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  1. 5 months later and still no update.. Some us us have been talking about this on foums since June 2017.. So are you guys anywhere near an update.. Would be nice to know or should I just give up on this
  2. Issue is no longer there in version 17.4 does not have this problem... The problem is with kodi 17.6-17.5.. I use HDMI to tv and optical for sound to my sound bar no issue
  3. Issue is no longer there in version 17.4 for me anyway very Version after that has the pass though problem
  4. Yes it would be nice to know where we stand with this
  5. Sounds stops working or is messed uo

    Deleted kodi 17.6 tryes version from kodi website instead of google version same issue went back to version 17.4 no sound problems at all fyi
  6. Sounds stops working or is messed uo

    Sweet maybe I should wait for your firmware update for doin all that
  7. Sounds stops working or is messed uo

    Sorry for the delay... I have tv plug in HDMI and audio is though optical Useing kodi 17.6 but was thinking about goin back to 17.4 cause had no issues untill I have updated to the last two updates
  8. Sounds stops working or is messed uo No matter what version of kodi I use. I have to restart the box after very video or the sound is messed up.. Is there a setting in kodi I need to change to stop this from happening... Can watch Netflix all day with no issues
  9. I have to agree with you there bkwashby... If I had know I was goin to have this issue with this box I would have not got it... Between this issue and wifi dropping all the time have to reset my box and few times for it to work... Got mine in June so way to long to get a refund on it which sucks... Could have paid alot less for for a box with no issues like this
  10. Remote

    Thanks for the reply Justin tryed that with same result... Fix the issue thought put in a new set of batteries and it now will turn off and on.. Never though of it though cause once box was on remote work flawlessly lol.. I now. Feel like a complete nob lol
  11. Remote

    Will try it on my computer when I get home and see if I get the same result... Will also check if I am running the latest firmware
  12. Remote

    Remote Had the box for 3 weeks no issue at all works awesome... But now the remote will not turn the box on or off... If I hit the power button on the box remote works as it should... I have kr-41 remote have repaired it 3 times. When clicking power button red light in center blinks