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    New box, stuck on Install screen

    i found another similar problem on here that gets around this issue by hitting HOME twice to proceed to the next install. So does that mean the installs aren't done? It's not super clear what the installs were supposed to be.
  2. TrevCav

    New box, stuck on Install screen

    New box, stuck on Install screen Hi all, I just bought a MyGica 495 today, plugged it in... it did some updating, restarted and went through the title screens and then to the main menu screen. After about 10 seconds, an "Install 0/4" screen comes up and that's where it stays. Progress bar doesn't move. I tried a hard reset (my understanding is hold down the power key, unplug then replug in the power cable) but that didn't look like it did anything special, and the problem remains.