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  1. Running Linux On MyGica Dear MyGica Staff / MyGica Community I would like to discuss running Linux on older MyGica boxes. As it stands I have a ATV 585 currently sitting in its box doing nothing as its current software can't do what it needs too anymore. In my case, I understand I cannot get the latest Android OS, however that doesn't mean a flavour of Linux is out of the question. As such, I would like to open this thread to everyone in order to explore how we can "modify" these boxes in order to install something else other then Android so that we can make use of them again. OpenElec with Kodi is an alternative so it is possible, however that is too limited and needs to be further explored to offer more. Look forward to hearing from you all. So, where do we start everyone? Any advice moving forward?
  2. MadCat

    DSTV Now App

    I can confirm my ATV585 no longer works either. Looks like DSTV Now is blocked. Oh well, looking on the brighter side of life I now get to set my MyGica on fire and watch it burn.
  3. You answered me in a previous thread that these devices won't get Google Certified, meaning my DSTV Now no longer will work unless I load a old APK until that stops working as well. The alternative is to switch the OS on the box for something that can "Currently looking into the new Windows for ARM to see if that would work", or to toss the device in the bin and call it a day.
  4. Alternative OS? Hello Are there any alternative OS available for the ATV 585? As in can I maby install some other certified flavor of Android on the box or even Windows? With this new Google Certified thing for the Play Store I am ready to bin this TV box without flinching.
  5. Please help. The latest DSTV Now app is complaining my MyGica ATV585 has a uncertified Google Play Store/Services and doesn't allow us to watch streaming content anymore. I reverted to the previous version of DSTV Now and its working for now, however if this is going to be a problem in the future how do we go about getting our MyGica ATV585 boxes certified? Googles Help page says we need too contact the manufacturers in this case that would be MyGica.
  6. MadCat

    DSTV Now App

    Dear Admin Your boxes are being advertised and sold in South Africa as a box that will play DSTV Now. Many people have only had these boxes for a few weeks. Either the boxes need to be fixed or refunds need to be issued.
  7. I actually don't understand the logic behind Multichoices actions for banning with DRM errors, nor have I read anything about Android TV Boxes being banned. All this does is force people onto alternative providers.
  8. Hi Justin In South Africa your MyGica boxes are being advertised and sold in mass for us users with DSTV Premium to hook it up to our non-smart TVs. Alternatively we have to hook the TV up to an expensive computer which is a pain, your boxes are a cheaper alternative. Its been working fine for months, however for whatever unbeknown reason the DRM provider keeps banning the boxes in the last 2 weeks every few days after registering DSTV Now. You reset the box, install DSTV Now and it works for a while until whatever scanner deems it a issue then bans it. Multichoice have given no official statement why they are doing this, however you are going to get thousands of Warranty Claims if this is the case and this means I have to go out and buy ANOTHER machine, sigh...
  9. I have spoken to Multichoice, MyGica ATV 585 have now been blocked... Assistance please?
  10. MyGica ATV 585 - DSTV Now DRM Error Hi everyone Since yesterday my DSTV Now on the MyGica device started showing DRM Errors, "Make sure the device is registered" ect. Today no channels work at all. Can anybody else confirm if DSTV Now has blocked the MyGica ATV 585? Ive tied various DSTV Now APKs however the end result is the same. I have hooked my laptop up to the TV in the meantime. Help Pls!
  11. Hi Gholfstok I made a seperate thread on the issue. Apparently we don't get a unique device ID with 5.1 as we did with 4.4, I ended up rolling back. However, please test any device ID apps and see if you can get DSTV now registered before going back to 4.4, I didn't get the opportunity to test as the misses wanted to watch TV lol
  12. So even when/if the official release comes around, the device will not have its own unique ID? So I should rather stay on 4.4.2? Even so, would a Device ID Changer app possibly fix the problem?
  13. DSTV Now - ATV585 - 5.1 Upgrade Hi I upgraded my ATV585 to 5.1 Beta and could no longer use my DSTV now application in South Afrixa. The app says the device is already registered to somebody else. It works dine on 4.4.2, could you guys look into the matter please. Thanks
  14. Any news on 5.1? I literally bought a new ATV 585 just a little over a month ago and would appreciate the software updates so I can run the latest software such as Kodi.
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