sticky

    Getting Started Remote Sticky *please note that remote control Bluetooth paring is automatic, just make sure your ATV 195X is on and click any button on the remote. Time to pair the device will vary taking up to 10 minutes. While in pairing mode the L.E.D. will flash on the remote control.
  15. Android 6.0 Products @ Walmart Canada MyGica has released two new products with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS ATV 195x here: https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/mygica-atv195x-64-bit-smart-tv-box/6000196825791 ATV 329x here: https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/mygica-atv329x-64-bit-smart-tv-streaming-box/6000196825794