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  1. Tipps

    Kodi upgrade

    You can get version 16 from the Kodi site itself in the Android Older Releases area.
  2. Hi Bodan98, It sounds like it is Bricked meaning you need to unbrick it if possible, look up google on how to do this, there are thousands of videos on this.
  3. Hi wesmu, Yes you will lose all your data after the install. You have to install the update_Mygica_ATV1900AC_5.1_NoNetflixHD_20170603.img first. Then install the update_Mygica_ATV1900AC_5.1_NoNetflixHD_ondemand_patch_20170605.img" Then you can install the latest patch MyGica_1900AC/1800/582/380_Android_5.1_20170612.img this should fix your Ethernet issues. With Android 5.1.1 you must turn of the Ethernet to use the wifi or turn of the wifi to use the Ethernet, they don't work at the same time in Android 5.1.1 like it use to in android 4.4. Hope this helps you.
  4. I have the same model and saw it was discontinued about 2 weeks ago, sad really only had mine for 1 and half years however I found a way around updating it, I now have the ATV1900a factory files firmware installed using Android 5.1.1 and it works perfectly.
  5. In your rear projection tv AV settings make sure the sound matches the Mygica device as in my TV I found if the TV didn't match the MyGica device the sound would cut out. If your using Kodi 17 in the audio settings in kodi make sure all the Passthrough settings are correct, I also have heard there might be a bug in the 5.1 android beta version if thsi what you are using. Hope some of this helps.
  6. Hi Stryken, Make sure in the Android settings that the audio are set to hdmi out and it should work.
  7. Tipps

    Unroot 1900AC

    I found with this android 5.1.1 that you have to go to the settings then turn off the Ethernet first then go to the wifi and turn it on, they don't work together at the same time as android 4.4 did. Hope this helps
  8. KingRoot works but it also blocks 3rd party addons so I wouldn't bother with it.
  9. Kodi 17.3 has Passthrough built in, maybe this might help or be the problem .
  10. Nice one hooksett, I did the same thing yesterday, I updated my ATV582 with the ATV1900 Firmware Factory set and it's working better than the beta release of 5.1
  11. Hi dxn131, Fusion is a Kodi addon which is not a problem with the MyGica firmware. Google for the latest fusion addon plugin, but you might find fusion has gone.
  12. Hi Justin, Yes I did try them also and they also do the same thing on a ATV582 I am aware the Playstore has them and other browers, however when I got into the playstore it kicks you out also just like the browser does. I have tried fully restoring it back to to factory settings and the KitKat is very fast and responsive, however it won't run Kodi 17 That's why I upgraded to the latest Beta version which has bugs. Waiting on a Patch to the bugs everyone is posting. Fix it being so slow and sluggish would be a start.
  13. Hi Justin, I really hope some more patches are coming then? 1800/1900ac/585/600/380/582 that's a lot of MyGica systems not getting a stable firmware for Android 5.1.1
  14. Hi Justin, Your welcome Does this mean it will move on to Android 6 then?
  15. Hi Justin, That would be the Browser in MyGica otherwise known as Explorer I took a pic from my user manual pdf file so you can see what I mean, the pic is Kitkat 4 but I am using Lollipop 5.1.1, it's just to show what I mean.
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