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  1. Hi people of Mygica. I have an ATV495 for about two years running with Android 5.1 and still never an update/updraded fw? This box is almost unusable, very slow and i've had made claims over here in the past with no answer at all wich it's pritty frustrating... I've also have an ATV1960 for about one year and a half and no updates or upgrades either, but in this case at least the box works fine, though the remote control stop works for about a year since i've purchased it, but it looks like fixed now. I'd like to know if there will be an firmware upgrade for the 495 wich is like a brick... Sorry for that description but i'm tired of the horrible slowy of it performance. Any good news from you coming soon?.
  2. Mmmm i've have mine atv1960 since fabruary and in march it remore control (KR303) literally dies and nobody gives mena solution here or writing about 10 emails to MyGica in China. Im starting to think that MyGica is a fraude. Wish you luck on yours.
  3. I tried averything you can imagine. I've charged te RC, tried to change from USB port, disconnecta and reconnect in both, unplug ATV from DC... The onlu thing that works just for some minutes was a factory restart loosing all the data i've have in the divice. That way KR303 start work again but some minutes after, get stuck again and so it keeps.
  4. Hi Justin. My ticket #295321. Thank you for answer!
  5. I've have the bad experience to bought last february here in Argentine a MyGica ATV1960 and after half a mounth its remote control (KR303) is dead. I've been invertigating over internet and theres a lot of complains about this particular model and the inexistence of some king of real helping on this kind of issue. I've already check here for some solution and the only thing i've get was that this unit was not launched in canada so i need to ask for help to chine. Well i've already asked chinese help and nothing... I'm not a millonarie, so i've been saving my money to get this "theorically" wonderful device, but now I just feel a huge desappint. At least I hoipe this comment be usefull anyone before to get this model to avoid headaches like i jave right now. Sorry guys for to be so hard but it is just the way i feel now after have spending a lot of money in a device than now I cannot use.
  6. Hello once again. I've start a ticket there, but they answer me that this model was not lauched there in Canada and I should ask support from China for get support on this model.
  7. And another important question about a potential shipping... Here government have several taxes to importations, so how would that be in that case? That payment is for the shop where i bought mygica right? Thanks again!
  8. Hi again! I've bought this in Buenos Aires, Argentine and never need to do something like this before and sorry for my ignorance about it. Could you explain me exactly what I should do now? I got to cancel my purchase bringing this unit to the shop i selled it? Thanks in advance for any information about the steps to go.
  9. HI there! I've purchased a MyGica ATV1960 last february and everything goes fine, but today, sunday march 18th my KR303 sudenlly stop working! I've tried everything, checked the charge, change from usb port, reconect its dongle and nothing... As a last recurse i've decided to make a factory resent and after it KR303 start working again, but when I've start to reinstall the apps I usually need, after some minutes, KR303 stop work again, just like if something in the update afeter the factory reset blocked it again... I've tried connecting a pc mouse in one of usb ports and works great, but the original remote nothing at all... Any idea? Thanks a lot in advance!
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