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    ATSC-version DTV Player .apk?

    Hello Justin, I bought the A681 tuner USB and my buzztv Xpl 3000 box has the DTV Application. I’ve inserted the USB with the mini anntena to the box and opened the DTV app. It does nothing. The app closes and says please insert device and reopen. I’ve cleared cache for the app and restarted the box and still not working. How do I work this thing? thankyou jennifer
  2. jenniferleduc

    KR-41 Air-Mouse Remote Blinking Red

    Hello MyGica, I purchased a 1910 model at canada computers. Android 5.1 twelve months ago or so. My KR-41 remote just has a red blinking light when I try to use it. I have changed the batteries. I have tried the USB dongle in both ports. I have tried removing the dongle and pairing by holding volume + and page up then putting dongle back in still holding down those two buttons. It rapidly blinks red while doing this then finally stops after 2-3 minutes but still doesn’t work. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you, Jennifer
  3. jenniferleduc

    ATV 1910 No Signal on Power up

    Very strange. It works today?? thank you for quick reply.
  4. jenniferleduc

    ATV 1910 No Signal on Power up

    Hello, I just installed this update and it fixed the no signal issue when trying to power it back on. however, now I can't use the power button on the remote to turn the box off anymore. I have to use the power button icon on the screen and it goes into standby. I can only use the remote power button to turn it back on. please help Thank you Jennifer