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  1. Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    I had exactly the same issue. Re-downloaded, still get the E: Signature Verification error no matter what. Even tried a different USB. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. 585 Firmware Upgrade to Lollipop

    Much appreciated. Guess I'll keep an eye on the forums, but if you could maybe just give a heads up would be awesome. Thanks
  3. 585 Firmware Upgrade to Lollipop Hello I've seen a number of topics related to this so excuse the new thread. When could we expect an upgrade from the current 4.4.2? And I assume that this would mean we'd be able to run Kodi 17.3, which is the end goal. Also, would we have to use the flash route or would a upgrade be manageable through the Update Interface? Many thanks