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  1. Clarification, does that mean if you get the message "Device Uncertified" when you go to Google store that Kodi cannot be installed, uninstalled or updated -- as well as say Netflix, YouTube, etc? Or does this only effect a select few apps in the Google Play store? Ot can you just ignore the warning? Confused over this. I'm concerned that if I do a firmware update -- I wind up not being able to update Kodi, in particular. BTW, I've really enjoyed my box. It's given me countless hours of viewing pleasure -- MyGica has proved to be a great piece of hardware and it's the best money I've ever spent. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK (I see so many complaints here -- but I think the majority of users are having a great, positive experience with your products!)
  2. Wow -- thanks so much. I saw that mentioned before but for some reason I thought I did the initial setup with wifi -- but I guess I didn't and had the ethernet cable connected, so I got the "invalid password" issue. Just removed the ethernet cable this morning and was able to connect to my network no problem at all, thanks again!
  3. Invalid wifi password -- can't connect to network Picked up a MyGiga 495 Pro from Staples.ca a week ago and absolutely love it, except for one thing... I can't connect to my wifi network. I tried with different routers, hot spot on my phone -- NO WAY IT CONNECTS. Sees all my networks, but after I enter my wifi password I get an invalid password message for any network and any password I enter (other devices WDLive, phones, laptops connect no problem). No deal breaker for me, as I have the Giga plugged into my router via ethernet anyway, however -- I would like to recommend this model to friends and also maybe later down the road sell it for a newer one -- so getting the wifi network to work would be great! The questions I have: - is this a hardware or software issue with this model? - might the most current update fix the wifi issue (I don't like to update anything unless I have a problem I can't fix and as I say, the box works great through an ethernet cable) - has tMyGiga received a high number of "can't connect to wifi" complains regarding the 495 compared to other models? Thanks in advance, great product outside of this issue Moe
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