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  1. The problem with netflix is they are not authorized as a HD content provider. Shouldnt tell people their box can do something they arent authorized to. ANdroid 5 is compatible with Kodi 17. This PLEASE BE POLITE box isnt. looking for an unofficial way to try and support a netflix feature netflix hasnt authorized them to is not why i paid $219 for this junk. It was to replace a $60 box which Im still using instead as my $60 box runs netflix they same way as this garbage but also runs kodi 17. Its annoying I dont mind paying for things but my initial anger was their LIE about netflix support.
  2. So I guess no kodi 17.6. This is the second my gica box i feel ripped off with and the second time i have been burned with this box. PLEASE BE POLITE company. I bought this with the promise it would run HD netflix. Being a netflix HD subscriber I had spent $200 on this POS for this non existent feature. Now its useless for kodi as well. Lesson learned. Will never buy anything from this PLEASE BE POLITE company again.
  3. I havnt tried mine yet. However there are apps to force lock screen rotation on the play store. Maybe that can help you as a temp fix? Ill be trying mine tonight.
  4. I installed a different launcher (main menu) allows more icons to be on my main screen. With this I lost having a power button on my main menu, the solution add a shortcut to quick boot. However for quick boot to work I need root. I just dont know if all my apps will work with root access detected. Im running apps like Global GO and CP 24 go
  5. Thank you. One more question if an app complains about root can this be undone?
  6. Will doing this erase my box and require me to re-install everything? Just asking so I know what to expect.
  7. Im starting to think its on the same hard drive as Android 5.1 for the ATV380 and Netflix approved app for our 1900. The invisible drive... Oh and proper MIMO wifi.
  8. What about a unroot patch? Cause I imagine if I root and there is a firmware update I will need to unroot to update right?
  9. Im curious too as I need root access now. However I also want to be able to get future Updates.
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