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  1. wiets

    UnROOT ATV582

    The unroot patch seems to work, however supersport dstv app still now working, it works on almost any other old device like even the very first samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet ancient. But on mygica atv582 no go. seems like it detects something else in mygica that prevents it from wanting to stream. it accepts my username and password but then just pops up "an unexpected error occurred"
  2. same issue here. mygica atv582 brand new, installed unroot patch from this forum, now root is not detected. But supersport 4.0.1 or 4.3.0 not working, flashes network error at the bottom, then unexpected error occurred popup. First time after installing unroot patch from this forum, the app looked like it was going to stream, but then nothing happened the circle just kept on spinning. tried uninstalling app and reinstalling - nothing works.
  3. I have the same issue, bought the box, installed the unroot patch, still giving unexpected error.
  4. downloaded the root patch, root check confirms device is not rooted anymore. But dstv 4.3.0 app not working still shows "unexpected error occurred" when trying to play a channel.
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