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    Can't connect to wireless 5GHz

    Hi there. I had the same issue. The solution is to set your router 5ghz channel to a lower one eg. 56 or so. By default 5ghz routers normally use channel 100 and it seems that mygica devices cant connect to those higher frequency. I set mine to channel 56 and problem solved. Hope it helps
  2. CKEsterhuyse

    DSTV Now App

    I'm still using 1.40.1 because its the last one that still worked. Any new updates still say that its incompatible. The one that Simsoft provides is 1.28.6. So much older.
  3. CKEsterhuyse

    DSTV Now App

    I still stand by what i said. Almost a month has passed without this issue being addressed. Case closed.
  4. CKEsterhuyse

    DSTV Now App

    As normal. After sales service with Mygica is non existent.
  5. CKEsterhuyse

    DSTV Now App

    Any news regarding this issue Justin?
  6. CKEsterhuyse

    DSTV Now App

    Hi everyone Here is the link to the 1.40.1 version that still works on my 1.3 unrooted box. Hope they fix the issue soon. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-8jiRr0O_eKMDlGQlI0ZEF3UFk/view?usp=drivesdk
  7. CKEsterhuyse

    DSTV Now App

    I have the same problem. The dstv app used to work but since it was updated to 1.40.5 it says device not compatible. Luckily i still had the previous version which still works. So download 1.40.1 until they fix it. Hopefully