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  1. So what’s the point of having a power off button then, if it just restarts / reboots the system? Makes no sense. Most compouters, and other electronics should be turned off sometimes, so can anyone tell me if this is a glitch? If so, what are the chances that I have the same issue on two separate boxes?
  2. System keeps restarting when I click Power Off! I recently purchased two of these atv 495 Pro hdr’s and this happens to both... on the main dashboard screen, I hit the power button, and then click Power Off. 80% of the time, it simply restarts the system, and 20% of the time it actually shuts down. What the hell is going on? this has been wasting a lot of my time trying to wait for it to finally shut down after the tenth try, while I keep on waiting for it to restart over and over again - even though I clicked Power Off, and NOT stand by or reboot! please advise ASAP.
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