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  1. Further testing answered my own question. Solution seems to be permanent. THANK YOU!!
  2. Thank you, that does work, but will it permanently fix the problem or will the date/time have to be re-entered each time?
  3. I don't see an SD card slot in my HD Capture Box. I use USB Flash Drives.
  4. Yes, it is a laptop. And continuing to experiment I discovered the problem lay with my Yamaha receiver that the signal comes from. I experimented with its audio/HDMI settings. HDMI Control was set to ON. When I set it to OFF, I had options for HDMI OUT (TV) to be set for ON...and success! Thank you for your assistance. You gave me the confidence to keep experimenting outside the PC issues.
  5. Intel Core i7-8550U CPU 1.80 GHZ 1.99 GHZ RealTek Audio CyberLink WebCam Virtual Driver Intel Display Audio
  6. Not getting subtitles/closed captions I thought MyGica HD Cap X Full HD Capture Box captures subtitles? When I connect with HDMI, I get subtitles, but no sound. So now I'm using composite cables to capture DirecTV show with closed captions active, but I'm not getting the closed captions to show on my PC. I really need the subtitles, but sadly HDMI connection isn't giving me sound and the composite cables don't seem to be giving me subtitles. Hope there's a solution.
  7. Date shows inaccurate month-day-year I capture to USB flash drive then open on PC. File is dated incorrectly. For instance, today, 4-6-18 , shows 10-24-22 date. All my other PC files show accurate date, so this must be a capture device error. Is there a solution to correct date, short of manually doing it on the PC. I ask, because I'm having other issues with capture device and wonder if there is a fix.
  8. I've tried VLC and Movavi, set at 128 bit. With no success. There are lots of audio options, but I'm clueless as to what they are. I've experimented with a minute of captured video/sound on the various options. Some remove the sound altogether and others still have the clicking loud noise. There must be some interference between HDMI source to HDMI capture , as there isn't even a hint of the appropriate sound. And yet pass through to TV has good sound. The composite cables work fine other than the picture quality is poor. Is there a way to capture the HDMI picture with the composite sound?
  9. Different HDMI cable didn't fix sound issue. You'd mentioned earlier that codec (I don't know what that means) could affect sound. Recently, I converted my old family video tapes to DVD (using Magnavox HDD recorder), and then by using HandBrake, converted the DVDs to files to put on USB flash drives to send to family. HandBrake seems to have codec (and other sound) options. I experimented with a few settings--as I said, I don't understand them. Trying the result with "Movie & TV" and "Windows Media Player" I didn't have the distorted sound...they had no sound at all. VLC still had distorted sound. Before starting a warranty issue, are there settings on HandBrake (or similar program) that might be the one to clean up the distorted sound? Thank you!
  10. You are no dummy...especially compared to me. Is there a solution for sound issue with the HD Cap X device? It plays sound and video through TV with no problem. But when I capture the sound and video to USB flash drive and play to PC, the sound is loud and clicking.
  11. Do you mean the HD Cap X device? How do I get into android audio settings in it to check the different types of audio output?
  12. USB capture has sound issue HDMI video and audio pass through to TV beautifully. However, when I add USB flash drive to capture what is going from source to TV and then play on PC, the USB flash drive made from the device has good video, but the sound is distorted. It it has a loud clicking noise. Is there something wrong with my HD Cap X Full HD Video Capture Box? I've contacted support twice with 2 questions and still haven't received a reply. Please advise.
  13. The audio passes through to the TV, but playing (on PC ) the USB flash drive made from the device , the sound is loud and fast clicking, similar to what I'm reminded of hearing in old-fashioned reels, before and after the picture starts.
  14. HDMI sound is just noise Connect with HDMI and picture is great but sound is just noise. Connect with composite and have sound, but picture is poor. Anyone else have this problem? Solution?
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