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  1. Ryno

    DSTV Now App

    It's not fair, some of us bought this device just for the dstv now app and this is not supported anymore? It's bullshit. Mygica better bring out a software update or something that can certify the device! Or you would need to start swoppng old devices for the new certified devices or you will see people bringing the Mygica name down. You need to do something, can't just be like oh well! I promise if we need to buy new devices it will not be mygica at all. I await your response Mygica.
  2. Ryno

    New 495X issue

    It's a pleasure. That's difficult as most don't want to work and the search function on them don't work either so you cant search for any movies. There are also no cache clearing tools for it anymore either. I just use kodi to watch my movies on my hard drive as it allows for any kind of format and it downloads all movie art and info etc.
  3. Ryno

    New 495X issue

    Cool, should work with no issues.
  4. Ryno

    New 495X issue

    Read what they told me to do. This will sort you out
  5. Ryno

    New 495X issue

    Hi Justin, Thank you so much for your help! Wouldn't have been able to do it without your help, I am glad there is quick and efficient help on this device. I managed to do the update and Showmax is working perfectly now. Regards Ryno
  6. Ryno

    New 495X issue

    Hi Justin, Did that, it says connecting to server for 3 secs then goes back to upgrade page. Does this mean there isn't an update as Deon managed to update and it now Showmax seems to be working for him?
  7. Ryno

    New 495X issue

    Hi Deon, I got my MyGica 495x yesterday and I can also only view trailers on ShowMax. You mentioned you got it right somehow, can you please assist me as I cant find the update withing the "Upgrade" field on my device. It's so frustrating! My Kodi also says its not connected to a network, but i can stream using the Youtube App, view ShowMax trailers etc. but Kodi doesnt allow me to add an add on like Exodus. I am using my WiFi to connect to the device. Any advice? Thanks Ryno