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  1. Hi Wihan it certainly seems to be that way. Our ATV495 is now much closer to the router and works perfectly. We have since bought another android device called a MediaBox and in the same original location as the MyGica it has the same problems with Showmax and DSTV. I would recommend using the MyGica with a strong and stable WiFi connection. I have a feeling the Showmax and DSTV apps are probably just sensitive to signal fluctuations - here’s hoping they improve with time!
  2. Hi Ronn, after trying just about everything we can think of and everything we could find online I bought another similar device but different brand. As we can’t return the MyGica we thought why not, and moved it to our bedroom to give it a try. It works perfectly (go figure). It’s a lot closer to our router in the bedroom so only thing I can think of is that perhaps the Showmax and DSTV apps require a stronger connection than the other apps. Not ideal if you haven’t got another device to use but I would try it in another location and see if it changes anything. Good luck!
  3. I’m having trouble with this too, both Showmax and DSTV. Our network is fine on other devices but we just seem to have trouble with the 495x. Worked fine in early December when we first got it
  4. ATV 495 X problems with Showmax and DSTV apps Hi all, we’ve been using our 495x since early December. At first our Showmax and DSTV apps worked fine. We are now having trouble with both, they seem to struggle to connect and we get various errors. Our Netflix works fine. I have tried manually updating the software and I get the message “did not find new version”. Showmax and DSTV both open and load home screens fine, however when we try to watch something it takes ages to load and then we usually get a connection error message. We use other devices comfortably with Netflix at home so I don’t think it’s our connection. Anybody who can pleeeeeease help? Thanks in advance!
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