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  1. I agree Bucks_Fizz. Sad though, the MyGica ATV 495Pro can be a neat little media box. Just again listened to some WAV files through it with FOOBAR 2000 loaded as audio player - serious good sound quality, very well balanced and musical. Only the 5.1 issue!
  2. I am a Audio Video retailer installer, and always on the lookout for a value for money product to introduce to my customers. Now the MyGica ATV495 Pro seemed to be just that. Honestly Picture and Audio quality wise I cannot fault it - value for money and all - BUT all my 5.1 and DTS customers are going to pass if the 5.1 Pass through is not sorted. And for the people that want a simple stereo Media player/streamer, there are much cheaper options for the ones not really bothered about quality and the whole surround thing. So yes, lets hop MyGica get this issue sorted soon, because then they have a potential winner on their hands.
  3. The POINT is this - we bought a media player/streamer, it didn't cost $4.99, so then we should not be the ones figuring out - or trying - how to get it to play 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1. The MyGica ATV495 Pro is a very capable media streamer - but why must a guy pay $140.00 for that, and cannot stream 5.1 surround. But connecting say Netflix and Showmax through his tv with a optical cable back to his Receiver he can stream NetFix etc in 5.1. I really believe that MyGica must now sort out this problem.