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  1. Linux support

    Does this work? I tried but failed.
  2. A681 undetectable problem

    It works normally on other computers. Only my computer has a problem. I do not know why. It looks like a program crash. I use a lot of programs. I did not find out which program was the problem. Thanks for the reply
  3. A681 undetectable problem I bought it to watch TV. I downloaded the driver from the homepage and installed it. The order is 1. a681 driver install 2. TV software install It appears in the Device Manager and the driver seems to be well installed. However, there is a configuration error in the software. Select a region and press the Next button. The following screen appears. This means. "The device is missing or is being used by another application." Is it a device problem? Or is it a configuration issue? I am using windows 10 64bit. Of course I installed 64bit driver. Of course I tried rebooting and install many times. I need help.