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  1. Justin When can we expect an update on the 7.1 Beta F/W ? Its now almost 7 months after the last Beta. kind Regards Jalize
  2. Jalize

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    Almost 2 weeks after the last status update. Any update on this or can we use the 1900Pro's firmware to update.?
  3. Jalize

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    Any news on a 7.1 FW ?
  4. Jalize

    Status of Android update?

    Any updates to this question Justin
  5. Jalize

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    any news on when 7.1 will come out
  6. Mygica must update the firmware of the boxes to make them Google certified!!
  7. Jalize

    DSTV Now App

    The actual problem is that the mygica boxes are not google certified!! Mygica better fix this urgently.
  8. Jalize

    KR-41 Power Button Not Working

    Remember the Power ON/OFF on box work from an IR sensor and the rest of the box from RF. therefore the KR41 remote have got two transmitters built in: 1) IR transmitter for powering the unit on and off and, 2) RF transmitter for the rest of the functions The IR transmitter is using more power than RF transmitter, therefore when the batteries goes flat you will first see it when the remote will not powering the unit on or off. Hope this is a good enough explanation....
  9. Jalize


    Had the same issue and it's definitely the batteries!
  10. Jalize


    Thanks, yes I already tried this. I think this maybe a firmware issue on the box. Will try reverting to the older firmware and check if it still happens.
  11. Jalize


    anybody got an idea why this is happening?