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  1. InsaneJester

    Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    Just putting it out there did you enable wifi again and then re enter in your password info. Depending how you upgraded it can reset your settings. Another thing I would try is to just start fresh by factory resetting it. I never had a problem with the wifi and i've done 3 now. Also as old as the wifi connection is (G not N or AC) its usually better to go wired if you can. Wired is 10/100 I believe. But its still better speed then G.
  2. InsaneJester

    Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    I did mine after several failed attempts by putting it on a fat32 SD card and then using the upgrade button from the bottom of the device. atv585 was my model. Move the rubber from the bottom to be sure you are pushing the button then plug the power cord back in while still holding it.. Then you get recovery mode from there use the remote to install the new flash rom. Hope that helps ya
  3. InsaneJester

    Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    Should be able to root it. I haven't tried myself yet. Never really found the full benefits of rooting to be that great of a deal. If you do get it done let us know.
  4. InsaneJester

    Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    Yeah I didn't have much time with the old software just a day after i bought it off my friend before i found and put the update on. So for me it was always that slow but i did do a full data wipe on it so it was a fresh install. Let us know how it turns out.
  5. InsaneJester

    Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    He is right that the 585 only supports a max of 1080p. Why they install a 4k player who knows. Even the new update comes with a 4k player. So can scratch that one off as an issue. 1:) Played a few video's off of Plex server it worked good only froze once and it was a short buffer. Not sure if it was cause the file was being transcode or buffer from the 585. 2:) Played a few more file types all 1080p. mkv, mp4 both with h264 and h265. No problems running from flash drive. 3:) Tested Exodus, AceStream, Bob, Maverick TV, YouTube, UK Turk, Netflix, and Real Movies. 4:) Addon's loaded ok and ran. I only played 3 video's from each for 15 min to test. FF RW Stop and Pause and Played within all of them. Real Movie gave me a few issues with buffering and one video locked up and required a reset to correct. I have 120Mbs download so it wasn't my speed as a speed test at the time on two different servers gave me both 120 results. It was more then likely the source website. 5:) When I tried to install Plex app from store it wouldn't load for some reason but once I downloaded the apk from the web it installed and worked fine. I uninstalled it later and then tried to install from store again and this time it took first try. 6:) Took the box off of the network cable and went to WiFi. 2.4ghz channel it couldn't keep up with the 1080p videos streaming but the 720 or lower were fine again just a limitation of the box not the firmware. 7:) Last note to mention is to explain what I meant by installing the updated firmware by dashboard. I meant I tried to install the firmware from within the MyGica system. So I was running Kit Kat I allowed it to load then went to the system update and tried to flash it from the usb flash drive. It locked up as if it was bricked and wouldn't go past the MyGica logo screen after it restarted. To fix this I downloaded the Flash backup software off the MyGica support site. Aka this site lol. Once I flashed the Kit Kat back on I tried again and again it failed from within the Dashboard. Again I re-flashed with Kit Kat and then this time put the new flash for lollipop onto the SD card formatted to Fat32. I unplugged the power from the box and flipped it over and held the Upgrade button with a pin while plugging it back in. This took me to the recovery screen where I then flashed it to the new lollipop update. It took the first time. It does stay on the MyGica screen for a while before finally starting to add the apps and finish setting up but not no 20 min when it was bricked before lol. After it is updated and setup and you restart again. It again holds on the MyGica screen for a min or so before loading all the way up. When you add acestream apk to the box it extends the wait time to nearly 2 min because it now has to load before it finishes loading everything else. 8:) Overall from what I have tried everything is running great. A few hiccups requiring a restart but nothing that really makes me want to go back to the Kit Kat version. Everything will always have bugs somewhere but to me this seems overall stable.
  6. InsaneJester

    Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    A few things to note about the update. 1:) Not surprising trying to update from within the Mygica dashboard didn't work. But doing it from the upgrade button on the bottom of the system worked first try. 2:) After first getting into the new dashboard I loaded up Kodi 17.3. It crashed 3 times before finally stabilizing. Loaded up a few apps to test run from Ares Repo. They loaded fine played fine except for one. A video that I streamed in 4k crashed the system and continued to crash time after time didn't matter which video I picked. However running from the video player off usb ran fine. 3:) The play store has worked as expected I'll keep testing but so far its great.
  7. InsaneJester

    Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    I'll take the next couple of days to test run it. I'll list what I notice so everyone knows. If you haven't heard from me by Friday message me lmao. Sometimes i just lose track of the week..
  8. InsaneJester

    Kodi 17 - Lollipop requirement

    Hows the testing going. I just bought the ATV585 off of a friend of mine. Was looking for updates cause i'm used to the 17.3 Kodi. Glad i found this topic before I went trying to flash it with custom firmware to bypass limitations. If you need help in testing I am willing to help out with what I can. Does anyone know if the next big update of Kodi will still be supporting the 5.1 Lollipop or if this will be another wait and pray situation? I'm glad I only paid him 20 dollars for this box. I had no idea how outdated it was. But it still runs rather fast for being old. Thanks and keep us updated please