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  1. 495 PRO Remote Issues New to product : Have just purchased 495 PRO and I am unable to make the remote work correctly with my APPS example Crave TV or Netflix's . The issue is that I am unable to scroll down or page to see the line of shows offered by the company or other basic functions . This makes it very difficult to watch any program on either APP. I have searched the web looking for help and have not been able to find any positive support for the product. I was recommend to upgrade to this product from Western Digital which was very user friendly. Can anyone help me?
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    Remote I am having problems using my remote with the 495 Pro . It would seem that when I am using remote with Crave TV most of the features are not working. I have tried searching the web for more information on the remote and how it works with APPS to no success. I have put way to much of my time into this my new 495 pro from my recommended upgrade from Western Digital which worked very easy for my family. Any help to make the using of my new 495pro remote would be greatly appreciated
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