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  1. Mine reads like your new one. They had revised the box name on 1.30 at some point. Both boxes are good and the same other than name. If a newer firmware than 1.30 comes out at that point updating will name both boxes the same.
  2. Im curious too as I need root access now. However I also want to be able to get future Updates.
  3. Uninstall the app. go to play store search for kodi and install.
  4. I have a 1900 pro and video is smooth as silk. Maybe you have a background app slowing you down. Do a factory reset at least before calling it defective. Run cpu-z tell me what temp your box is at. On a warm day under load it should be at about 68 celcius. I'm mentioning temp as you either have a background add slowing you done or box may be getting hot and throttling.
  5. I havnt done any testing on this because of the nature but why would you format a drive in NTFS for use with android??? That doesn't make any sense. Format that thing in exFAT. If its not a microsoft OS dont use NTFS... Do not confuse exFAT with FAT or FAT 32. exFAT will handle that drive nicely will handle large files and will work with Android.
  6. this might be an option click here have not tried this yet myself
  7. Are you sure their patch file on the download page doesnt work? Did it appear to successfully flash when you tried?
  8. Try changing aspect ratio on tv remote. It's a button called either aspect or ratio or picture size on the tv remote. Look for next button on lower right
  9. So both the 1900 PRO and 495 PRO have the AMILOGIC S905 the 495 you could say is a stripped down 1900. The 1900 AC has the previous generation S802. The 1900 PRO is clearly the best to buy. However the 1900 AC has a MIC on the remotes while the 1900 PRO and 495 pro do not. I went for the 1900 PRO. The only advantages to the 1900 PRO over the 495 pro are wifi antennas, HDD bay and 2 more USB.
  10. I really dont think this is something you should be asking here.