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  1. I am happy that "Smart You Tube TV" (a launcher for various versions of YouTube apps) works with the D-PAD control, but I prefer the original version that came with Gica ATV495pro, circa 2016Q4 . Any idea what version that is? and would it be in the myGica Market? OR Is there a way to extract it from the "factory reset" image?
  2. I have not found old versions, but I have found alternate versions. On my ATV495pro, I go to the MyGica Market. Then use the search for "youtube". I selected the one called "Smart You Tube TV", currently version 6.12.78 by LiskovSoft. The description says " YouTube client for set-top boxes and Android-based TVs Features 4K support runs without Google Services designed for TV screens stock controller support multilingual search keyboard fully localize " it works for me, and the search works with my remote keyboard.
  3. From my ATV495pro In the MyGica Market, I click on the YouTube app, but I don't see an option to "view other versions". All I see is an INSTALL button. The current version is v2.01.04. This version, as one of the comments posted says, supports search by VOICE only. it does not accept keyboard input, which makes it useless for me. Hope you can steer me in the right direction!
  4. Is there a way to get the previous version of " You Tube Android TV version " found on the Gica box? I prefer the smaller thumbnails of the videos so that more videos can be previewed? This would be the version when I get the box a year ago.
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