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  1. ATV585 UPGRADED TO LOLLIPOP Since changing to a new LG OLED tv I am having problems with my MyGica ATV585. The sound from my tv channel plays but not from the program I am streaming. I am using an HDMI cable connection. Items appear available but I often get a ' No stream available' message. Not sure how to fix this. Appreciate any help. Thanks Susan
  2. ATV585 Won't boot up no light. Had unplugged box when changing tv. Now won't work on either tv. Behaves like no power.
  3. SBN

    ATV585 Won't boot up no light.

    No light at all. Nothing happens.
  4. SBN

    ATV585 Won't boot up no light.

    What would cause this? Unfortunately over a year old. Don't want to have this happen again.
  5. SBN

    mygica atv 585 will not turn on

    I am having the same problem after changing tvs. Now it doesn't work on either one.
  6. Well it took a while but mygica 485atv box is working better than it ever has. Upgraded to Beta uninstalled kodi and reinstalled again. Uploaded various addons..... everything working like a charm. Thanks to those who helped point me in the right direction. This is all new to me.
  7. Add-ons won't load after beta upgrade atv585 Still unabĺe to use atv585. Successfully upgraded to Beta but cannot get any add-ns to load. Says may be due to no WiFi connection but I'm connected. Very very frustrating. I'e spent hours on this and still can't use it.
  8. Kodi is definitely the problem. Will try removing and reinstalling. Are there any better choices than Kodi?
  9. Yes WiFi is connected.
  10. SBN

    Atv 585

    Thanks. Have upgraded successfully.
  11. Atv 585 I have an older kodi box atv585 and Exodus has stopped streaming. I have updated kodi but that made matters worse. I googled the best kodi builds and have tried to add some but nothing working. I'm no expert at this but wondering if the 585 is unable to handle these newer builds.