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  1. Hi guys, I have to say the 7.1 beta update is awesome, I have been using it for almost a month and the crappy audio problem is gone! The new GUI also looks much better, just would have been nice if I could customise the homescreen. Performance wise my media player is faster. On 5.1 kodi was a bit slow sometimes but on 7.1 it runs much faster, even buffering is much better. There is a option to install LibreElec aswell, its basicly Kodi running on Linux. You have the option to boot up with LibreElec then your box boots up directly to Kodi and is even more faster. I dont use it though because I am verry happy with kodi's performance on 7.1. Thanks for the hard work for getting this update ready, so far its awesome!
  2. I would also like to beta test the update..
  3. A whole day has passed and still no reply on this issue...maybe I should send the link of this forum to the websites who do reviews on media players because if you google atv 1900 pro you only read about good reviews which is a bit misleading dont you think. I'm from South Africa and to pay $310 for a media player in my currency is a lot of money. I live in a third world country and dont get this bad support from local componies. The only way to get people to pull their fingers out of their asses and actually do their job is to hit them where it hurts the most.
  4. Hi Guys, when will you guys have a fix for this problem, you have been keeping on saying that you are working on it, it sure doesnt look like it because it has been months since this issue started and I really cant believe that it can take this long to fix, most other componies will have a fix in a week or two. I have to say your support is crap as hell and I will never buy any mygica product ever again or refer any one to buy one. I just cant believe you sell this crap, take people's money, have them struggeling for 6 months and still dont have an answer, whether it will be a fix or recalling the product. Very poor support.
  5. Question, Can I get the sound to work on my samsung reciever if I connect the ATV 1900 PRO to my samsung LED tv via HDMI and then from the tv via HDMI to the reciever. Are there any settings that can be set up for the tv and reciever to work in that way? I realy cant stand the garbled adio anymore so I want to check whether this may help. Currently I'm using an optic wire for the sound from the tv box to my reciever but the sound gets bad too frequently.
  6. Guys its not a problem with settings or bad cables, i have tried everything there is to try, they have to give us a software update and by the look of things they arent in a hurry, i havent seen any new news about the update, only that they are aware of the problem and they are looking for a fix but for me it doesnt look like they care much. I will never buy any mygica prducts ever again.
  7. I also have the same problem, the problem isnt other hardware or apps, it is a problem with the atv 1900, my sound is garbled with any app I use and only goes away after a reboot, maybe for an half an hour to an hour then the sound gets bad again. I also run my sound through a reciever via optical. I have tried all settings and nothing seems to help. Please guys find a fix for this.
  8. Yes I know that thanx, is there any way that you can simulate a chromecast function..?
  9. casting youtube from note 3 to atv 1900 pro Hi guys, just want to find out if I can cast youtube from my galaxy note 3 to my atv 1900 pro? I dont see the cast button anywhere on my phone when playing a video on youtube. I know I can cast directly from my phone's media players but from the youtube app I dont see a cast button. I would realy like to get this to work because while a video is playing on the tv you can search for more videos on your phone without interrupting the playback on the tv and just add them to the cue.
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