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  1. After trying for the past three weeks with the "update_MyGica_S812_S802_Device_5.1_20160612"firmware and getting stuck every single time at the MyGica logo page (after power down/up), I tried today with "update_MyGica_S812_S802_Device_5.1_no_format_data_20160616"firmware with the same results. While the MyGica logo says: "Seeing is Believing", I am not seeing much recently and am loosing my patience with this box. Can't believe how hard this is to upgrade it to a working state!!!
  2. Yes, once I unbricked my 1800e, I have been able to do a 4.4 factory reset with limited success. I am powering up the box and it is stucked at the Android 4.4 KitKat logo 90% of the time (after waiting 5 mins, I power down/up again). I tried with "update_MyGica_S802_4.4_20160323.img" and "update_MyGica_S802_4.4_20160323.img", same results. Not sure what to do next... I am glad that I helped you Nominds!
  3. I was able to revive my 1800e by watching this video and making a bootable SD card with bootcardmake
  4. Justin, I tried to upgrade using the "update_MyGica_S812_S802_Device_5.1_20160612" firmware and got a black screen after the Lollipop screen; waited and it didn't get anywhere. I powered down/up the box and got the same status. I reformated my SD card and tried again to update with the same firmware; this time the box was stucked at the "MyGica - Seeing is believing" screen. Powered down/up the box, same results ... I am still going nowhere and have started to stop "Believing in this box". How can a firmware upgrade be so hard?
  5. No, I used "update_MyGica_ATV1900AC_5.1_noNetflixHD_20160706.img", the upgrade stopped after uploading Lollipop. Then, I went back to Kitkat 4.4 and tried upgrading with "update_MyGica_ATV1900AC_5.1_noNetflixHD_20160603" and got the same results. I will try this new shortly.
  6. I used the ATV1800E-Factory-Files.zip file posted on your website; 9 files total. I was able to unbrick it yesterday with the bootcardmaker software. However, when I tried to upgrade from 4.4 to 5.1, the box frooze after installing the lollipop.
  7. I tried with the SD disk and am getting the same results; my 1800 is not responsive. I am pressing the reset button and powering the box few times without any response from it.
  8. I tried upgrading to the suggested beta firmware; unfortunately, I am still not able to reset my 1800 using the reset button (held it down for over 15 sec) with the firmware on a USB stick. I am getting nothing on the screen, no activity. What are my options?
  9. Upgrade to Android 5.1 failed - Box jammed at the logo Hi, I was attemping to upgrade my 1800e to Android 5.1 twice. The first time, it started will but it stopped. So, I power down/power up. The second time, it did the same thing - no progress. Now, all I getting is the Android 4.4 logo, nothing else. How can I get it to read my USB stick again or reset to factory? What's the switch beside the HDMI port? Is it a factory reset button? Thanks in advance, Dan
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