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  1. Upgrade to 17.3

    Is it the 4.4 version
  2. Upgrade to 17.3

    Hi just in are you complete with 17.3 kodi for 4.4 yet
  3. Kode 17.2 update

    Is this 17.1 as it only shows as 17.0 in the build information
  4. Netflix HD????????

    Although not a resolve to your box issue but something to keep in mind if you Google Netflix and rooted devices you might find a good read and info as they are blocking some devices
  5. ATV600 MYGICA

    It won't let me post link try type in Google Netflix blocks rooted devices
  6. ATV600 MYGICA

    I saw something about Netflix the other day il go see if I find it is your device rooted
  7. Lollipop upgrade

    Fully understand you can't rush quality so on the back burner for now will have to be the approach thanks again.
  8. Lollipop upgrade

    Thanks for your reply am I right in believing that it will be released by end of month as I mentioned have a fair amount of projectors to be released that I wish to have your 17.1 fork on it would save a lot of hassle to roll them out pre-installed (blank version ) if any ETA could be put on this it would be a great help thank you again for your speedy reply.
  9. Lollipop upgrade

    Will this be the best area of forum to be in to get notified when you release your 17.1 version of kodi there is quite a few devices waiting to get it loved the 17 version thanks