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  1. KODI 17.3 stuttering

    Sounds good. Thank you for the news! -d
  2. KODI 17.3 stuttering

    KODI 17.3 stuttering Wow! I just might be the only person on the planet who currently owns one of these models. I'm never first at anything usually. I am new to Android boxes in general having migrated from a WD TV Live Plus which I've use for many years. When I first bought the ATV 329X I immediately upgraded KODI to 17.3 from the 17.1 version that came pre-installed. I can't offer a comparison between the two because I've never tried 17.1, but I notice a stutter on all videos I attempt to play either streamed from an online source or from my network shares. I haven't yet tried from internal or external storage. A visit to a KODI support site suggests in several ways that such problems are usually with firmware and that it is best to contact the support site of the manufacturer, so here I am. I realize this is a new product and I will be patient, but thought I'd bring it to someone's attention in case there is a solution, workaround or knowledge of an update waiting in the wings. Thanks!