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  1. Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    I had exactly the same issue. Re-downloaded, still get the E: Signature Verification error no matter what. Even tried a different USB. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Kodi Issue - Fusion

    Indeed, the repository host is down. Found an alternative and all is working. Thanks.
  3. 585 Firmware Upgrade to Lollipop

    Much appreciated. Guess I'll keep an eye on the forums, but if you could maybe just give a heads up would be awesome. Thanks
  4. 585 Firmware Upgrade to Lollipop Hello I've seen a number of topics related to this so excuse the new thread. When could we expect an upgrade from the current 4.4.2? And I assume that this would mean we'd be able to run Kodi 17.3, which is the end goal. Also, would we have to use the flash route or would a upgrade be manageable through the Update Interface? Many thanks
  5. Kodi Issue - Fusion Hello OK, so I have a newly purchased ATV 585, running 4.4.2 and Kodi Jarvis 16.1. My issue is with adding a Fusion Data source it simply gives a connection error. I've re-installed Jarvis via the Kodi APK but still no luck. Is there a reason for this? The 585 is certainly connected as other Apps like Netflix works fine. Guess I could try installing Lollipop and Kodi Krypton (will start a topic on the firmware section for this.) Would that work? (If it's even possible?) I do appreciate that Mygica does not endorse or support any add-ons like Fusion and whatever comes with it, but just checking if I'm missing something or need to go the firmware upgrade route. Thanks