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  1. jburger

    Showmax Keeps on Buffering on Mygica ATV1960

    Just tested mine and the buffering is gone. I see however that if I conitinue a program I get “ the lisence was not aquiered”. If I say ok it exits and then starts the program from the beginning again whenselcted. Looks like the lisence does not download if you continue a program and then loooses the placeholder for the watched part. Thanks for the feedback as I almost returned the device. I think I will keep it now as it otherwise works well.
  2. jburger

    Showmax Keeps on Buffering on Mygica ATV1960

    Now I sit with the dilemma, do I wait and hope it will be supported in the near future or do I return the device within 30 days and get my money back. I do want to use Showmax as one of my streaming apps. One finds almost no info on the Mygica ATV 1960 on the net. I suppose it is still not widely used.
  3. jburger

    Showmax Keeps on Buffering on Mygica ATV1960

    This it the reply I got from Showmax: "Hi In response to your email. The reason it buffers is because currently we don't support Mygica ATV1960. We only support Mygica ATV582 and ATV585. Please contact us should you require further assistance." Would be interesting to hear if fbman experiences the same problems.
  4. Showmax Keeps on Buffering on Mygica ATV1960 I installed ShowMax from the store and configured it. It however keeps on buffering. When I stop viewing and return to the app it does not always continue play and starts the episode viewed from the beginning again. Other streaming apps like Megabox and Showbox works fine. I then tested Showmax from my smart TV (Samsung) and it works without buffering and it will continue the episode from where you stopped it. Any support will be welcomed as I need Showmax to work otherwise I might as well return the unit as it is then not worth the money spent.