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  1. Look...I've committed enough time to this already. I don't agree with most of what you've said above and certainly will not agree that a RANT about the 'standard reply' which is exactly what it was and what set me off after being to the store and them telling me I had to deal with you instead of them...constitutes you accusing me of a 'hate campaign'.. You're in business, customers are going to be irate when you slight them. Deal with it. THIS statement is false... "You also mentioned that our tech gave you a "standard reply". But, it wasn't. It directly related to your issue and resolved the problem." NO...it did NOT resolve MY problem or any of the other posters. I am not here to argue with you. I am happy to provide an apology for the RANT providing you do the same for what caused it... and that remains and is not up for debate in my mind... Batteries and Pairing do NOT resolve the specific problem myself and the two other posters came here for help about. ADMIT when you are wrong! Its what good business practice is all about. As for your accusations about timing of where I am and when I post...you are in between your two sites and I was directed to another site to resolve the issue which again is a pain. Here again it does not serve you well because while I am replying over there you are posting over here. You want advice on how to better serve...There it is! Eliminate directing people to multiple sites and do it all on one site and Secondly and this one is rather KEY...give them the appropriate advice when they ask. Now I am done with this. You may delete anything I have said here and with any luck at all...the dealings with you over there on YOUR OTHER site will go swimmingly and this can be put to bed. Your uploaded receipt request will arrive as soon as I can STOP replying HERE! Thanks for your help...or attempt at help until now. I will be at your other site now for the remainder of this issue. ICE
  2. Listen...I BOUGHT this unit from a retailer...a HUGE retailer 'BEST BUY' and refuse to deal with any online BS for exactly this reason. I did not sign up for resolving my product purchases ONLINE! I bought a product and opened the box to find a BIG 'STOP' sign on the info included telling me I have to deal with some unknown face online rather than go back to to POP (Point of Purchase) and speak to the person face to face and have this issue resolved swiftly and effectively or they'd lose future business obviously...like we humans have done for ever. BUT NO...instead I am ambushed with your policy AFTER I buy it...take it home open it and THEN you tell me when it fails I HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOU??? Really? NO. YEAH thats why I am pisssssed off. Not only because your product was costly (195.00 taxes inc. after I checked, and there are better out there at half the cost) but that it conveniently fails very shortly after the 60 day remote warranty and find out its happening with many people. Beyond that there are 3 posters here who have all told you the EXACT same issue and what did you reply to ALL of us? The same reply I have seen littered through many threads on this site.... "Could be the batteries are or near dead Could be the remote needs to be paired with the receiver (part plugged into USB port)" What are we idiots? The one orange button not working on our units is a result of THAT?? Thanks for reading our posts that we at least took the time to put some thought into. Popgun writes: I have had the unit for 3 weeks or so now, for some reason it wont turn on with the remote, or even turn off. This is the top left button on the remoteI can turn the unit on if I get up and hit the front button on the machine, then the remote works as normal, EXCEPT the top left button wont turn it off Tricky writes: I found that when the unit is off, it will not turn on by using the left orange power button. Press the mouse button, then press the power button, it works for me, to turn the unit on. ICE writes: I have exact same issue and it just occurred with the same recently new unit ATV 1900? It was working great and love the speed and UI etc. Then suddenly just stopped turning unit on or off. Meanwhile once I boot unit by pressing ON button the remote works fine to operate device but still will not turn on or off. And you advise us of that because you REFUSE to read out efforts to get help by spending our time typing out the problem to YOU, which I will add again could have been managed by the in store rep I assumed I was dealing with when I purchased this product prior to the BIG RED STOP SIGN appearing inside my device box telling me, I HAD no choice to deal with YOU first?? I even went into Best Buy anyways just to avoid this BS. They are awaiting an update which I will surely provide in detail with a copy of this. And FYI to my knowledge they have not replaced any of your product on their shelves since the last unit was sold. Why shouldn't I be angry because this is the typical crap online customer service many people get. Because reps like you don't do your job? But instead paste a standard reply into some box to put us off another day? Get real Rep!!! I did not sign up for or agree to deal with YOU when I bought this product although I am certainly aware much warranty is done after sale with the actual manufacturer. Had I known BB was selling this product and had no support for it I would not have bought it. It used to at least be a joint effort between retailer and manufacturer. As for 'threatening'....PLEASE??!! If by being angry and making sure you know it and that I will do my very best to let others know about this neat little deal you have going on here of .....Sell Product.. Surprise people after you sell, that they can NOT take product back to store they bought it at...followed by the remote conveniently working for a period just a bit longer than what the warranty covers and you plan on charging us for a replacement after we spend time online finding support followed by then filing a 3 page ticket...followed by an online rep NOT even reading the actual issue online about what we are experiencing who then pastes one of the standard replies into the text of our thread...a reply I might add found all over this site? Sure you call it what you want...I'll make damn sure all of this is everyone business by 'threatening' exposure ONLINE for the wonderful service and product support! You think any of us have time for this crap? I'd have a new remote and be quite happy if the store I bought this from replaced the remote and saved me and everyon from this garbage. The retail industry can NOT be replaced by this garbage. NOT IMPRESSED PS- DO YOUR JOB!!! Reply with relevant information when we first post....not check batteries or pairing that had absolutely SFA to do with any of our 3 issues posted. Issues I will add are all exactly the same. And FYI I did file A TICKET. Once again do your JOB!!!
  3. Well I'll tell you what, I'll do a whole mot more thna not recommmend any MYGica product. Word in the industry will be spread like wild fire. Oddly enough it just so happens my remote stopped working shortly after that period ended from DOP as well. For the admin geniuses that like to throw in acronym puzzles that means, Date of Purchase. It also sounds like I am not the only person with this issue and that this convenient failure (to the manufacturer) is very common. Could it be a scam these perps want to cash in on people having to BUY another remote at an unfair cost after the 60 days is up (and who TF puts a 60 day warranty on a NEW product?) when they have already paid for the remote which like most remotes should work for the life of the device?? I've NEVER had a remote fail on me before the device did, TV, stereo, fan, wall switch etc etc and NEVER EVER seen any corp put a 60 day warranty on anything but used/refurbished product. If I do not get a replacement remote sent to me completely free of charge that WORKS well beyond the 60 day period I'll be contacting every business ethics practice in North America file claims against this company as well as create an online campaign on every social media network, Twitter, FB, Instagram, Google Store, all Kodi and apk related sites, condemning their products (ALL) as well as their business practices and we'll see how their sales practices and 60 day remote scam serves them then!!?? Nothing I hate more than some sleezy outfit trying to put one over on the consumer. If this is simply a poor manufacturing choice of supplier parts etc fine...we'll let them prove it through customer service to rectify the problem. If it shows signs of being anything more than an honest mistake they'll regret the day they made the decision to profit of some back end business practice which is a well known scam in the corporate industrial sector. Just not terribly well known to the consumer! Lets see how this rolls and I hope each and every other consumer who feels they may have been taken advantage of or inconvenienced unfairly follows suit if it's proven this is unsavoury business. Not impressed, PS- I've already gone out and purchased a new ABOX 2GB 3 DDR-16GB unit to replace this unit which will be going into another room IF and when it is resolved and working properly without a CENT out of my pocket being spent.
  4. YOU BE POLITE and fix the trash you sold us. I am not chasing you around for this BULLSHHHHiT and have already been into BestBuy who sold your garbage and they are NOT impressed either.
  5. WTF is this BS?? YOU contact ME FFS!!! ******@yahoo.com I went to your F'n site and its BS. WTF is an RMA?? Do you explain it??? Of Course NOT!? I'm sick of this BS. 150 ******* dollars for this POS and it works for 3 months and then ****** dies is unacceptable. FIX this PLEASE BE POLITE now before I go on a campaign and spam your PLEASE BE POLITE on every social media site online and bury you, HAD ENUFF! FO!!!!
  6. I'm not sure? Was hoping it was resolvable here. I don't want to go without my remote for any time as I live in a rural area on the water and rely on my net connection for all entrainment. So this device is IT! What is easiest? I still have the box and manual but not sure where I put receipt. I will defer to you for advice on how to proceed. What does each option entail? Obviously the most convenient in my situation.
  7. As stated above.... The remote operates the device without issue other than the powering on and off? Operation requires battery power and the device has only been in use for a couple months. So how can the batteries be the issue for supplying power to the /On/Off button but not every other button on the remote that is functioning? Are you referring to the dongle? If so....please explain to me how my device works all other buttons for every single feature other than power on/off if that 'part plugged into USB port'/dongle is NOT paired? I will await your explanation before I reply or inquire further so we may establish some clarity here for all the other users who will/may experience this issue as well. Thanks. ICE
  8. PS- Clearly this company has serious issues with their remotes with what I have read with other posts which means I will NOT recommend or buy another unit again unless the issue is easily resolvable. There are a ton of other comparable products on the market. Hope this gets resolved for the sake of the rest of the units working well and future sales for these people.
  9. Well there must be some kinda conspiracy going on here because I have exact same issue and it just occurred with teh same recently new unit ATV 1900? It was working great and love the speed and UI etc. Then suddenly just stopped turning unit on or off. Meanwhile once I boot unti by pressing ON button the remot works fine to operate device but still will not turn on or off. I just tried this suggestion of clicking 'mouse button' (assuming you mean arrow in upper right corner of remote) and then orange power button and it did not work. I am stuck pushing button on unit right now. Hardly a feature anyone wants for a 'remote'. Any help as well would be nice. Thanks. ICE
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