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  1. I did install the March firmware but it just doesn't work. There is nothing else that I can do myself. I was thinking about mailing it to the manufacturer for their review/repair. Could you please send me the e-mail address of the services division, so I could discuss the issue with them? Thank you! Ricardo
  2. The box freezes after the Lollipop screen I've purchased this box in Canada in june 2017, but only now I had the chance to start using it. I live in Brazil and my English is not as natural for me as it may be for you guys that, hopefully will try to help me - I apologise beforehand if I, by any chance, write something that sounds weird... Unfortunately, after I did all the inicial setup, it started freezing after the Lollipop screen and that prevents me from getting back to the home screen. It happens 90% of the time and sometimes it only works again after I turn it off and restart after a long time. Any sugestion? Is this a firmware problem? Anything I can do in the few occasions when the box answers to the RC? I'd really appreciate and thank you in advance for any
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