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  1. tricky

    Internal 2 tb drive how to access

    Your heading reads "Internal 2tb drive how to access" The body reads " Is there anyway to access the external 2TB of space for the unit?" ????? I am assuming you have a drive added to the unit? if so then Kodi or music app or file manager app etcc
  2. tricky

    Live TV Apps

    Have you tried ustvnow https://ustvnowapp.com/
  3. tricky

    1900 Pro wont turn on with the remote

    Got to jump in on this. My remote wasn't turning the 1900 pro on but would function normally when on. Because I had programmed my Harmony remote to turn on the unit, I figured the remote to be the problem, in a way it was. I had changed batteries and it still wouldn't turn on the unit However I decided to google how to test the infrared function on a remote to see if it was working or not, I came up with this https://www.techhive.com/article/2090126/use-your-smartphone-to-check-your-remote-control-batteries.html There was a flicker of light showing in the camera when the orange button was pressed..... hmmmm.... was it just not strong enough to turn the unit on? fresh batteries installed again, obviously the fresh batteries I had put in previously were not fresh so to speak. The remote is once again turning on the unit. Google to the rescue once again.
  4. tricky

    1900 Pro wont turn on with the remote

    The remotes on some of these units are failing just after the warranty period which is 60 days Will not recommend these boxes " Warranty 1 Year Warranty in Canada and USA repair facility. 60 day Remote warranty. Authorized MyGica Dealers offer 1 year warranty Either by Repair or Exchange. Exchanges are only done if the unit cannot be repaired.
  5. tricky

    1900 Pro wont turn on with the remote

    I also set up my Logitech Harmony to turn it on, definitely a problem with the remote.
  6. tricky

    1900 Pro wont turn on with the remote

    I found that when the unit is off, it will not turn on by using the left orange power button. Press the mouse button, then press the power button, it works for me, to turn the unit on.
  7. tricky

    remote is blinking

    Fresh batteries, Once the unit is operating the remote works fine. So I am assuming the remote is paired, it paired fine when I purchased the unit originally. I have gotten in the routine of turning on with the harmony , one button turns all my devices on then use the original mygica remote to operate the unit.
  8. tricky

    remote is blinking

    Brand new batteries I programmed a Harmony remote to power the unit on, it turns it on no problems.
  9. tricky

    remote is blinking

    I have a similar situation whereby the unit wont power up. I just slip the battery cover off, and just turn the batteries with my thumb, put the cover on and it works...... till next time.
  10. tricky

    Wifi will not turn on. 1900 Pro

    Is the Ethernet cable still connected? if so disconnect and see if that will force WiFi to enable
  11. tricky

    Just Curious

    Just Curious Somewhere I got the idea that with the correct remote my box is capable of voice control? If it is which model remote would work with this function? I was looking at the box and I find that the sticker on the bottom of the box says ATV1900PRO but searching the device name it says ATV495PRO 16G Like I said curious? Thanks