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    Replace 5v a/c jack on 582

    Replace 5v a/c jack on 582 G'Day, I have 3 582's and the power jack on one of them has gone from being flaky (i.e. powering on and off based on just slight movements of cable) to now barely being able to power up and only if cable is held in a certain precarious position. The behaviour is the same no matter which of my power supplies I try. I have been told that this may be a common problem with this model and that it is the female jack on the board. Is there anybody who knows where or how to get a new jack and can it be soldered onto the board? Thanks, Jan
  2. The latest firmware files for atv 582 I have spent a lot of time on the forums trying to find out if there is an upgrade to the firmware I have on my three 582 boxes. I am very confused by the several seemingly contradictory posts about this, some of them dated in Dec 16 and later. I have: Uboot 20150701.170752, Kernel 20160419.115758, Build 20160720 If there is a later version, will it require a factory reset as appears to be the case from my download from Jasons posting of the "factory files" and are these files even newer than what I have. I assume that there will not be any more updates, is this correct? Thank you so much to anybody that could help.