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  1. pls can u give me your address and your hours of business thanks
  2. hi, today when I plug in the box the front light stayed green, before it stayed red, what do u think? can it still work? pls let me know, thanks and may I hear from u soon.
  3. I'd purchased this box from a Chinese retailer store here in Toronto, Canada, a few years ago, what's the matter with my box, is it dead?
  4. GICA 1900ac black screen Last night I turned on my box but unfortunately it won't go through after Lollipop screen , its just turning on lollipop screen then will turn off the screen, again and again so I decided to reset it to factory by press and hold the reset button at the back, but after that it's just a black screen and won't turned on, I tried to reset it by downloading the factory driver but nothing happened, insert the sd card press hold the reset button then power it up, still black screen, pls help hope to hear from you soon. thanks
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