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  1. Hi LOIL99, have you got any offline response, I have similar silence with the ATV586 ATSC not picking up the audio thru the HDMI into an older DTS enabled Yamaha Receiver.
  2. THANK YOU For sending the APK so quickly! 5 STAR Service
  3. Step 5. Hook it up to your ATV1800E ? Is this article not for the ATV586 ATSC Box? I am looking for a copy of the DTV Player to download, thought this restore might work but am quite scared to try it now. Cheers
  4. ATV586 ATSC DTV Player Download? Hi There, for some reason the DTV Player was removed or is lost as a DL on the site. I need to reinstall the APP on my ATV586 . Anyone have a link to this APP? : ) Thanks Rich
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