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  1. Thanks, zxl !!! I have downloaded and compared zipped files and have the same driver files contained into the full package I had downloaded yesterday from https://mega.nz/#!eJBWWKYa!pVPLib6wE36W and not working. Thus I don't think it could be work. There is another choice for this device ? Please, remember is a non-nano model : Thanks !
  2. Windows 10 Drivers for non-Nano model Hello !! I have bought a MyGica IGrabber (non-Nano model) as seen on this page: https://www.diesl.es/MyGica-iGrabber-USB-Video-Capture-Mac-P I need to get the windows 10 compatible drivers for it. I have tried with the suggested drivers at the end of this topic: But it seems no to work... Should I use another driver version for my non-Nano Mygica IGrabber ? If the answer is "Yes"... which one ? Thank you !