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  1. Web browser Any web browser that can be installed on this device? I noticed that the play store is limited to one and it is neither of the main stream brands such as Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Hi. It's the 495 max. I think it's android 7.1.2 and the standard Bluetooth remote with voice control. Since I have changed the setting back to 'sleep now' on the device - the remote will wake it. But if is shutdown and the red light is on, the remote will not do anything. Let me know if I should return the device - although everything works perfectly. It's just the power button issue.
  3. Remote Power Button after full shutdown I Bought a unit this week. Noticed something odd... Changed the remote power button setting on the device to "Power off" device when pushed. After a shutdown- the remote will not power the unit on at all (red light to blue). However, the remote works fine when the setting is changed to "Sleep". The same happens when holding the power button in and selecting "Power off"- it refuses to start the device up again after a complete shutdown. I have unpaired and re- paired the remote- no success. You physically have to pull the power plug out and reinsert it to wake the device and have operation of the remote again. Just a weird one and wondering if there is a known issue.
  4. Thank you. i have uninstalled the app and after a while- i found an older version which works fine. Appreciate the help.
  5. Youtube Search My 495pro recently updated the Youtube app. I have noticed that i can no longer search for videos via the keyboard- it only wants to use "voice search". No Matter what i press on the keyboard- front or back- it wont type. Only happens since the update from the Mygica store. Any way around this?
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