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  1. My ATV329x Keeps Freezing Up

    ok...I'm getting very frustrated with this procedure.....nothing is working....how do I go about getting a refund or a new box because obviously this one is very defective.....holding down the power button did absolutely nothing....I can't power it on....so it is absolutely useless to me at this point....
  2. My ATV329x Keeps Freezing Up

    Is there a factory reset button on the ATV329x???
  3. My ATV329x Keeps Freezing Up

    I don't understand why I would do that since it is already v.6.0
  4. My ATV329x Keeps Freezing Up

    OK.....here is the latest update.....I got the mouse to finally work after spending countless hours on YouTube. Step 1. Remove the batteries from the remote Step 2. Press each button on the remote and hold it for 5seconds then move to the next one.....this includes even the buttons on the keyboard. Step 3. Replace batteries with new ones and put them back in the remote. Then it should work......if this doesn't work for you.....my next suggestion would be ....take a hammer to it and go buy one that works Thanks for the support that didn't get me anywhere My next question was going to be.....how do I install the new firmware but I think I'd be much better off if I consult YouTube.
  5. My ATV329x Keeps Freezing Up

    UPDATE: THAT DIDN'T WORK!!!!!.....I followed the instructions for pairing.....the blue light didn't flash at all....pressed the V+ and Page+ at the same time....no flashing light.....plugged in the tongle still no flashing light.....powered it up....and nothing!!!!
  6. My ATV329x Keeps Freezing Up

    Well that didn't work because I can't navigate the thing in order to install the update....I still can only turn it on and off
  7. My ATV329x Keeps Freezing Up

    OK....I will do the update....hopefully it will fix my problem....it seemed like I was changing batteries in the remote every other day....
  8. My ATV329x Keeps Freezing Up Not sure if its the remote or the whole box but it freezes up and I can't navigate to any apps....I can turn it off and on thats it....I've changed the batteries several times....unplugged it several times....changed USB for the mouse....but nothing seem to work....I really need help....this is new to me so if anyone could make any suggestions it would be very helpful