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  1. I'm having the same problem here, the clues to solve are clear, if they want to solve: there is no way to watch live in HD as there is a lot of lagging, but if I record while there is live lagging to watch later, the playback of the recording is perfect without any problem.
  2. Multi-Window Support for PadTV HD App Hello, I tested the PADTV HD version on a Galaxy S7 with Android 7 and it worked, but when I have to use the new feature of the Multi-Window it stops working. The new version is also not ready for this feature that now should be basic to watch tv while we use another window. Developers should allow the APP to work together with another APP at the same time, as with video APPs, it's a simple matter. See: https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/multi-window.html “ […] Configuring Your App for Multi-Window Mode […] In multi-window mode, an app can be in the paused state and still be visible to the user. An app might need to continue its activities even while paused. For example, a video-playing app that is in paused mode but is visible should continue showing its video. For this reason, we recommend that activities that play video not pause the video in their onPause() handlers. Instead, they should pause video in onStop(), and resume playback in onStart(). […] Configuring Your App for Multi-Window Mode […] For example, if the root activity has android:resizeableActivity set to true, then all activities in the task stack are resizable. […] android:supportsPictureInPicture Set this attribute in your manifest's <activity> node to indicate whether the activity supports Picture-in-Picture display. This attribute is ignored if android:resizeableActivity is false”. Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm having the same problem when running the new APP version downloaded from Google Play Store, on a Minix U9-H with Android 6. But I tested on a Galaxy S7 with Android 7 and it worked but when I have to use the new Android 7 feature of the multi-window it stops working. Thanks.