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  1. 495 Pro Freezing and Failing to Load App Content We just bought a 495Pro and most TV apps -- Netflix, Terarium, Redbull TV, YouTube, etc. -- freeze when trying to navigate and almost always give a "video failed to load" message. Sometimes we can refresh it 10 or 12 times and the video will load, but mostly we have to pick something new to watch. We did a hard reset and that helped for about an hour. I have unplugged and rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled the apps, and turned everything off and back on again, including the modem. We have a Roku in the bedroom and it works perfectly. I called customer support and I got an angry dude on Skype with a terrible connection who lost his connection to the call. I'd really like for this to work, so if anyone has some ideas, please let me know before I take this thing back to the store and say goodbye forever. Thank you!
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