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  1. Does Kodi 17.6 work well on 1900 PRO Can someone confirm Kodi 17.6 works well on the 1900 Pro (the last last version of Krypton) . I have seen various posts saying to keep Kodi updated, but then have seen other posts where some people are reporting problems with audio pass through with Kodo 17.5 and problems with 17.6. I am still running Kodi 16.1 with no problems (an OS version 4.1.1). I am also running pass through over HDMI to my Samsung Smart TV (KS8000) and then over SPDIF optical to my old Yamaha AV receiver. I know I can update to Kodi 17.6 and then revert back to 16.1, but would rather know before hand if there are problems with jumppy video play back or pass through audio?
  2. I have a 1900 pro connected to an older Yamaha receiver, and found my DTS skipping for a fraction of a second every 20 -30 seconds. I also notice that the 5.1 sound display indication on the receiver blips off when this occurs (so looks like digital signal is interrupted for a second. I should also mention I am using the optical connection to my receiver as it predates HDMI. Justin said above that ATV 586 does not support DTS via Hardware decoding, and so also applies to 1900P. As DTS uses software decoding, looks to me like the processors is getting overloaded every once and a while. I also read in another thread somewhere that the Lollipop OS in the 1900 Pro had been set up to limit speed of the processing cores (possibly to keep from overheating). The thread went on to explain there is a way to change this but meant rooting the box and running an application to adjust this OS parameter (but looked a little too risky to me so I did not do). I also tried updating from KODI 16.1 to 17 but did not like the new look, and had trouble playing some movies (got some studder) so reverted back (and have stuck with 16.1 - which I believe is the version still used in the official 1900P software download). On thing I did notice was when I switch from on older 4 port Dlink Gigabyte switch to a newer 8 port Dlink Gigabyte switch, the frequency of skips went down to be much more tolerable (which again make me think it is a processor overload issue). As was said, the "DTS capable receiver" setting that was available in Kodi 16.1 is not longer available to be selected in Kodi 17.4 , and I believe this may have been done on purpose, because they could not get it to work smoothly.
  3. David22

    Kodi 17.1 - No DTS Passthrough

    I bought my MyGica ATV 1900 PRO from Canada Computers and have had no problem. I did OTA about a month ago when box requested. I tried Kodi 17.1 (installed it from the playstore, but did not like the way it changed the menus all around. Also found it did not play DVD image files very well, so went back to Kodi 16.1 Also have a couple of MyGica 1800e boxes, both running Kodi 16.1 with no problems. So sounds like you should return your box.
  4. David22

    Kodi 17.1 - No DTS Passthrough

    In addition do a search on "kodi digital audio settings" and should find a link to the Kodi Audio Quick Start guide.
  5. David22

    Kodi 17.1 - No DTS Passthrough

    I have my AV Receiver connected via SPDIF and was able to get working with DTS on Kodi. Did you try going to System menu in Kodi and select Audio Output Tab and enable passthrough, and selecting that you have a DTS capable AV receiver. Note you may have to set Kodi menu's from basic to advanced to see these options (as I recall this button is on bottom left corner of menu). In addition to DTS you need to say you have Dolby Digital capable receiver, and may have to enable Dolby Digital Transcoding depending on your AV Receiver. Another thing to note, is that when using SPDIF connection for these digital audio signals, the volume on the MyGica box will go to 100% and if you try to lower it with the volume control on the MyGica remote audio will disappear and you will hear a lot of digital noise. This is a limitation of passing digital audio through the older SPDIF interface, so to control volume, leave at 100% on MyGica box and use volume control on the AV Receiver.
  6. OK to install Kodi 17.1 on 1900 PRO I accepted recent update to my 1900PRO. It said it was going to update Kodi but after installed I still Kodi 16.1 Saw some other threads where other uses said they had some problems. So is OK to use google play to update to Kodi 17.1 (and is there a version to select).
  7. I have both a Chromecast and a 1900pro and have used both. Chromecast is designed to cast video from applications like YouTube on your cell phone/tablet to your TV. The trick is the application must support casting. However, the type of video you can cast is limited (e.g., usually must be mp4 as Chromecast does not support mkv files). So while Chomecast is neat and small, it is rather limited in what you can do with it (out of the box). Where as 1900pro supports Kodi which can organize and play virtually all video and audio formats, can see your file shares where you keep your video and audio files, can use "scarpers" which can pull in posters and info on your favorite movies and tv shows. Also 1900pro supports 4k UHD tv, lots of android apps and addon's, so is very flexable. Hence my Chromecast is sitting in a drawer, while I use my 1900pro every day.
  8. David22

    Digital Audio Question

    Justin, Did some searching of pass through of digital audio on SPDIF and volume noise issue and found that it may be a limitation of the SPDIF connection. Apparently pass through on SPDIF has to be at full volume to work (as interface does not allow digital audio to be modified in any way). However, pass through over HMDI is much more flexible (but alas my AV Receiver is older and does not support HMDI inputs (so maybe time to upgrade). I any case now enjoying 5.1 Dolby digital and DTS audio, but just have to use volume control on my Yamaha Receiver (so no biggie).
  9. David22

    Frame Rate Question

    I tried setting Kodi to adjust frame rate (under System setting Playback) and then set Android HMDI self adaption to yes, but no go. Frame rate stayed at what I set under Display Resolution. When searched on web found there was a HMDI self adaption that had levels: 0 = OFF, 1 = adjust everything to 60 Hz frame rate (which MyGica does if you set the video resolution to 4K-60, and 2 = set frame rate same as video (however, I do not see these setting under HMDI self adaption on the MyGica, so possibly come from android marshmallow?) Hence not sure if HMDI self adaption = Yes does anything on the ATV 1900 PRO?
  10. David22

    Digital Audio Question

    Justin, found that you have to go into System setting in Kodi and under audio output you have to enable pass through and select that you have DTS capable AV Receiver. The movies play back in 5.1 DTS audio (rather than down mix to 2 ch stereo) Only issue I found was that if I tried to lower volume using the remote (goes to maximum as default) I lose audio and get buzzing sound from speakers until I put back to full volume. I am using Kodi 16.1 with SPDIF connection, so plan to see if anything about this on Kodi sites.
  11. David22

    Frame Rate Question

    Thanks for the quick response. FYI, I have an older Popcorn Time box that would automatically switch to the frame rate used by the video file. Don't get me wrong, as I love the ATV 1900PRO and have recommended it to my friends. And I do agree that setting ATV 1900PRO to 4K-60 Hz seems to work well, and allows me to play 4K content.
  12. David22

    Digital Audio Question

    Justin, thanks for the quick response and yes I have done this and I am using the SPDIF setup. However, I noticed that movie with DTS audio appears to be converted to PCM Dolby II when sent to my Yamaha AV Receiver, so looks like the ATV 1900PRO converts the audio. I know this because I also have an older Popcorn Hour box and when I play the same movie it shows as DTS audio on my Yamaha receiver AV Receiver, if I set the Popcorn Hour box SPDIF output to raw. Don't get me wrong, as I love the ATV 1900PRO, I just wanted to see if it could output a DTS digital audio stream.
  13. David22

    Video Resolution Question

    Video Resolution Question I have connected by ATV 1900PRO to a Samsung SUHD 4K TV and wanted to know the best video resolution setting to use. Should I set it to 1080p - 60Hz (as most downloadable content is 1080p or less) and let the TV up-convert, or should I set it to 4K - 60Hz setting and let the ATV 1900PRO up-convert? I assume the 4K setting will be required if I get 4K content, but wanted to know if there was any advantage to using the 1080P setting and letting the TV up-convert?
  14. David22

    Frame Rate Question

    Frame Rate Question Is there a video setting which allows the ATV 1900PRO to automatically switch to the frame rate used by the video file (e.g., 60 frames per second for TV shows and 24 frames per second for movies)? As told it was better to play video back at the frame rate it was recorded at (as converting 24 frames per second to 60 frames per second means putting in extra frames, causing "judder" as 24 does not go evenly into 60), and modern TVs will automatically adjust to different frame rates.
  15. David22

    Digital Audio Question

    Digital Audio Question I connect my Yamaha AV Receiver to ATV 1900PRO box via SPDIF connection, and DTX audio comes up as PCM and Dolby II. However, wanted to know if there was a way to send raw audio data to AV receiver so could playback as DTX audio?