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  1. drd

    KODI 17.3 stuttering

    I haven't visited this thread for awhile, but Tom 2112 hit it on the head: I am using the current version SPMC and have used it for the past several months and it has always worked great. I stopped worrying about everything else after that, as SPMC seems to have all the same functionality and compatibility, and that's the point.
  2. drd

    KODI 17.3 stuttering

    Sounds good. Thank you for the news! -d
  3. drd

    KODI 17.3 stuttering

    KODI 17.3 stuttering Wow! I just might be the only person on the planet who currently owns one of these models. I'm never first at anything usually. I am new to Android boxes in general having migrated from a WD TV Live Plus which I've use for many years. When I first bought the ATV 329X I immediately upgraded KODI to 17.3 from the 17.1 version that came pre-installed. I can't offer a comparison between the two because I've never tried 17.1, but I notice a stutter on all videos I attempt to play either streamed from an online source or from my network shares. I haven't yet tried from internal or external storage. A visit to a KODI support site suggests in several ways that such problems are usually with firmware and that it is best to contact the support site of the manufacturer, so here I am. I realize this is a new product and I will be patient, but thought I'd bring it to someone's attention in case there is a solution, workaround or knowledge of an update waiting in the wings. Thanks!