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  1. Very thanks zxl. Now I have the option "hardware decode" in my cel it works, it's a lot better now. You could put an FTA signal strength indicator, for the user to know if at a certain location, the intensity of the FTA signal is weak or strong. So he will know if the problem is the weak FTA signal at the site or the problem is on your own cell phone. The small icon with the four bars has in my cel, but they do not oscillate, they do not work, they are always off.
  2. Hi, Yes, the email was mine. What information do you need? I did not receive the email from you requesting information oukitel U16 MAX Latest Version: of the PadTV HD (playstore) I still do not have the "hardware decode" in my cel
  3. Oukitel U16 max Mediatek MT6753, Octa-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 - Android 7 Nougat 3gb ram/ 32gb Rom / Support Neon / screen hd 1280x720 After 7 days testing: The channels in Hight Definition, audio and video do not sync, they become desynchronized (even with the bigger antenna), but when I record the program in HD and after watching on the phone everything is synchronized (audio and video) When I change the channel (in android 7), the receiver loses the signal constantly appear the pops up "no signal", the option to exit and return to the App does not resolve, because when reopening the App "PAD TV HD" appears again the message "no signal", for this problem only have two solutions: 1 - I have to disconnect the receiver and connect the receiver again, with the danger of damaging the charge connector on my mobile, doing this all the time; 2 - Restart or reboot the phone (power off and on), doing this if all the time, consumes a lot of battery. The best solution for pop up "no signal" , would exit of the app "PAD TV HD" and back for app "PadTV HD", (problem only in android 7) The 1seg channels some work, but the image is very bad, it has a lot of lag. (Android 6 and 7) All cell phones used for test (03) have more than 1.5GB of RAM, have support Neon and screen in HD (1280x720) and quad core processor over 1.5 GHz. I inform that in my house (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) the signal FTA arrives strong ISDB-T (MPEG-4/H.264) and I can watch and very well all the channels in HD (FTA), only with an simple antenna in the my window.
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