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  1. Downloading ROM update ("MyGicaS905X-2V2.20") This message keeps appearing whenever I'm using Kodi but nothing ever downloads? It says the following afterwards Upgrade Info 1. Fixed AirPlay cannot stream issue 2. Update online update applcation any assistance would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Sean
  2. Setting up ATV 329x on Harmony I'm having issues trying to get MyGica ATV 329x set up on my Harmony Ultimate One remote. Would anyone have any helpful hints i.e. device type to use or anything else for that matter? I've been trying to "teach" it commands and I seem to be getting nowhere Thanks
  3. I went through the steps again and it seems to have corrected the problem I was encountering. I will say that I appreciate this type of forum to resolve any technical issues - thanks
  4. I have just encountered the same issue with my ATV 329x with the KR41 remote. Bought this unit less than 6 weeks ago and I like to return the box as this doesn't bode well if I'm experiencing issues already and only a 1 year limited warranty. All I can do is turn the unit on and off...tried doing what was suggested in earlier posts to no avail. Purchased in Niagara Falls, Ontario
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